Love of All Humans for All Humans
via Economic Justice ...
(Top Posts - Social/Legal - 021801)

Parents, children, and economic circumstances
aren't objects on a chess board, to be controlled
based on sheer will of individuals.

We all are a reflection of the society/natural world
in which we find ourselves and currently, it's my
contention that our society is following the model
of ancient Rome, endeavoring to send as many
resources as our system can devise to the richest
individuals in our society.

That design is flawed and here's how you fix it.

First, you recognize we're all created equal. Not too
hard, that.

Second, you recognize that *reasonable* and *fair*
reward is to be had via pro-human and progressive
incentives, not anti-human greed and selfishness.

Third, you design a system that mates to 1 and 2.

Our current system, based on the flawed designs
of ancient Rome, does not and cannot, simply
because that design was part and parcel of getting
a vast number of people to work/enslave themselves
for the benefit of a few.

Stand next to Bill Gates. On any given day, please
explain to me how Bill Gates is (based on a 60 billion
[Bill Gates' approximate worth] to 60,000 reference)
worth 1,000,000 times more than a fairly successful
middle class American.

1,000,000 times more of the world's resources
are available to Bill Gates' on any given day than
are placed in the hands of a fairly successful middle
class American.

Make sense of that for me, anyone, the fact that the
current system supports that kind of inequity in resource
allocation based on the simple "reward of greed in the
lottery of life" formula.

As for each of our fates, reference the society/nature
comment I made above, and refer to the following for
an appreciation of how each of us fits into that picture
and how pro-human fairness and equity is just and best
for all of humankind:

We are all one ... with the cosmos. We flow through
life with the illusion of control, but with very little we
are actually in control of, on an absolute level, an
inevitable stimuli-response event/being in a vast
cosmos of time and space, inextricably linked to
one another and to our surroundings in which we
find ourselves.

Free will or absolute destiny?

Tricky, the difference between the illusion of free
will and free will as an absolute. If you think of the
now as an event equivalent to a snapshot of a wave,
with humans being surfers on the wave, perhaps
you can begin to consider the flow of events in
a different way.

At any point, there are a finite number of options
for any surfer on the wave, based on physical law.
I "choose" based on all stimuli prior to the now
point in the wave. I can no more divorce myself
from the prior points in the wave than I can
"choose" an option outside the finite number of
options existing in this now.

In other words, my illusion of "free choice" is
a result of all the previous stimuli in the "eternal"
wave (eternal in theory, known in theory at least
back to a point close to the big bang) and the
finite number of options presented at any now
point in the wave.

Put another way, given all the points in the
wave leading up to any now, that now can be
no different than it is because it is a result, not
a choice independent of the wave. It "feels"
free because of our limited processing power.

We cannot possibly begin to fathom the practically
infinite points in the "eternal" wave which led to
our experiential now, so we treat life with the
illusion of free will when we are really surfers on
the "eternal" wave, hanging ten, doing it over and
over again in an endless wave (endless in the
metaphorical sense as to a never-ending natural
cosmos [yet to be proven]).

Of course, we may not be around (upon death)
to observe the wave but the wave goes on (and
on and on ...) with or without us.

The neat way to look at this is that we can
"create" stimuli which impacts others in positive
and constructive ways and the fact that any
stimuli we "create" is understandable based on
a point in a wave does not alter the fact that we
can make a difference in the future of those
surfers riding the "eternal" wave. Humbling
that our "choice" to make a difference is, in
absolute terms, a result and not a creation
independent of the wave.

Paradoxical, the ability to impact the future
of surfers on the wave, the illusion of free will,
and the knowledge that any stimuli we "create"
is in absolute terms a result of a natural destiny.

The above statements - all the result of my
natural destiny (and any actions you take in
response to this post are actions that are part
of your natural destiny which now includes the
reading of this post - heavy, that, the knowledge
that we impact others in a real and substantive

Travel back in time (right before you read this
post). Reflect on the events up to this point in
reading this post. Extend your right arm and
slowly move your right hand until you touch
the tip of your nose.

Now, ponder the actions and thoughts you've
just experienced. What action did you take,
why did you take that action, and could you
have taken any different action, given the
stimuli provided you? In other words, in your
imagination, you could easily travel back in
time and take a different action, but no one
can travel back in time so, in essence,
whatever action you took, whatever action
you take at any point in the wave is inevitable
(based on all previous stimuli) and irreversible.

In an alternate universe or in a replay of all
events in this universe up to the end of the
previous paragraph, given the same exact
stimuli, the same exact eternal wave, if you
will, your illusion of your "choice" would
have been exactly the same, a result of all
the events prior to that (past) now.

As for the future, yes, we can use this now
in the wave to impact the future in a positive
or negative way, but we cannot divorce
ourselves from the knowledge that whatever
"choices" we make, they're the result of stimuli
(all actions prior to this point in the wave), not
a creation of something outside the wave.

Furthermore, that clearly reveals that we are not
independent individual entities acting as islands
in a storm, we are all one entity, interacting with
one another, impacting one another in a real
and meaningful way, stimuli-response beings,
and when one of us fails, we, all of us, are part
of that failure and when one of us succeeds, we,
all of us, are part of that success.

The ancient Roman concept that an elite
"deserves" more of the world's resources has
got to go, in my view.

Reasonable incentives for pro-human activity
are certainly acceptable and desirable, in a
cyclic manner in which pro-humanism begets
pro-humanism, but I assure you, no sane system
on earth can justify a system whereby one of us
can be rewarded 100,000 times more than another
of us, with said reward deemed desirable somehow
for if we didn't have the system constructed in
this exact manner ...

... somehow (so we are told) all of us would be
less well off (the theory that rewarding selfish
greed to the 'n'th degree, no matter how much
harm/inequity/injustice or anti-humanism results
from it, is the *best* system humans can devise).

Back to the whys and wherefores of our actions ...

To "freely choose" differently, some action taken
in the past, time travel is required. That part of the
wave has passed and cannot be changed - I submit
that that part of the wave is an inevitable result of
natural destiny, a result of all that has come before,
and could not logically be any different without an
alternate stimuli.

Let's ride that wave of life like there's no tomorrow
and use our now for the betterment of humankind.

My illusion of free will leads me to think I can make
a difference - fitting in with the wave theory, of course,
is the knowledge that we're all stimuli-response beings
and our determination to create stimuli which enhances
the chances of success for the many rather than the
few, that's what can lead us out of the dead end we,
all of society, has been headed towards since our
emergence from the caves of ignorance many millennia

Only recently, of note, have we begun to truly under-
stand our true place in the universe, and it is with that
level of understanding that I propose we can bring
about real and substantive change for the betterment
of all humankind.

All humans for all humans is the best, the only genuine
chance for most of humanity to truly be free in this, our
one and only sure shot at life, on this earth, at this time.