Countering suicide/murder for god (allah)
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Excerpt at the end of an article from the Times, 031002:

"... Six months on from an attack deploying $5 box
cutting knives, the US may have an answer to Iraq, but
not to suicidal terrorism."

- - - end excerpt - - -

To eliminate or minimize the chances that a suicide
attacker (or groups of suicide attackers) would com-
mit mass murder in the name of god (allah), what are
our options, really?

1) Find 'em all and put them in jail or, if need be, engage
in mortal combat with death a likely option

2) Failing '1', convince them that their reasons for suicide-
mass murder are erroneous/unjust (i.e., diminishment of
their *motive* for suicide/mass murder)

3) Failing '2', convince them that living a humanistic life
is worthy and inconsistent with suicide-mass murder for
any imaginary being/cause (i.e., elevation of *motives* to
live in peace)

= = = How Are We Doing? = = =

On option '1', at least in Afghanistan, a bang-up job of
finding and imprisoning or killing a substantial number
of them, but the following problems remain, 1) a sub-
stantial number remain at large, 2) a substantial number
are present in many countries across the globe, 3) unless
the motivation for suicide/mass murder is obsoleted,
the core causality will remain and be taught generation-

- - -

On option '2', the U.S. and its allies has done nothing
(apart from option '1') to convince the islamic extrem-
ists that their motivation is unjust, unless you consider
calling "islam the religion of peace" as doing something.

Fact is, the islamic extremists and their sympathizers
don't consider islam the religion of peace. They consider
islam the religion of god (allah), humankind's true destiny,
their only chance at immortality/blessing from the absolute
be-all end-all of life, here and hereafter. So, needless to
say, the "islam is the religion of peace" campaign has all
the impact of an ant in the Atlantic ...

... "islam as religion of peace" does not faze the terrorists,
it only works as propaganda for those who wish to let
islam off the hook (when it comes to suicide/mass murder),
with the sole outcome being to counter those who reject
*all* religions, including christianity, because of the insanity/
anti-humanism they have provoked throughout history.

Another approach? Well, a congregation of muslim
leaders that calls for the focus of allah to be on honoring
islam by invoking jinns on the islamic extremists, that
might move 'em in some way ... but, unfortunately,
chances are that the islamic extremists would treat
such efforts as mere acts of the muslim leaders to
fool the true believers into following a false path.

Likewise, *any* non-islamic-extremist act within the
muslim community that works against the interests of
the islamic extremists is likely to be rejected by the
islamic extremists for they consider themselves to be
true to islam, dismissing all counter views as inspired
by anti-allah entities.

How about converting them to another religion, like
say christianity? Well then, that sounds warm and
fuzzy since there aren't too many christians walking
around suiciding/murdering for God these days.
However, in the context of islamic extremism, past
muslim-christian wars like the crusades, and past
horrors of christian faith/followers invoked upon
one another and on disbelievers and muslims, how
likely is it, really, that the islamic extremists would
convert to a religion they see as at the core of injustice
and their own problems in the world?

Well then, there's always hinduism and buddhism to
convert them to ... however, hinduism and islam do
not get along - see Pakistan-India history/current probs
for reference. Buddhism, now, perhaps we're getting
somewhere, although there is that problem with bud-
dhism having descended from hinduism.

Oh well, perhaps all we're left with on option '2' is
convincing them that perhaps, just maybe, dare we
say it, the ancient documents are mythical in nature,
all of them, equal in their deviation from verity, and
all the calls for martyrdom/suicide/murder/killing are
mere reflections of the insecurities and superstitions
of humans in ancient days, political and self-serving
manipulations reflecting social/cultural needs at the
times the stories were created, reflections of human-
kind, not reflections of a god (allah) or god (christian)
or gods/deities (hindu and other).

OK, that's a good first step, but maybe, just maybe, we
could titillate and interest the hopefully former devoted
"suiciders/mass murderers for allah" to take a look at
a better way than the ancient myths - see option '3' ...

- - -

On option '3', convince them that being pro-human is
of more worth/value/gain/reward than being pro-suicide/
pro-mass murder. How does one do that?

Well, for one, we cease bowing to gods/devils/heavens/
hells/faith in myths, and instead, demonstrate that we've
placed such things in our past. In other words, we set
an example for how humans can live a life of worth/
value/gain/reward without dependence on supernatural

Christians, one and all, would have to think like a former
islamic extremist, placing all humans and this life *first*,
and treating the ancient myths as just that, remnants of
our past, not controllers of our present and future.

Having accomplished that, we demonstrate our distaste
and distance from all religions which have, in the past,
used torture/mass murder to invoke the imaginary power
of a superbeing or superbeings on humankind. In other
words, we switch from being an "afraid of gods/hells/
demons/afterlife" species and we become one with total
responsibility for our fate on earth. We *stop* fearing
the god(s) ... We *start* loving ourselves, our humanity.

We adhere to and become rapturous in the knowledge
that no supposed overseer of any supposed continuance
worth living in would hold an admiration for the best and
most pleasurable life humans can enjoy against us.

We become a world of "all humans for all humans", living
in the now and knowing that in the now is our only certain
immortality, for now is all there ever is, all there ever has
been, all there ever will be, all that we can ever experience.

To wit, to detach the islamic extremists from *their* ver-
sion of immortality/god/fear, we must first set the example,
living as totally free and sentient beings in a naturalistic
world which can provide, with dedicated focus and unin-
hibited desire, inordinate pleasure and joy (responsibly
partaken in) as our primary reason for being ...

... and truly, for the first time in human history, fulfilling
*the best* of all that we can possibly be, at this time, on
this earth, in this life.

- - -