Bees trained to be Friends of Freedom
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I saw a report on this on CBS News last
night. Simply amazing, the ease with which
a bee can be trained to react to a selected
odor by simply exposing it to the odor, and
feeding it sugar water, a process which
trains a bee in only 5 to 10 minutes. Once
trained, the bee reacts to the odor with fool-
proof accuracy.

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February 8, 2007

Sniffer bees in war on terror

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BEES could be used as the next weapon
to fight the war on terror ... a unique project
based on sniffer bees reacting to the scent
of explosives. ... to use the bee's incredible
sense of smell as a security measure.

Now the "black box" housing the bees could
be arriving at railfreight depots and even air-
ports and train stations in a year's time to
sniff out explosives ...

"When the trained bees detect the smell of
explosives they naturally react by sticking
out their tongues which is picked up on image
analysis software and converted into an alarm.
To rule out false alarms the software only re-
acts when all the bees stick out their tongues."

Each bee can recognise one smell and they
only take ten minutes to train, whereas sniffer
dogs take up to three months, which is why
the bees were chosen for the project.


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