A decision between Goddunce
-and- Science?
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The ability of language, of something as
simple as a word or two or a phrase to
misrepresent a concept, is profoundly
demonstrated by the phrases "ethnic
cleansing" and "intelligent design".

"Ethnic cleansing" might, at first, sound
like something as pleasant as taking a
bath, something positive, when instead,
what it is is mass murder and a crime
against humanity which is done by some
despotic group based on some charac-
teristic of an 'other' group of people that
the mass murderers have deemed fun-
damentally causal in the actions of the
mass murderers.

"Ethnic cleansing"? Genocide, mass mur-
der, those terms should be used to accur-
ately characterize the despotic nature of
the mass murder, and "ethnic cleansing"
should be expunged from the vocabulary
of the popular media.

This mass murder syndrome, the suspen-
sion of all sanity and human rights towards
a selected demonized group, typifies the
most horrendous and despicable aspect
done by some of the evolved apes known
as homo sapiens.

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"Intelligent Design"? What's so intelligent
about a species that murders its own, what's
so intelligent about a so-called design that
entails pain, suffering, horror, cancer, misery,
deprivation, agony, plagues, asteroid and
comet impacts, parasites, super-volcanic
eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods ...

... tornadoes, tsunamis, death-dealing bac-
teria and parasites, stroke, paralysis, infant
mortality, schizophrenia, arthritis, alzheimers,
amputation, diabetes, melancholia, drought,
starvation, pneumonia, malaria, blindness,
deafness, epilepsy, and other aspects of
existence which, in essence, would place
the burden of responsibility directly on what-
ever supposed entity (aka, the so-called
'designer') who should be willing to accept
the blame for all of this?

"Intelligent Design"? Goddunce, the theory
that an entity is responsible for all this, or
even more idiotic, that an entity is respon-
sible for all that is right with this world, and
homo sapien 'sinners' or 'nature' or 'the devil'
or 'some despised group' are responsible
for all that is wrong with this world.

Goddunce, if Bush and his right-wing reli-
gious cronies have their way, coming soon,
to a public school near you, maybe.

Goddunce is the cornerstone of religious
faith, just attend a church, synagogue,
mosque, temple, or other place of delu-
sionary fantasy, and you'll get Goddunce
served up in 'fully monty' form.

Doubts, disbelief, thinking, and rationality
are oft-times discouraged by the Goddunce
crown, belief in magic beings and magic
places said to be your key to happiness in
this life and beyond, believe it and live for-
ever (maybe, depends on religious entity
who's doing the con) or die (or suffer im-
mortal torment, or suffer a short-term after-
life torment, see various religious spins for

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Updated: 7:20 p.m. ET Oct. 28, 2005

Is United States becoming hostile to science?


A bitter debate about how to teach evolution
in U.S. high schools is prompting a crisis of
confidence among scientists, and some sen-
ior academics warn that science itself is under


Adherents of intelligent design [Goddunce]
argue that certain forms in nature are too
complex to have evolved through natural
selection and must have been created by
a "designer," who could but does not have
to be identified as God.


The issue of whether intelligent design
[Goddunce] should be taught, or at least
mentioned, in high school biology classes
is being played out in a Pennsylvania court
room and in numerous school districts
across the country.


Polls for many years have shown that a
majority of Americans are at odds with key
scientific theory [instead favoring Goddunce].

For example, as CBS poll this month found
that 51 percent of respondents believed
humans were created in their present form
by God [a cornerstone of Goddunce].

A further 30 percent said their creation was
guided by God [egocentricity personified].

Only 15 percent thought humans evolved
from less advanced life forms.

[technically speaking, the phrase 'less
advanced' which is, by some, assigned to
the precedents of homo sapiens, is an arbi-
trary and egocentric view that 'current-day'
homo sapiens are somehow superior to all
other creatures ...

... when point in fact, homo sapiens are
merely a very self-centered and destructive
species that happens to, over the last few
thousand years, developed ways of dealing
with existence differing in many respects
from other species.

-- how long this current period will last,
unknown, and catastrophes either induced
by homo sapiens or imparted by the natural-
istic realm we depend on, can end it all so
quickly that everything we've known and
everything we are can be practically erased
as if it never happened --

Put another way, ten million years from
now, were an intelligent being to make its
way here, it could very well be ignorant
of our existence, instead fascinated by the
Iglonoblebs or other strange (to us) crea-
tures roaming the planet at that time, then
quickly departing an earth ill-suited for the
wants and needs of the intelligent being
that happened to stop by, perhaps].

Other polls show that only around a third of
American adults accept the Big Bang theory
of the origin of the universe [a consequence
of the prevalence of Goddunce in America],
even though the concept is virtually uncon-
tested by scientists worldwide.


U.S. school students perform relatively poorly
in international tests of mathematics and sci-
ence. For example, in 2003 U.S. students
placed 24th in an international test that mea-
sured the mathematical literacy of 15-year-
olds, below many European and Asian coun-


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