The Physics of the Supernatural (God)
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Any good books out there on how God does
what God is purported to do, from the standpoint
of physics? Is there any hard science on the
methodology of God or is it all hearsay and
claims without evidence?

For example, there are quite a few naturalistic
explanations of how the universe started or has
always been in existence in one way or another,
a growing body of evidence regarding the origins
of life on earth, countless evidence on how the
universe and life works, yet I've never run across
any science on how this God so many are so
taken by physically does anything.

Is anyone out there in the doubting and scientific
world truly impressed with the science of God?
If so, please provide, using the scientific method,
evidence that a God (define God) does anything
whatsoever in the way of physics in the real
world we all exist in.