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166. Best of the Web / SuperSearch
(2 of 3 : Science - Text version) 
"This post includes links to the best websites for
science, including text excerpts from most of the
included Wikipedia links regarding science. ..."

165. Technology's accelerating power /
Quest for immortality 
"A couple of videos with Ray Kurzweil's views on
the exponential expansion of technological advances
in the coming decades -and- the views of a few
researchers who ponder various technological pos-
sibilities for dramatically enhanced lifespans which
may, at some point, include the possibility for long
life spans bordering on immortality (at least, border-
ing on immortality for as long as the natural world
allows that possibility to exist) ..."

164. In the Beginning... Introducing the Origins Issue 
"The Carl Sagan Portal ... Carl Sagan Lives ...
Ann Druyan Talks About Science, Religion,
Wonder, Awe . . . and Carl Sagan ... All of 
Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' Videos ..."

163. Inspirational Science (Tribute to Carl
"The Carl Sagan Portal ... Carl Sagan Lives ...
Ann Druyan Talks About Science, Religion,
Wonder, Awe . . . and Carl Sagan ... All of 
Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' Videos ..."

162. Universe(s) Video
"The Universe - Parallel Universes History
Channel, 2008 ... Parallel Universes ... BBC
Documentary, 2001 ... Observable universe
... WMAP Content of the Universe ... Multi-
verse ... Not just  a staple of science fiction,
other universes are a direct implication of
cosmological observations, by Max Tegmark ..."

161. Prochymal -- article claims it will be
a type 1 diabetes 'cure' in less than two
"Prochymal, being tested as a possible way
to restore the pancreas to healthy insulin-
producing function in newly diagnosed
type 1 diabetics ..."

160. Time Tree of All Earth Life (061509)
"... scientists and nonscientists now have easy
access to information about when living species
and their ancestors originated, information that
previously was difficult to find or inaccessible ..."

159. Humans to become masters of their
own evolution?
"Bioengineers will likely control the future of
humans as a species ..."

158. Continuous Glucose Monitors (recent
"Summary of posts I made from April 30, 2009
-to- June 5, 2009, pertaining to Continuous
Glucose Monitors and how a recent (April 26,
2009) event + the accumulation of almost 50
years of treatment for type 1 diabetes have
impacted yours truly ..."

157. Ida, 'Missing Link' in Human Family
"Scientists find the 'missing link': A 47million-year-
old lemur that could revolutionise how we see
human evolution ... 'Ida is a link between the apes,
monkeys and us with the rest of the mammals and
ultimately the whole animal kingdom. I think Darwin
would have been thrilled.' ..."

156. Obama promises major investment
in science
"... President Barack Obama on Monday promised
a major investment in research and development for
scientific innovation ... 'we will devote more than
3 percent of our GDP to research and development' ...
'We will not just meet but we will exceed the level
achieved at the height of the space race' ... 'Science
is more essential for our prosperity, our security,
our health, our environment, and our quality of life
than it has ever been' ..."

155. Richard Dawkins -- Growing Up
in the Universe 
"Growing Up to a Proper Scientific Understanding
of the Universe Based Upon Evidence-Public
Argument rather than Authority or Tradition or
Private Revelation / Trying to Understand How
the Universe Works - Not Copping Out With
Supernatural Ideas that only Seem to Explain
Things -but- Actually Explain Nothing"

154. Large Hadron Collider Video
"... Are there undiscovered principles of nature?
What is the origin of mass? Do extra dimensions
exist? What is dark matter? How can we solve
the mystery of dark energy? And how did the
universe come to be? ..."

153. When the universe turns bad
(Apophis is near-term threat) 
"In the face of disaster, optimists tend to be
grateful because they easily imagine how much
worse things could have been. Count astro-
physicists among them. When we hear about
earthly problems, many of us think to ourselves,
'You have no idea ...' In 2029 [Friday, April 13,
2009] , it [Apophis] will pass within about
18,000 miles of Earth ... If Apophis passes at
18,893 miles above Earth, it will pass through
a gravitational 'keyhole' about half a mile wide,
which would nudge it just enough to send it
on a course for collision with Earth seven years
later, on April 13, 2036 [Easter Sunday].' ..."

152. What triggers mass extinctions?
"... the Big Five - the five greatest mass
extinctions over the past 500 million years,
each of which is thought to have annihilated
anywhere from 50 to 95 percent of all species
on the planet. ... main suspects behind these
catastrophes seem to come either from above,
in the form of  deadly asteroids or comets,
or from below, in the form of extraordinarily
massive volcanism. Occasionally, however,
unexpected culprits arise - for instance, other-
wise innocuous forests. ..."

151. Artificial Pancreas --  Coming Soon?
Type 1 Diabetes 'Cure'? 
"ONE ROAD TO HOPE: The JDRF Artificial
Pancreas Project at the University of Virginia ...
Continuous glucose monitors and artificial pan-
creas ... Researchers Outline Steps to Artificial
Pancreas ... Artificial Pancreas -- JDRF Website
... Continuous Glucose Monitors Among Year's
Most Important Advancements... Artificial Pan-
creas Could Revolutionize Treatment of Type 1
Diabetes ..."

150. A jellyfish with human-like eyes?
"... A set of special eyes, similar to our own,
keeps venomous box jellyfish from bumping
into obstacles as they swim across the ocean
floor, a new study finds. ... Whereas we have
one set of multi-purpose eyes that sense color,
size, shape and light intensity, box jellyfish have
four different types of special-purpose eyes. The
most primitive set detects only light levels, but one
set of eyes is more sophisticated and can detect
the color and size of objects. ..."

149. The disease that's stalking my children
"... Type 1 diabetes. The words, introduced to our
life, introduced to Sam's life and the life of a carefree
eight-year-old, forever. ... Type 1 diabetes stalks my
children, but in a sense it stalks all families. In America,
it is the most common serious childhood ailment after 
asthma. ..."

148. Future Search for Earthlike Planets
& Life
"... links to Hubble photos ... Kepler Mission: A
search for habitable planets ... James Webb Space
Telescope ... The Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT),
Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) and European
Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT)-all expected
to see first light by 2020-will dwarf the biggest
observatories in use today. ... Are You Out There,
ET? ..."

147. Compounds trigger insulin-producing
"... the first study of its kind, and represents an
important initial step in the possible discovery
of regenerative medicines for type 1 diabetes. ..."

146. Psychedelica & Barreleye (022509)
"... 'Psychedelica' ... a species of fish that
is a wild swirl of tan and peach zebra stripes
... don't so much swim as hop. ... Weird Fish
With Transparent Head ... Barreleye: The
eyes point upward when the fish is looking
for food overhead. They point forward when
the fish is feeding. ... its head is enclosed by
a see-through, fluid-filled shield."

145. Richard Dawkins : Religious Faith,
Evolution, Science
"... Are people ready to jettison, or at least
question, religious faith as a way to explain
and manage the world? 'I'm starting to think
the answer to that may be yes, and very
encouraging it is, too,' Dawkins said ..."

144. Leptin offers potential 'cure' for
type 1 diabetes?
"... The mechanism of leptin's glucose-lowering
action appears to involve the suppression of
glucagon ..."

143. Mystery about origin of life solved? (022009)
"... a new theory to show how a universal
molecular machine, called ribosome, self-
assembled or self-organized itself to become
a critical step in generating all life on earth ...
Thanks to the research ... scientists now have
a glimpse of one key event that emerged
spontaneously out of the primordial chemical
soup of the early earth. ..."

142. Non-Human Intelligence (022009)
"Monkeys Can Subtract ... Chimp Memory Beats
Humans' ... The more we study dolphins, the brighter
they turn out to be ... Crows Have Human-Like
Intelligence ... Is Rollie an exception, or are all
gorillas as clever? ... Primate Intelligence ... Why
Elephants Might Be as Smart as Humans ... The
Intelligence of Animals ... Parrots 'as intelligent'
as young children ..."

141. Evolution? 'It's not only a theory.  It is a
historical fact, evident and provable.' (2 of 2)
"Charles Darwin ... Sir David Attenborough
discusses how Darwin helped shape his career
... What evidence supports evolution through
natural selection? ... Why Evolution Is True ..."

140. Known Universe (021509)
"... examining the fabric of space and time ...
the vastness of the universe is discussed ...
deconstructing the biggest explosions in the
universe, including asteroid impacts, super-
novas, and the big bang ... Galaxy has billions
of planets that support life forms, says leading
astronomer ..."

139. ESCR (Embryological Stem Cell
Research) versus an Anti-Evolutionist 
"In a thread in which evolution was defended
and attacked, a poster who opposes evolution
and who presents a variety of opinions (some
opposed, some in favor) on ESCR was replied
to in the following ..."

138. Stem Cell Research: The Quest Resumes
"Highlighted, the work and life of Douglas
Melton, his family, and the Harvard Stem
Cell Institute ... Stem Cells: The Hope and
The Hype ..."

137. Intelligent Design versus Evolution
"... 'Intelligent design is just a way for creationists
to put a new face on their beliefs and agenda and
to try and get around legislation on the separation
of church and state.' ... 'Why Evolution is True' ..."

136. Evolution? 'It's not only a theory.  It is a
historical fact, evident and provable.' (1 of 2)
"... 'The proof comes from fossils, geographical
distribution, genetics' ... Links/excerpts to some
helful information  regarding evolution's past/
present/future, science, and how the scientific
method is a superior methodology when it
comes to open-minded search for verity ..."

135. When Obama ends federal embryological
stem cell research blocks 
(012209 to 012309)
"... 'for every dollar that the federal government
invests in basic biomedical research, there is a
return of ten dollars' ... A major shift in White
House policy on stem cell research is expected
when Barack Obama takes office. ... Michael
J. Fox hopeful on Obama's commitment to stem
cell research ... First Embryonic Stem-Cell Trial
Gets Approval From the FDA ... California poised
to be leader in stem cell research ..."

134. Charles Darwin, a Hero of Humankind,
born 200 years ago 
"February 12, 1809, a monumental day in
the evolution of humankind from ignorance
and myth -to- a much deeper understanding
of the place of homo sapiens and all life in
a naturalistic world. ..."

133. Sure looks like a 'cure' for type 1 diabetes
is getting ever so close 
"Ideally, type 1 diabetics, in some form of 
a 'cure', would return to the way they were
before they became diabetic, and would be
like non-diabetics -- eating, socializing, work-
ing, and living without worrying about losing
consciousness, giving insulin shots, blood
sugars going too low, blood sugars going
too high, or any of the complications that
can result from having type 1 diabetes. ..."

132. An Ethanol and/or Solar and/or Wind
and/or Fusion Future? 
"Anything Into Ethanol -- Forget about corn-future
biofuels will be made of wood chips and trash ...
Powering the Planet With Sun-Harnessing Balloons
... High-Flying Windmills Blow Away Their Ground-
Based Cousins ... Can Engineers Achieve the Holy
Grail of Energy: Infinite and Clean? ...

131. Evolution, Dogs (100708)
"... Based on DNA evidence, the wolf ancestors 
of modern dogs diverged from other wolves 
about 100,000 years ago ... You would have
to admit, in a moment of logic and reason, that
Darwin's theory of evolution is one of humankind's
greatest accomplishments. ..."

130. NASA Identifies Carbon-rich Molecules
in Meteors as the 'Origin of Life' 
"... These molecules, called quinones, are poten-
tially significant for the "origin of life" or the habit-
ability of planets. ..."

129. Insulin-producing Cells Created
"In  a feat of biological prestidigitation likely
to turn the field of regenerative medicine on
its head ... - directly turning one type of fully
formed adult cell into another type of adult
cell. ..."

128. Water, Water, Everywhere, So
Let's All Have a Drink
"... Offshore desalination could turn the oceans
into an inexhaustible water supply. ..."

127. Life Elsewhere in a 'Crowded' Universe?
"... as for stars with planets, the term 'crowded'
is used in the following to describe the latest 
discoveries of planets which a couple of scientists
view as increasing the likelihood that life and
planets are likely widespread in the particular
universe we happen to inhabit an itsy-bitsy tiny
part of, relatively speaking ..."

126. Future Think (June 6, 2008) (060608)
"... Why Men Have Breasts ... IBM aims to
cool chips with water ... New Way To Think
About Earth's First Cells ... Plan for quake
'warning system' ... Discovery Channel Bets
on Planet Green ..."

125. The Neuroscience of Illusion (060208)
"How tricking the eye reveals the inner workings
of the brain -- Brightness and Color Illusions ...
Shape Distortion Illusion ... Illusory Motion ...
Ambiguous Figures ..."

124. The odds of a pleasant immortality? (050808)
"... Most believe that to have a chance near or at 1,
you must believe in the 'right' God in the 'right' way.
Even many disbelievers believe that religion (in
Pascal's Wager style) is the only way to have any
hope for a pleasant immortality, however illegitimate
or futile that hope is perceived to be. ..."

123. All That Is, All That Was, All That Ever Will Be? Video
"... Immortality? ... Immortal Suffering? ... Oblivion?
... Pleasant Immortality Hope? ... Totality of Reality?
... Cosmological Calendar ... The Universe - Cosmic
Apocalypse ..."

122. No Free Will? (041508)
"What if the manner in which human
decisions are arrived at was shown
to be a mostly unconscious process? ..."

121. Embryonic Stem Cell Research (040308 to 040508)
"... I am encouraged that the likely Democratic
candidate for President made the above comments
regarding stem cell research yesterday. ... some
links to some posts I made on the matter ..."

120. Humans on a quest to create life (040208)
"What if the manner in which human
decisions are arrived at was shown
to be a mostly unconscious process? ..."

119. Type 1 Diabetic Mice 'Cured' -- Humans 
"... US scientists have managed to rid diabetic 
mice of the effects of the disease using a cocktail
of drugs. The mice, who had type 1 diabetes,
started producing their own insulin after taking
a mixture of four drugs. ..."

118. Hiccups (022608)
"... Hiccups are triggered by electric signals generated
in the brain stem. Amphibian brain stems emit similar
signals, which control the regular motion of their gills.
Our brain stems, inherited from amphibian ancestors,
still spurt out odd signals producing hiccups that are
... essentially the same phenomenon as gill breathing. ..."

117. Human Revolution to occur by 2029?
"The merger of humans with machines (nanobots)
which will result in a new and improved human
existence, more intelligent, healthier, happier with
unlimited virtual reality capabilities and potentially
with lifespans far surpassing anything heretofore
imagined, it's coming. Maybe ..."

116. Nature the Tinkerer (020808)
"... Remember the old story about modern science:
knowing more and more about less and less? It's not 
true any more. We are living in the age of the great
biological synthesis. Both Neil Shubin and Sean B
Carroll thrillingly show us how, in the last 10 years,
work on fossils, on DNA sequencing and on embry-
ological development have combined to piece together
the story of how we got here. ..."

115. Immortality, a non-religious approach (010908)
"... What if everyone gets it, and what if immortality
is simply another natural part of a mysterious natural
adventure? What if immortality isn't necessarily better 
or worse, but instead, is simply a different naturalistic
experience? ..."

114. Type 1 Diabetes Cure, DiabeCell®? (102207)
"... DiabeCell® is a treatment for insulin-dependent
diabetes which is administered to patients without
the need for immunosuppressant drugs. ... small dose
of live microencapsulated pig islets injected into the
abdominal cavity of type I diabetic patients ..."

113. Researchers Knock Out HIV (102107)
"... With the latest advances in treatment, doctors
have discovered that they can successfully neutralise
the HIV virus. ..."

112. Epigenetics, more than genes inherited/
passed on 
"... with the impact of environment on genetic switches,
the Nature + Nurture equation includes the impact of
Nurture, not only on the child, directly, but also on the
child's ancestors and their ancestors' gene switches
which have been passed down to the child."

111. Insulin pill hope for diabetics (091107)
"Diabetes patients could soon be able to take a pill
to control their condition instead of repeated injections,
researchers have claimed. ..."

110. Comet probes reveal evidence of origin of life,
scientists claim 
"Recent probes inside comets show it is over-
whelmingly likely that life began in space,
according to a new paper by Cardiff Univer-
sity scientists. ..."

109. Astronomers Find a Billion Light-Years
Without Matter 
"How big is your sandbox? Well, no matter
how big you imagine it to be, scientists have
discovered a billion light-years of no matter
within it. What is it, why is it, how did it get
there? Science is stumped. Philosophers? Yet
to weigh in. ..."

108. Synesthesia (080707)
"... Individuals with synesthesia perceive the world 
in a different way from the rest of us. Because their
senses are cross-activated, some synesthetes perceive
numbers or letters as having colors or days of the week
as possessing personalities ... [some]" individuals hear
sounds ... when they see things move or flash. ..."

107. Type 1 Diabetes -- Advances in Treatments
and in Potential Cure(s) 
"... Researchers have accomplished what might be
a cure of type 1 diabetes -- at least in mice ---
and they're taking the first steps toward a human
trial. ... Capsules of insulin produced in genetically
modified lettuce could hold the key to restoring
the body's ability to produce insulin and help mil-
lions of Americans who suffer from insulin-depen-
dent diabetes ... Researchers at Johns Hopkins
have found a way to overcome a major stumbling
block to developing successful insulin-cell trans-
plants for people with type 1 diabetes. ..."

106. Major Extinctions (072707)
"... The bad news? At ~65 million years, earth has
gone longer without a major extinction event than
it has for almost the entire history since complex
life developed on earth, increasing the risk that a
major extinction event is due (as it's just a matter
of time). ..."

105. Shy No More? Fear No More?
"... University of Zurich researchers have created
a spray that can relieve people of shyness, and
help them socialise with others. ... U.S. scientists
have found a molecular mechanism that governs
the formation of fears stemming from traumatic
events. The researchers ... said their discovery
could lead to the first drug to treat persistent, de-
bilitating fears ... inhibiting a kinase called Cdk5
facilitates the extinction of fear learned in a partic-
ular context. ..."

104. What did the 'big bang' bang into?
"... The standard presumption is that there was
nothing, a bang, and then everything. More re-
cently, scientists have theorized about a before
the big bang realm, and of many dimensions pos-
sibly existing beyond the -4- we're familiar with.
Multiple universes, also part of the possible realm
of the 'all'. Cyclic universes, also part of the pos-
sible realm of the all. Infinite universes, infinite
time, also part of the possible realm of the all. As
for what the totality of 'all' that is natural is, exactly,
actualized human knowledge is profoundly sparse,
thus far, even though theories abound. ...

103. Mechanical Cure For Type 1 Diabetes?
Could be, and the key word is SOON! 
"... Researchers at the University of Cambridge
have just begun clinical trials of an “artificial
pancreas” at Addenbrooke's Hospital. The
“artificial pancreas” can improve control over
the wide fluctuations of a patient's glucose levels
that, over time, lead to severe complications
such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure,
amputations, blindness and premature death. ...

102. NASA Turns to the Dark Side (070407)
"... NASA has announced five new space missions
to track mysteries that go "beyond Einstein"
- where the universe came from,
- what it's made of, and
- whether space has edges.

101. Religious faith -and- science : partners,
combatants, -or- two ships passing in the night?
"Link to/excerpts from a recent article of
a debate between two prominent scientists
regarding how best to handle the differences
between science and religious faith. ...

100. Propranolol, cure for traumatic events?
"...   Broadcast last week on 60 minutes,
experiments are currently underway to
determine if a drug used for other reasons,
propranolol, does, indeed, eliminate the
trauma caused (to many) by devastating
life events.

99. Quick Fix for Global Warming?
"...  A solar shield that reflects some of
the Sun's radiation back into space would
cool the climate within a decade and could
be a quick-fix solution to climate change,
researchers say.

98. A jellyfish with human-like eyes?
"Jellyfish have human-like eyes. One set of
eyes on box jellyfish detect color and size
of objects. A set of special eyes, similar to
our own, keeps venomous box jellyfish from
bumping into obstacles as they swim across
the ocean floor, a new study finds. ..."

97. Top 10 Naturalistic Risks to U.S.
Well, for those who accept that naturalism
best explains existence in both a rewarding
-and- risky environment, the following details
some of the most pronounced naturalistic
risks to the United States of America.

96. Nearby Frontrunners for Life apart
from Earth
"... Do humans possess enough will to spend
the money required to enable us to find
Earthlike planets orbiting distant stars, and
closer to home, do humans have the will
required to visit -and- re-visit, with manned
craft -or- with unmanned probes, the most
likely locations for life in our own solar
system? ..."

95. First Humans: Time of Origin Pinned
"The lineages of humans and chimpanzees,
our closest relatives, diverged from one
another about 4.1 million years ago, accord-
ing to a new estimate that is said to be far
more precise than previous ranges for this
critical evolutionary moment. ..."

94. Chimps Making Spears & Using
them for Hunting/Killing
"Chimpanzees in Senegal are regularly making
and using spears to hunt other primates -- with-
out human assistance -- ... That study ... is the
first to report habitual tool use by non-humans
while hunting other vertebrates. ..."

93. Science in the News (February 17, 2007)
-- Asteroids / Bionic Eyes (021707)
"Somewhere out there is a killer asteroid with
our name on it, and scientists, astronauts,
diplomats and space law experts are just
starting to draw up a plan for dealing with it
- that is, once we figure out which asteroid
it is. ..."

92. Infinite Universes, Infinite Size,
No "In the Beginning", No End (013107)
"Put another way, think of the all as always
existing, a circle of infinite size, with no
beginning, no ending, simply always there.
Any piece of that circle, simply part of
infinity, part of the all, and the all? Always
existent, always spawning universes,
always expanding. ..."

91. 2006 bumps 2005 out as 'Hottest
Year Ever' ... (011007)
"Last year was the warmest in the contin-
ental United States in the past 112 years
-- capping a nine-year warming streak
"unprecedented in the historical record"
... there are indications that the rate at
which global temperatures are rising is
speeding up. ...

90. Fountain of Youth for humans,
by 2030? (062606)
"Last year was the warmest in the contin-
ental United States in the past 112 years
-- capping a nine-year warming streak
"unprecedented in the historical record"
... there are indications that the rate at
which global temperatures are rising is
speeding up. ...

89. Earth now hottest it has been in
thousands of years? (062206)
"It has been 2,000 years and possibly much
longer since Earth has run such a fever. The
National Academy of Sciences ... reported
Thursday that the 'recent warmth is unpre-
cedented for at least the last 400 years and
potentially the last several millennia.' ..."

88. Supernatural phenomena (as if)
-- provable/disprovable via science? (033106)
... Distant prayers do not help people
recovering from heart surgery and could
even cause them more health problems ...
The new study is the largest and most
rigorous to put the power of distant
prayer to the test, using similar proto-
cols to those used in clinical trials of
new drugs. ...

87. Stunning discovery of water geysers
on a Saturn moon (030906)
Scientists have found evidence that cold,
Yellowstone-like geysers of water are
issuing from a moon of Saturn called
Enceladus ... The surprising discovery ...
could shoot Enceladus to the top of the
list in the search for life elsewhere in our
solar system. ..."

86. Planet Earth is beginning to say,
"I'm melting, I'm melting !!!" (030306)
For the first time, scientists have confirmed
Earth is melting at both ends, which could
have disastrous effects for coastal cities
and villages. ..."

85. The science of romantic love (021206)
"... the following article scientifically assesses
one of the most powerful and impactive
emotions present in humans, that being the
emotion of romantic love. ..."

84. Hint at how fear is used to
promote religion (122305)
... Fear as a religious weapon? You be
the judge ..."

83. Evolution, not ID (122305)
... The ruling gives two arguments for why
intelligent design is not science but is, in
the judge's words, 'an old religious argu-
ment for the existence of God.' The first
is that intelligent design invokes 'a super-
natural designer,' while science, by defin-
ition, deals only with natural phenomena.
Second, the court found that intelligent
design suffers from blatant flaws in logic,
one of the chief tools of science. ..."

82. Cosmos (110905)
"... Inspiring, provocative, enlightening, enrich-
ing, these are but a few of the many accolades
describing Carl Sagan's greatest work in a life
cut far too short by the naturalistic forces Carl
went to great lengths to explain in this series. ..."

81. A decision between Goddunce -and-
Science? (102905)
"... 'Intelligent Design'? Goddunce, the theory
that an entity is responsible for all this, or even
more idiotic, that an entity is responsible for
all that is right with this world, and homo sap-
ien 'sinners' or 'nature' or 'the devil' or 'some
despised group' are responsible for all that is
wrong with this world.
Goddunce, if Bush and
his right-wing religious cronies have their way,
coming soon, to a public school near you,
maybe. ..."

80. A Drug that can make one Smarter,
Calmer, Happier, Healthier? (101505)
"Forget the stereotype about dopey potheads.
It seems marijuana could be good for your
brain. While other studies have shown that
periodic use of marijuana can cause memory
loss and impair learning and a host of other
health problems down the road, new research
suggests the drug could have some benefits
when administered regularly in a highly potent
form. ..."

79. Nature caused Hurricane Katrina
& other disasters (100905)
"... Be it plagues, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes,
hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, super-volcanic
eruptions, viral invasions, floods, tsunamis, land-
slides, or other naturalistic calamities (like a dev-
astating impact from an asteroid or comet),
humans are in a precarious position on a planet
constantly at risk ..."

78. Prayer no aid to heart patients (071505)
"A study found those who were prayed for
were as likely to have a setback in hospital,
be re-admitted, or die within six months as
those not prayed for. ..."

77. The Woodstock of Evolution (070305)
8 key highlights of some of the fascinating
information contained in the article:
1) Darwin was a Creationist before he
developed the theory of evolution
2) Origin of Life (on Earth) -- 3 sources
3) Origin of Life (on Earth) -- what we know
and what we don't know yet
4) Origin of Life (on Earth) -- what came first,
cells or RNA
5) Extinctions
6) Intelligent Design Creationism
7) Sex
8) Science's Greatest Strength ...

76. What is the goal of the sacred sperms/eggs
gang? (022805)
"1) All or most sperm resulting in life? No ...
2) All or most eggs resulting in life? No ...
3) All or most fertilized eggs resulting in life?
No ... 4) All or most fertilized eggs that implant
in the womb resulting in life? No ... 5) All or
most fertilized eggs that are artificially fertilized
resulting in life? No ... 6) Religion interfering ... ?
Yes ..."

75. Embryonic Stem Cell Research Support from
Europe, China, South Korea, California, JDRF
"... Embryonic stem cell research has shown great
promise for understanding the basic biology of
disease, and may hold the key to new treatments
and therapies for a host of diseases including
type 1 diabetes. ..."

74. Theological import of life on Mars?
"If life formed on our nearby neighbor totally inde-
pendently and in a manner naturalistically research-
able, will religions re-examine some of their funda-
mental presumptions regarding a supposed God
being focused on earth and humankind? ..."

73. Bacteria "resurrected"? (022405)
"And verily, 32,000 years ago, a group of bacteria
died for the 'sins' of all earth life for all of time, and
recently, thanks to science, this group of bacteria
rose from the dead. ..."

72. Morals, Religion, Humans, Animals
"Religion is 'good' for children? Childhood brainwashing,
an immoral and contemptible recourse of the religiously
insecure ... the legitimacy of God-free morals are well-
founded in America ... human and beast are both noble
and brutish, both nurtured and natured."

71. Evolution Theory - Religion and Politics
are the Problems (021805)
"... No scientifically supported theory of why life on
this planet evolved rivals basic Darwinian theory.
If there was a legitimate alternative, scientists would
go to great lengths to win prestige by testing and
developing the alternative. ..."

70. Hallucinatory Near-Death Experiences
"... Even if we disregard the overwhelming evidence
for the dependence of consciousness on the brain,
there remains strong evidence from reports of near-
death experiences themselves that NDEs are not
glimpses of an afterlife. ..."

69. What Holy Document Describes
Earth as a Cosmic Shooting Target for ...
"... asteroids and comets resulting in devastating
global destruction of vast numbers of living crea-
tures occurring repeatedly during the hundreds
of millions of years prior to the advent of any sem-
blance of a creature close to a modern human? ..."

68. Blindness, Colors, Perceptions, God,
Language (012605)
"Regarding colors, people blind from birth are
endowed with a great advantage over sighted
people in their senses apart from sight ... With
blind faith, believers have no god to show for
all their effort, for blind faith believes in spite of
the evidence, not because of it. ... All should
be able to relate to a person totally sightless
from birth by virtue of the fact that all of us
cannot see 99.9 % of the electromagnetic
spectrum. ..."

67. Living Forever (011905)
"... what would happen if the body could be
rebuilt with new DNA, just as a PC can be
retrofitted with new software? Scientists at
the University of Texas Southwestern Medical
Center and biotechnologists at Menlo Park,
California's Geron Corp. posed this question,
which naturally led to another: Would human-
kind be able to extend the body's life, almost
indefinitely? The controversial answer ... is
a definitive 'yes' ..."

66. 1- of over 8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
(8 sextillion)? (011805)
"... we're aware that there are over 80 billion gal-
axies in the particular space-time continuum we
inhabit, with perhaps over 100 billion solar systems
in each of those galaxies, for a total of over ....
... ~8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (8 sextillion)
solar systems in our particular universe ..."

65. Origins+Tsunami -- God -or- Naturalism?
"Regarding the source of naturalism being perceived
by many of religious faith to be God/'the creator'?
Naturalism -- Infinite, per scientific theories being
investigated, with the expansion of the space-time
continuum we exist within (in and of itself, so vast
that it's beyond the capability of most to grasp)
being but a tiny part of an incomprehensibly larger
play ..."

64. The Myth of the Beginning of Time
"... ponder the following, and no, there is no 'who'
there, there is no 'never was' there, there is no
'beginning of time' there, there is no 'what's-a-
whozits' prancing around the cosmos whipping
up things, there's just nature -- always -- every-
where, everywhen ..."

63. A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution
"... The panorama is splendid, but it's the details,
often included in the animal "pilgrim" tales told at
each rendezvous, that delight, and also exhibit
some of Dawkins's best writing. ... One of Daw-
kins's best:
a big, almost encyclopedic compen-
dium bursting with information and ideas."

62. Milky Way to collide with Andromeda
"God's Plan? Looks like a natural event
(free of so-called 'intelligent design' [i.e.,
God]), to me ... scientists have found more
evidence that our Milky Way galaxy, with
about 400 billion stars including the sun, is
on a collision course with a somewhat larger
galaxy, Andromeda. ..."

61. Your Identity/Life -- How, Why --
Answers on Titan? (011505)
"... It seems strange to search for a basic truth
so far from home. But on the hidden surface of
Titan, we may yet learn how life came to be. ..."

60. Should Skeptical Inquiry Be Applied to
Religion? (011405)
"... Should the skeptical movement extend its
inquiry to religious questions? Some influential
skeptics think we should not. In [Paul Kurtz's]
view, skeptical inquirers definitely need to inves-
tigate religious claims. ..."

59. How Life Began (122604)
"Good article summarizing, briefly, what we
know, what we don't know yet, and what our
grandchildren may know, regarding how life
began on this 3rd rock from an average star
in a nondescript galaxy ..."

58. O - r - i - g - i - n - s /
E - v - o - l - u - t - i - o - n (081703)
"... Links to a comprehensive view (the
standard origins links which I've been
maintaining for the last few years) and
links expanding on -and- complementing
that view are included in this post. ..."

57. The Vast-beyond-Vast Size of the Universe (072603)
"A perspective on the size of the universe...
If the entire solar system were reduced to the
size of a grain of sand, our Milky Way galaxy
would be *21 kilometers* across and our
nearest big galaxy, Andromeda, would be
*483 kilometers* away. The size of the
observable universe, on this scale, would
be *over 4 million kilometers*. ..."

56. James - son of Joseph - brother of
Jesus ossuary inscription forged (061803)
"... Fascinating report on how legitimate scien-
tific inquiry, given sufficient time / skepticism /
resources, can excel in getting to the truth of
the matter regarding ancient artefacts ..."

55. Human Evolution / Origins (061103)
"Three fossilised skulls unearthed in Ethiopia
are said by scientists to be among the most
important discoveries ever made in the search
for the origin of humans ..."

54. ... a dog, by any other name, is still
a dog ... (050803)
"Some members of the dog family, Canidae
(domestic dogs, wild dogs, wolves, coyotes,
jackals), can interbreed with constraints
(location and social constraints, but not
genetic constraints). Foxes are a member
of the dog family, Canidae, which cannot
interbreed with the aforementioned mem-
bers ..."

53. Love, Beauty, Evolution (050703)
"... article compares violence in chimps with
violence in humans, and compares the loving
nature of bonobos with the loving nature of
humans, demonstrating the naturalistic reasons
chimps and bonobos developed the way they
did ... Beauty and earlobes, a quirky aspect of
genes quite evident in the human species ... article
detailing how the beauty of females works on
heterosexual males at a very primal level ... article
addresses inquiries into how a creature's genes
can adapt over time to provide a type of camou-
flage ..."

52. God on the Brain (042003)
"Why do people experience religious visions?
BBC Two's Horizon suggests that in some
cases the cause may be a strange brain
disorder. ... Baby Brain Development:
Temporal Lobe ... God and the Temporal
Lobes of the Brain ..."

51. Recent Research :
Mind - Brain - Behavior ... (122202)
"... results from genes-stimuli-experiences and
probabilities based on a milieu of activities, a
relatively small amount of which one is cognizant
of or in any way in control of, as well as random
non-determinable activity being an integral part
of the nature of the mind, brain, and behavior ...
helpful resources, including recent research ..."

50. Origins of Energy, Matter, Space
Time, and Life (073102)

46-49. Preponderance of Evidence for
Naturalistic Origins and Evolution of Life
(073102, expanded to 4 of 4 on 031909
"Intelligent Design advocates (i.e., the
latest phase in the evolution of creationists/
goddidditists) seem to be steadfastly com-
mitted to dismissing out-of-hand the prepon-
derance of evidence for evolution against
the extreme lack of evidence for 'goddiddit'
or 'aliensdiddit' ..."

45. Universe(s) Origin(s) 7 of 7 - Nothing /
Everything (072802)
"... the nature of being in this grand cosmos
of wonder and mystery whereby nothing is
the most important something that resides at
the core of everything that has existed, does
exist, and will ever exist."

44. Universe(s) Origin(s) 6 of 7 - Einstein /
Big Bang / Superstrings (072802)
"... This proclaims that all the wondrous hap-
penings in the Universe are reflections of one
grand physical principle and manifestations of
one single entity: microscopically tiny vibrating
loops of energy, a billionth of a billionth the
size of an atom. ..."

43. Universe(s) Origin(s) 5 of 7 - Cyclic Universe?
"... A new theory of the universe suggests that
space and time may not have begun in a big bang,
but may have always existed in an endless cycle
of expansion and rebirth. ..."

42. Universe(s) Origin(s) 4 of 7 - Universes
from Black Holes? (072802)
"... The basic idea is that black holes give rise
to new regions of space and time, and that at
these events, which resemble our Big Bang,
the laws of physics can change. ..."

41. Universe(s) Origin(s) 3 of 7 - Multiverse?
"... Our entire universe may be just one element
-- one atom, as it were -- in an infinite ensemble:
a cosmic archipelago. Each universe starts with
its own big bang, acquires a distinctive imprint
(and its individual physical laws) as it cools, and
traces out its own cosmic cycle. The big bang
that triggered our entire universe is, in this grander
perspective, an infinitesimal part of an elaborate
structure that extends far beyond the range of any
telescopes. ..."

40. Universe(s) Origin(s) 2 of 7 - No Origin
of the Universe? (072802)
"... If a way can be found to permit the universe
to come into existence from nothing as a result of
a quantum fluctuation, then no laws of physics
would be violated. In other words, viewed through
the eyes of a quantum physicist, the spontaneous
appearance of a universe is not such a surprise,
because physical objects are appearing all the
time -- without well-defined causes -- in the quan-
tum microworld. ..."

39. Universe(s) Origin(s) 1 of 7 - String
Theory / Infinities / Singularities? (072802)
"... there are two reasons why many physicists
today think that strings represent the ultimate truth,
and are the basic building blocks of matter. ..."

38. Universe(s) Origin(s) Preface
"... If 'unknown and explorable' is the choice of
those who, despite deistic/theistic backgrounds,
wish to explore and learn about the universe with
an open mind, I commend those folks and pro-
vide this series of posts to expand the scope of
knowledge regarding that which is possible within
the parameters of a naturalistic cosmos. ..."

37. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
"Simple but misleading question in that neither
is an end or a beginning, alone, both requiring
other parts for continuance and for existence,
all parts existing in a long-lived continuum.
A lengthy answer entailing how the chicken
and the egg arrived on the scene. ..."

36. Beyond Religion - What the Future
May Hold ... (050102)
"Will religion fade away as scientific / genetic /
robotic / biologic / computerized advances
propel us towards a future world in which the
ancient notions of transcendence (heavens,
hells, afterlives, blood sacrifice, belief in the
supernatural) are irrelevant to post-humans ..."

35. How Big a Part Did Genes Play
in the Gospels? (050102)
"... if the gospels are anything close to a path worth
following, if the gospels are anything close to truth
and worth, why are they oblivious to the role genes
play in human behavior? ..."

34. Wonder of some over everything
being 'just right' ... (030602)
"... the closer one gets to infinite 'openings/possi-
bilities', given *any* chance of something like 'us',
a naturalistic entity in a naturalistic cosmos, it be-
comes all-but certain something like "us" will, in
fact, exist at some point in a physical world, con-
strained by physical law, and probable that multiple
instances of something like 'us' would exist over
the all-but endless --if not endless-- sojourn
throughout all that ever was, is, or ever will be ..."

33. Genes / Diseases / Living Longer-Healthier
Lives / Playing God / Moral Issues (020602)
"... 'We used to think the future was in the
stars. Now we know it's in our genes.'
-James Watson ... It may take many
decades after 2020, but eventually we
will understand the intricate web of inter-
actions between genes. ..."

32. Tribal ... (092401)
"As christians and muslims and jews and ...
(long list) pray to a god who inspired folks
to suicide/murder for allah (god) ... perhaps
it's time to reflect on how we got to this state
of being ..."

31. Black Holes - Evidence of a Cosmos
Far Beyond ancient concepts of god(s) ...
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to Black Holes ...
The Endless Universe - 2 of 3 (Black Holes) ...
Details, from recent news reports, follow ..."

30. Israeli Teams Grows Heart Cells
and Insulin Producing Cells From Human
Embryonic Stem Cells (080101)
"... researchers ... have for the first time suc-
ceeded in growing the precursors of heart
cells from human embryonic stem cells ...
In a second study, ... researchers ...demon-
strated that human embryonic stem cells can
produce insulin, a result that could signal an
important step toward a cure for type 1 dia-
betes. ..."

29. Stem Cell Research - Comprehensive
Report (073101)
"Stem Cells: Scientific Progress and Future
Research Directions From the National Insti-
tutes of Health ... Stem Cell Debate - Can
Information Change Opinions? ... Type 1 Dia-
betes - The Risks ... NIH Report - Chapter 7
(Stem Cells and Diabetes) ... Stem Cells - Basic
Information (NIH Report - Executive Summary) ...
Christopher Reeve on politics and stem cell re-
search ... Human Choices Regarding Concep-
tion Compared to Acts of Nature (or god, if one
prefers) ... ..."

28. FREELOVER Science Report (072701)
"Nightmare of 4,200 Years Ago, fascinating
tale of scientific investigation revealing a hor-
rendous climactic event ...One of Jupiter's
moons may hold an underground ocean ...
Water reserves on Mars ... Anger (Complex
Causality of Irrational Emotional Outbursts) ...

27. SuperVolcanoes - Risk Update /
Historical References (072301)
"The following news isn't good, at least
not for those around when, as anticipated,
some time in the next 100,000 years,
Yellowstone blows its top ... again ..."

26. FREELOVER Science Report (071201)
"Water From Billions of Comets, Water clouds
surround nearby star ... Chimp/Human, New
early human fossils, Fossils fuel controversy
about humanity's earliest days ... Origins of Life?
New Type of Hydrothermal Vents, Bacteria
Might be 'Living Fossils" of the Most Primitive
Life Forms .

25. Biodiversity (Community Ecology) /
Biosphere (070701)
"... Structures arise within communities as
species interact, and food chains, food webs,
guilds, and other interactive webs are created.

These relationships change over evolutionary
time as species reciprocally adapt to one another
through the process of coevolution. .

24. Biology and Ethics (070701)
"... There appears to be a growing consensus
that, given a certain genetic constitution—and
within the bounds of that endowment—whatever
man is, he learns to be, especially in respect to
values, morality, and customs. Baser appetitive
needs, however, may have a genetic component
that is greater than an environmental one. ..."

23. Up-Close Examination of Near-Death
Experiences (070501)
Like many, I hope to live forever. Like many,
I seriously doubt that such an eventuality is our
destiny but I'm unwilling to say it's impossible
until I know more about all that is and all that
can ever be. ..."

22. Intelligent Designer / 'Irreducible Complexity' /
God / 'First Cause' (041001)
"The evidence is clear that Intelligent Designer
and so-called 'irreducible complexity' are little
more than code-words for God and that, in fact,
within the area of remaining unknowns regarding
the origins of the universe and life, science is
humankind's only legitimate hope as the myths
from the caves of human ignorance just don't
cut it anymore. ..."

21. Everything From Everlasting
Not-Quite Nothing ... (040401)
"... well, not really from not-quite nothing,
more like from a world that's theoretically
everywhere and every'when' while at the same
time nowhere in our substantive experience,
a world that has always been and will always
be, the sub-atomic quantum world ..."

20. Nine Days That Shook the World
"Some of the workings of our natural world
follow. Excerpts/links from disaster articles/
compilation by New Scientist magazine, orig-
inally posted in 1999 during the "pre-millen-
nium scare" period in the months leading up
to that supposedly providentially significant
transition to the year 2000..."

19. Quantum, Quantum, Wherefore Art
Thou, Quantum? (032501)
"... The world of the Very Very Very Very Very
Tiny: Quantum Physics refers to the theoretical
world of the sub-atomic and atomic realm. How
big a world is that? Well, the largest atom is
0.0000005 mm across (that's 5/10,000,000ths
or 1/2,000,000ths of a mm across). Put another
way, 2 million of the largest atom would fit
into a millimeter. ..."

18. You Are Among the Most
Well-Informed Humans ... (032101)
"... who have ever lived. You have access to
a more detailed and thorough explanation
of our natural world than most of the humans
who have ever lived, by far, due to your ability
to build on the knowledge of the past and
access a wide knowledge base which, thanks
to the internet in no small way, is increasing
the ability of people to have a level of con-
fidence regarding the natural world that was
not available to prior generations. ..."

17. FREELOVER Science Report (030901)
"Near Miss ... of a 1 kilometer-wide (0.6
miles) asteroid, missing the earth by a mere
2.5 moon-lengths ... Asteroid Impact Motto:
Be Prepared ... How New Species Arise?
A clue, from the efforts of scientists, as
humans endeavor to understand our natural
place in a demon-free, god-free, supernatural-
free world ..."

16. DRAMATIC Discoveries About
What Humans Really Are (021801)
"One comment - This post includes details
on one of the most exciting and dramatic
advances in human understanding of our
true place in the grand scheme of life and
matter ..."

15. Discovery Implies Life Could Be
Everywhere In the Universe (013001)
"... Scientists have managed to create
'primitive cells' in an experiment which
may indicate that life began in space
and was delivered to Earth. ..."

14. White Socks / Language (102700)
"... Is the non-language aspect of our human
experience part of the large body of evidence
of our close kinship with animals who have
similar senses to us with less sophisticated
to no language skills? ..."

13. What is a Meme and What Can We
Do About It? (102500)
"... Excerpts from Chapter 11 of Richard
Dawkins' classic, The Selfish Gene, in
which he introduces us to the Meme ..."

12. The Altruism Trick (102500)
"Excerpt from chapter 13 of 'The Meme
Machine', by Susan Blackmore ..."

11. Your Heart - Your Brain - Your Life ...
"... obviously, the means by which humankind
can thrive and max out this, our one and only
*sure* opportunity to experience all that we
know, on this earth, at this time. ..."

10. Human Languages (100800)
"... So, aren't we so very special ...
... the western world, the English-speaking
world, the Christian world... ... ... ... ?
In a word, No. ..."

9. East Coast Worries (100500)
... as if we didn't have enough natural threats
to worry about, persons on the east coast of
the U.S. now have another to add to a growing
list of potential natural disasters ...

8. A Promising Future ... (091700)
"... Twenty Things That Will Be Obsolete in
Twenty Years ..."

7. 20 Threats to All of Humankind ...
"... I don't find the following very comforting
but hey, what's a human being to do, when
faced with the reality of a world in which
humans are but a tiny part of a much larger
play? ..."

6. Life Perpetuation and Enhancement
"So, here it is 2049 and you've been fortunate
enough to still be hanging around when all the
bugs have been worked out on a method of
life perpetuation and enhancement which
entails pleasure, youth, sex, joy, mental
alertness, enhanced physical capabilities,
mind expanding capabilities, the ability to
in real time interconnect to other beings
and intelligences and knowledge databases
dramatically expanding the scope of the
human experience, and ..."

5. One Possibility for a Continued
Pleasant Existence ... (070800)
"... in this life: Over the next few decades, the
ability to control matter apart from your body,
in real time, and to transfer parts of your intelli-
gence, your being, to external storage devices,
may become a reality. I can see it clearly, as if
it's already a dream become real ..."

4. Don't Die, Stay Pretty (070400)
"This article (excerpts
appear in this post) is loaded with details
and hope for what may be the future of
humankind in the next millennium and
beyond, affording us the opportunity to
dream and perchance to realize the edge
of immortality in this certain plain of
existence ..."

3. Search for Human Origins (070100)
"Fascinating web resource (September, 1999)
from the Discovery Channel, with details on
the whys and wherefores of the search for
human origins ... great for kids and adults
alike, puts TRUE science by TRUE scientists
into perspective! ..."

2. Carl Sagan Lives (061700)
"Excerpts from 'Billions and Billions: Thoughts
On Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium',
the last book by Carl Sagan ..."

1. The Physics of the Supernatural (God)
"Any good books out there on how God
does what God is purported to do, from the
standpoint of physics? Is there any hard
science on the methodology of God or is
it all hearsay and claims without evidence? ..."