Discovery Implies Life Could Be
Everywhere In the Universe
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Monday, 29 January, 2001, 22:11 GMT
'Cells' hint at life's origin
Excerpt: "Scientists have managed to create
'primitive cells' in an experiment which may
indicate that life began in space and was
delivered to Earth. ...

Membranous structures

'Scientists believe the molecules needed to
make a cell's membrane, and therefore needed
for the origin of life, are all over space. This
discovery implies that life could be everywhere
in the Universe' ...

Life everywhere

This new work suggests that the early chemical
steps believed to be important for the origin of
life do not require an already-formed planet.

Instead, they seem to take place in deep space
long before planet formation occurs.

This implies that the vastness of space is filled
with chemical compounds which, if they land
in a hospitable environment like our Earth, can
readily jump-start life. ..."

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