Love, Beauty, Evolution
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The following article compares violence in chimps with
violence in humans, and compares the loving nature of
bonobos with the loving nature of humans, demonstrating
the naturalistic reasons chimps and bonobos developed
the way they did, and postulating regarding the likeli-
hood humans likewise developed emotional proclivities
(like love/hate, passivity/violence) based on naturalistic
surroundings, and their genetic development and social
development that evolved over time within those environ-

Friday, March 22, 2002 - 12:09 a.m. Pacific
Are our genes 'wired' for violence?
Expert thinks it's a primal instinct



Beauty and earlobes, a quirky aspect of genes quite
evident in the human species, about 1/3rd with lobes
that merge with the side of the face, and 2/3rds with
lobes that dangle free from attachment to the side of
the face, as described in the following article:

Monday, January 07, 2002 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific
Earlobe curious? Then try some genes on for size

A portion of the following includes excerpts from an
article detailing how the beauty of females works on
heterosexual males at a very primal level, activating
brain circuitry similar to the way food and cocaine do.
The same study showed heterosexual males had the
opposite reaction to good-looking males.

Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Daily, 111101
... Female Beauty Like a Drug For Heterosexual Men



The following article addresses inquiries into how
a creature's genes can adapt over time to provide a
type of camouflage with trees, plants, or other aspects
of the enviroment. This article refers to the process as
host-plant adaptation and says that it can promote the
parellel evolution of reproductive isolation:  

Insect Yields Clues To Evolution Of Species
Date: Posted 5/23/2002