Past / Current Systemic Problems of Inequity / Inequality ... Democratic Solutions of Egalitarianism + Incentivism Based on Naturalistic Pro-Humanism
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Impact Until Now of Authoritarianism and Supernatural
Fantasies Which Most Cultures are Influenced By

The way most humans have lived until now? Most, even in
areas of the world apart from traditional religions, leveraged
off of belief in the supernatural or the result of long-lived
systems structured around the values found within ancient
superstitions, in varying degrees and ways, but with common
principles of believing some almighty authority exists (and
yes, communism as implemented in the Soviet Union was
structured based on an absolute authority of state totalitari-
anism). As for supernatural authorities, most act as if they (it)
exist(s) and interact(s) with naturalism in some supernatural
way, with rewards and punishments being bestowed in some
afterlife continuance.

How do those who live in a secular world deal with the super-
natural authoritarian fantasies in the current day?

Well, first off, a dichotomy exists, being that there are many
who insist on living within the realm of pretense and / or certi-
tude regarding ancient notions of a god thingie ... and many of
those are in charge of governments and positions of authority ...

... So, the rest of us, who recognize the absurdity and / or the
"make believe" nature of the god show, are faced with dealing
with all the pretense and choosing whether to treat it as worthy
(for them) and / or worthy (for us, in terms of "fitting in with
them" on some level) or unworthy (and just the way things are)
or unworthy (and there must be a better way).

Put another way, wouldn't a life (certain) with naturalism (certain)
and quest for longevity / pleasant existence based on tenets of
pro-humanism, in our one and only sure chance at it, merit con-
sideration and admiration? Wouldn't raising the value of the one
and only sure life experience for the many offer the best oppor-
tunity for the vast majority to live in joy, peace, happiness, and
security rather than with the current system of being entrapped
into work for either survival -or- as a way to try to scramble to
the top of a heap of misery, the way in which most live out their
lives of futility?

Does any billionaire merit admiration while hundreds of millions
are starving or suffering from diseases which could be cured /
treated if egalitarianism + incentivism was the credo humankind
lived by, a naturalistic state of being recognizing our common
humanity, our oneness of being, our equality?

Given all of the above, why, for the sake of all that is worth living
for is an inordinate focus placed on mundanity, conformity, sub-
mission to and perpetuation of authoritarianism and merely existing
in accordance with the dictates of those who are clueless about or
dismissive towards the factors detailed above, the failed policies
of inequity and inequality?

- - -

Problems With the Current System, the Status Quo,
the Way Things Are and the Way Things Have Been

Meanwhile, on 60 Minutes (U.S. TV show), a nurse was being
seduced to leave South Africa (after 20 successful years) to work
in America, for America could pay her 5 times what her salary was
in South Africa ... what's up with that?

She has worked as a nurse for 20 years and couldn't earn enough
to feed her family in South Africa? Yes, and this is a sad com-
mentary on the failure of capitalism, the inability of the "rich get
richer - poor get poorer - rest get by" to equitably deal with human
endeavor in such a way as to reward those who offer benefit to
humankind -and- to promote human welfare.

Even in America, she will receive substantially less compensation
than many involved in the "cranking-out-widgets" corporate world
which rewards greed over need, the most to the few rather than the
many, policies of "treating labor as a disposable commodity", and
all this benefiting inordinately ... you guessed it, the rich and power-
ful at the expense of all others who are disempowered and naught
but slaves to the system as it now exists.

- - -

This world is one crazy place, and don't get me started on all the
insanity / depravity that went on in Germany during WW II ...
doctors killing innocents and all bowing to some authority either
for fear of their own life or because just "going along" was the way
they had been raised (and, of course, there were those who were
evil-to-the-bone in that mix) ...

... and one must wonder, how different, psychologically and sys-
temically, are those who live chained to sycophantic following of
the way things are in the current day, really, when just "going along"
seems to be the path that most are influenced into following, when
actually thinking and opposing the status quo is held in low esteem ...

... when trying to find a better way to live out our one and only sure
chance at life is placed on the back burner of ...

... "let's not bother with that, we've got to follow / obey / conform /
merely exist no matter how mundane, ordinary, and divorced from
the actual nature of being is our requisite "work for a living" life --
our submission to the way things were and have always been, 'til
now, just do what is expected ... like ants ... like beings whose lives
are merely dictates of all that has gone before ... pointless and futile
journeys to nowhere, just following the dictates of all that flowed
down to us to this time ... submissive drones without a clue about
how to break free and really live as if this was our one and *only*
sure chance at life."

The inequitable reward for greed enslaves all forced to work within
such a system, placing us in little fiefdoms whereby the whims and
fancies of the capitalist ownership dictates the fates and a better part
of the lives of the laborers (including professional laborers) ... in
that system, it's often that esteem for human life (such as human
labor) is treated as a disposable entity rather than as one of the prime
factors determining the success or failure of the enterprise. Demo-
cracy is mocked by those forced to work in systems where your
only vote is to do as you're told -or- leave, for a large part of your
rights as a human being evaporate once you hit the workplace, in
corporations (businesses) so structured.

The laws to protect workers are under attack and have been for
many years via various methods such as threats that cheaper labor
(usually imported from outside the country) will be hired, lie
detector tests (in vogue but banned in the U.S. for all but security
reasons), drug tests (invasive and violations of the 4th amendment
tenet of "no illegal search and seizure"), pressure to work longer
than 8 hours (or else your job is at risk) in a substantial percentage
of corporate America, shifts to disposable contract labor to de-
crease the number of employees fully covered by ever-escalating
health care plans -as well as- adding a high degree of insecurity
and "do what I say - the way I say - or else" immorality to the

- - -

The current system demands / forces labor based on the edicts /
manipulative power of the richest and most powerful in the world,
with most of the benefits of said endeavors accruing to those least
in need.

South Africa, highest incidence of AIDS and great need for nurses
and doctors to help the sick. America (huge nurse shortage, nurses
working 12-hour shifts and some working 7 days per week, quality
of nursing care on the decline while doctors are swimming in money)
and other first world countries importing labor South Africa can ill
afford to lose which both harms South Africa health care -and- acts
to reinforce the inequity in remuneration for those nurses who are
underpaid (relative to other professional workers) in America.

Widgets over human welfare is what capitalism has wrought, for
it's the almighty dollar that is worshipped and whatever impact
that has on human welfare (including health care, job satisfaction,
families, and human fulfillment and self-actualization) is treated as
a non-issue unless it impacts the bottom line. Only then are humans
in the workplace dealt with as if they even exist on other than an
"employees-be-damned-controlled-manipulated-disposed of" basis.
Job protection in the U.S.? Not a corporate ideal, any longer, for
disposable labor is the credo American corporations live by these

The current system enslaves us to an inequitable and unfair assign-
ment of the most to the few and the leftovers to those who happen
to find a way to fit in somewhere, for the benefit of the few, in large
measure, and the remainder only in a manner required to enrich and
empower the few.

Today, over half the U.S. business equity is in the hands of the
top 1 percent - same for stocks, same for bonds. Not only owner-
ship, but power, control, and manipulation of the market and the
media are in the hands of a blessed elite whose primary motivation
(or interest, in no small measure due to the way the system is
constructed, as well as forces such as greed, avarice, and desire
to control others) is to hang onto and expand that power / wealth.

The insidiousness of the current system creeps into politics and
perpetuates itself by creating a government of the rich, by the rich /
for the rich, for to get elected, most politicians choose to schmooze
with and cater to the rich and powerful.

The next highest 9 percent are almost as well-off as the top 1 per-
cent, and the remainder of resources are parsed out amongst the
remaining 90 percent. If this formula is extrapolated world-wide,
it's even more disproportionate, with most living their lives out
on what's left after capitalism has sucked the wealth and power
up to the top tiers.

'Tis a formula that feeds on itself, the rich getting richer, the poor
barely surviving, if lucky, and the many doing what they are forced
to do to stay in the game (applicable to a large percentage, not

- - -

It's the System That's the Problem, the Way the Many
Are Forced to Work / Live for the Welfare of the Few

Surely, we can do better. We must stop the pretense, stop the
submission, stop doing what we are led to do merely because
someone told us we must do it. Do you have a right to life?
Absolutely. Do you have a right to food? Absolutely. Do you
have a right to tell the fascists trying to control you to shove it
up their you-know-what? Yes and no, for to do so is to risk your
livelihood, food, family, and everything that the current system
entraps you into working for in order to exist.

It's the system that's flawed, that needs to be changed to benefit
the many rather than the few, to esteem this life for the many
rather than abusing labor to support a lifestyle of the rich and
famous for the few.

If we value the right to life, happiness, pleasantness, then it's
about time we start living as if we do, stop marching in step
with the past, and start trying to make a difference and change
things for the better.

Value yourself and your fellow beings on earth, and know that
this earth, this universe, this life, is ours to share and care about
and we are not enslaved to follow the ways of the past, but are,
instead, empowered to change things for the better, to break free
of the enslavement of the status quo, to hold in the highest of
esteem the human ability to think and ponder a better way, a way
never before tried, a way to the future, to true freedom, to happi-
ness and pleasantness far removed from the shackles of past

- - -

A Better Way ... Egalitarianism + Incentivism
Based on Naturalistic Pro-Humanism in
Our One and Only Sure Chance at Life ...

Incentives to maximize the human welfare of all and fairly reward
those who exert extra in an economic system whereby pro-human-
ism is the optimum reward and efforts deleterious to human welfare
are dis-incentivized ...

How can one be more free than to go to bed with a full belly, guar-
anteed health care, educational resources, and the option / incentive
to gain a greater level only if one is seduced into doing so based on
the quality / worth to human welfare of the work rather than being
*forced* to do so under the "work or die / enrich-empower the
few at the expense of the many" system we currently are operating

Under egalitarianism + incentivism, human welfare is the prime
priority and the economy is structured to achieve that end, seducing
folks to work based on incentives, not demands, based on esteem
for the human need to max out our one and only sure chance at life,
not based on some fairy tale of "sacrifice is worthy 'cause your
reward comes in some afterlife".

Within the governmental capability to impact human welfare,the
following should be enacted: laws and incentives to replace "cor-
porate and individual greed" with a fair financial reward system by

1) those who provide the optimum benefit for their fellow humans
gain the optimum benefit from society; provide optimum incen-
tive / reward for goodness, mercy, kindness, love, giving, caring,
nurturing, human-optimizing / earth-optimizing occupations and

2) reward companies that provide optimum benefits for their
employees with optimum benefits in government-related interac-

3) assure all humans (as pertains to countries and, eventually,
as pertains to all countries on earth) have egalitarian remuneration
for the world's resources, maximized via incentivism, not capital-
ism, and shared in so that every individual has food, clothing
(where clothing is necessary for health), health care, education,
shelter, and the opportunity to be seduced into participation in
the economic system via fair incentives - these shall become the
basic human rights to be held in high esteem as opposed to the
greed, power, and corruption of the human spirit as is present
'neath the hammer of capitalistic exploitation of human labor

In an egalitarian + incentivized economy, basic humans needs
would be a human right and incentivization would be determined
by a combination of market forces -and- democratic consensus.

In an egalitarianism + incentives system, the top 1 percent would
be the most highly rewarded as a result of the fair implementation
of reasonable incentives, not encouragement of limitless exploitation
and greed as exists in the current system. More fairness, better life
for the many, and a greater focus on making the most out of this
life for the many rather than empowering / enriching the few at the
expense of the many, those are key.

- - -

How to We Get There From Here?

Recognize the problem and see above for solutions -or- just keep
going along with the system as is, ignoring the inequity and injustice
and satisfying yourself with the misguided notion that the way things
are is the best that they can be (noting that the rich, the promulgators
of the status quo, and their supporters delight in that notion for it fur-
thers their riches, their power, and their control over the vast majority
influenced or forced to enslave themselves to the system as it now

The changes may be derived from leadership in democratic systems
which utilizes the principles iterated above, and which may be insti-
tuted via approval of the citizenry voting for persons and political
parties which have solicited enough support to garner the political
clout necessary to impart the changes required.

Will human nature allow such changes to take place?

Absolutely, as human nature is impacted by the systems in which
it operates, and to date, the inequities and unfairness are merely a
perpetuation of sociological / cultural / religious / superstitious
fantasies which have led humankind to grind out a living and submit
to the substitute gods on earth (as endowed via ancient notions of
authoritarianism, hierarchy, and inequity as being god-inspired) in
hope for a better afterlife -rather than- recognizing that the most
estimable way to live is to make certain that this one and only sure
chance at life is maxed out for the welfare of the many, for the
values to be gained from a community of all humans for all humans.