All Humans For All Humans ...
(Top Posts - Social/Legal - 022001)

All humans for all humans? More carrots, fewer sticks.

Wealth redistribution = more wealth for more people.

More wealth for more people = happier and wealthier
people and a more pro-human world.


Start at home and work from there. Get it right at home
and the world will follow.

Presidential platform (last posted November 28, 2000) ...

- Make the elimination of disease the #1 goal of the nation, not
the #1 health goal, not the #1 domestic goal, THE #1 goal of
the nation, with a priority exceeding the priority given to the
efforts to get to the moon in the 60s. By 2005, no more cancer,
no more heart disease, no more Alzheimer's, no more AIDS,
no more diabetes, no more disease for the human race!

- Replace "In God We Trust" on all currency with "In truth
we trust".

- Legalize drugs and regulate them on the same basis as alcohol;  
in conjunction with this step (which by the way will knock the
pants off some of the richest individuals in this country and in
the world; the drug lords), provide pamphlets similar to the
pamphlets provided with prescription drugs so that individuals
can decide for themselves if the drug is right or wrong for

- Outlaw drug testing; for jobs where performance and safety
are of primary concern, institute performance tests (see
proposals by the ACLU for details) that respect individual
rights while insuring public safety.

- Institute measures to replace "corporate and individual greed"
as the national god with a financial reward system by which
those who provide the optimum benefit for their fellow humans
gain the optimum benefit from society; provide optimum
incentive/reward for goodness, mercy, kindness, love, giving,
caring, nurturing, earth-optimizing occupations and companies;
reward companies that provide optimum benefits for their
employees with optimum benefits in government-related

- Eliminate the IRS; replace that travesty with a national sales
tax on non-essentials, escalating based on item sell price
(exclusions: food, clothing, shelter, education, medical,
interest income)

- Initiate a campaign to educate my fellow Americans on the
immoral nature of brainwashing children.

- Provide religious education in public schools, free of
indoctrination or proselytizing; know that our children should
know what christian history is, islam history, hindu history,
jewish history, buddhist history, etc. (all major faiths), being
that religion has been and continues to be one of the most
significant forces in the world; maintain/strengthen separation
of church and state

- Provide ethical education in public schools, free of religious
myth and free of moralistic overkill

- Initiate a space-based program to protect our planet from
*all* impacts, both NEOs (Near Earth Objects) *and*
infrequent / technologically difficult to detect objects - make
this the #1 priority for NASA

- Slash our nuclear stockpile down to a minimal level required
to deter potential terrorists, in conjunction with like elimination
of nukes by China and Russia; financial incentives to China
and Russia shall be used to induce them to put a lid on the
nuclear arsenals.

- Make our military machine lean/efficient/fast . . . make
development of non-lethals a TOP technological priority to
reduce death to civilians *and* combatants in future conflicts.

- Outlaw state murder.

- - - end platform - - -

As for detailed concepts on problems inherent in the current
world economy and ways to address those problems:

Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street from Wall Street
by Jeff Gates
Hardcover - 400 pages 1st edition (May 16, 2000)
Excerpt: " 'We've created a mean economy--a
sumptuous heaven for some, an ungodly struggle
for most, and a living hell for many,' writes Jeff
Gates in Democracy at Risk.

The United States, he says, suffers from 'affluenza.'
It is a democracy in name only: 'Who would vote for
a system in which just three Americans--Microsoft
cofounders Bill Gates and Paul Allen plus Berkshire
Hathaway's Warren Buffett--have a net worth larger
than the combined GDP of the forty-one poorest
nations and their 550 million people?'

What's more, American capitalism has been a global
disaster: 'The United States should begin this new
century of capitalism with a mea culpa. Our stature in
the world community would be much enhanced if we
simply concede what everyone already knows--that
our pell-mell worldwide pursuit of profit has been
accompanied by considerable human, political, and
ecological damage.'

And yet it would be wrong to call Democracy at Risk
a standard left-wing appraisal. Gates considers himself
a capitalist, and he calls for sharing the fruits of capitalism
with all workers through stock ownership.

Conservatives will regard Gates as a quasi Marxist with
his calls for imposing 'a capital commons user fee' on
international trade, a foreign policy whose main concern
is 'the worldwide alleviation of poverty' rather than national
security, and his near-obsession with concentrations of
wealth. ..."

- - -

One Market Under God : Extreme Capitalism, Market
Populism, and the End of Economic Democracy
by Thomas Frank
Hardcover - 352 pages (October 17, 2000)
Excerpt: "At last, a brave, witty dissent from the hype
and cant of the so-called New Economy! Thomas Frank's
One Market Under God is an astonishingly well-written
argument on behalf of American workers who have seen
their jobs disappear, their benefits cut, and their incomes
reduced in the name of the great global marketplace...

One Market Under God tells us what we won't read in
our glossy personal finance magazines, or hear on our
all-business channels: our economic elites finally are
getting their revenge for the New Deal, and have replaced
our sense of community with the values of one market,
under God."