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As christians and muslims and jews and ... (long list) pray
to a god who inspired folks to suicide/murder for allah
(god) ... perhaps it's time to reflect on how we got to this
state of being ...

Monday evening, prior to the attack on America, I viewed
a special from ____ (don't recall) on lions and hyenas ...

The lions, you see, have territories and are in vicious
competition with the hyenas who, too, have their own
territories which overlap with the lions.

There was one particular skilled lion leader adept at
killing the head of competing hyena tribes, matriarchs.
He killed two of them in separate instances.

But lions weren't exactly buddy-buddy as they scrapped
for whatever they could get after each kill, only bonding
during periods of non-competition, and bonding quite

Separate lion tribes were OK with each other until their
tribe boundaries crossed, at which times violence broke
out and inevitably, one lioness would pay the price for not
retreating to the de facto designated territory in which she
belonged (the price paid being death).

Back to the hyena territory, constant competition with the
lions, it turns out, has evolved the hyenas to a state of being
beyond their scavenger default, actually attacking prey and
bringing them down on their own.

Both lions and hyenas compete for kills and the leftovers of
kills, with lions sometimes scavenging off of the hyenas and
hyenas sometimes scavenging off of the lions. Competition
is fierce.

Hyenas have a few peculiar evolutionary traits when com-
pared to the norm of nature. One, both sexes are born with
sex appendages. Two, the hyena tribes are ruled by females.
Three, the young compete from birth, and it's not unusual
for one of the birthed to kill and eat a sister (this was docu-
mented in the case of two sisters born to a matriarch).

From previous documentaries, not part of the one I viewed
Monday night, it's known that when a lion takes over a tribe
of lionesses, he kills all of the offspring of the young in the
group, and the females go into heat in response and the new
king of the tribe mates with them.

Now, in all of that we witness the bizarre nature of tribal
competition, competition for land, and rules/hierarchies
present in the natural world, and I ask ...

On a level of natural destiny, competition for land, competi-
tion for food, competition for perpetuation of ideas and
ideologies, competition for sex, if placed into the natural
scenario from which we evolved, the species called human,
is there not the clear and nagging evidence that humans ...

Using religion, territory, ideology, culture, and resources ...

Are nothing but evolved animals playing out the hyena
and lion struggles on a level of experience a lot closer
to the environment we evolved from than the imaginary
world those of religion would like to pretend is "reality"?

Until we evolve past our evolutionary origins and achieve
a technologically advanced commonality of purpose, some-
thing far beyond our competitive instincts, we are doomed
to compete on the basis of factors embedded deep within
us, the same factors that play upon lions and hyenas, a
deep and persistent level of being spawned by the natural
world from which we were birthed ...

- - -