Researchers Knock Out HIV
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ScienceDaily (Oct. 21, 2007)


With the latest advances in treatment, doctors
have discovered that they can successfully
neutralise the HIV virus. The so-called 'com-
bination therapy' prevents the HIV virus from
mutating and spreading, allowing patients to
rebuild their immune system to the same levels
as the rest of the population.

To date, it represents the most significant treat-
ment for patients suffering from HIV.


HIV is so deadly because the virus attaches it-
self to a crucial part of the immune system itself:
to the so-called CD4+T lymphocytes, which are
white blood corpuscles that help the immune
system to fight infections.

The Hi-virus forms and invades new CD4+T-
lymphocytes. Slowly but surely, the number of
healthy CD4+T lymphocytes in the blood fall,
while HIV relentlessly weakens the body's
ability to defend itself from infection.

Finally, the immune system erodes to such an
extent that the infected patient is diagnosed with

The Hi-virus mutates constantly as it forms and
this is why scientists face a constant battle to
find a cure or a vaccine.

Combination therapy knocks out HIV

Combination therapy prevents the virus from
forming and mutating in human beings. When
the virus is halted in its progress, the number
of healthy CD4+T cells begins to rise and
patients, who would otherwise die from HIV,
can now survive.

The immune system is rejuvenated and is appar-
ently able to normalise itself, providing that the
combination therapy is maintained. The moment
the immune system begins to improve, the HIV-
infected patient can no longer be said to be suf-
fering from an HIV infection or disease, already
declining in strength.


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