The Myth of the Beginning of Time
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Who created the universe?

The who question is a dance with no point and no
who to be found, except in the fertile imaginations
of believers in magic beings, the same locale that
primitives used to come up with the concepts of
magic beings in the first place.

That's the whole 'who' myth for you.

As for science, logic, and reason, ponder the follow-
ing, and no, there is no 'who' there, there is no 'never
was' there, there is no 'beginning of time' there, there
is no 'what's-a-whozits' prancing around the cosmos
whipping up things, there's just nature -- always --
everywhere, everywhen.

If one cannot fathom a cosmos without magic beings,
one is simply living in a fairyland, a mindtrap that many
refuse to try to escape from, for religious faiths, by and
large, demand that they refrain from doing so.

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The Myth of the Beginning of Time
May 2004 issue, Scientific American


String theory suggests that the big bang was not the
origin of the universe but simply the outcome of a
preexisting state.

Was the big bang really the beginning of time?

Or did the universe exist before then?

Such a question seemed almost blasphemous only
a decade ago. Most cosmologists insisted that it simply
made no sense--that to contemplate a time before the
big bang was like asking for directions to a place north
of the North Pole.

But developments in theoretical physics, especially the
rise of string theory, have changed their perspective.

The pre-bang universe has become the latest frontier
of cosmology.


The ancient Greeks debated the origin of time fiercely.

Aristotle, taking the no-beginning side, invoked the prin-
ciple that out of nothing, nothing comes. If the universe
could never have gone from nothingness to something-
ness, it must always have existed. For this and other
reasons, time must stretch eternally into the past and

Christian theologians tended to take the opposite point
of view. Augustine contended that God exists outside of
space and time, able to bring these constructs into exist-
ence as surely as he could forge other aspects of our
world. When asked, "What was God doing before he cre-
ated the world?" Augustine answered, "Time itself being
part of God's creation, there was simply no before!"


So, when did time begin? Science does not have a con-
clusive answer yet, but at least two potentially testable
theories plausibly hold that the universe--and therefore
time--existed well before the big bang. If either scenario
is right, the cosmos has always been in existence and,
even if it recollapses one day, will never end.

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