Future Shock ... Will Humans / Trans-Humans /
Post-Humans be Religious?

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Future Shock ... Will Humans / Trans-Humans /
Post-Humans be Religious?


Future Shock 2 ... Decrease in Religious Devotion?

Future Shock 3 ... Humankind / Religion /
Society --- Compressed Evolution?


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At the current time ...

In some societies, especially Islamic theocracies,
almost all profess some degree of belief in God(s) /
Allah. As portrayed in the movie Contact, despite
our knowledge of naturalism, the overwhelming
majority of humans are vulnerable to superstition
and the concept of God(s) / Allah ...

... So, a valid question is "If changes to human nature
(and to what a human is, perhaps becoming a symbiotic
bio-mechanical being) occur, will the result be 1) more
religion, 2) no impact on how humans / trans-humans /
post-humans feel about religion, or 3) less religion"?

Reference to possible changes to human nature:

Excerpt: "Life in 2015 will be revolutionized by the growing
effect of technology across all dimensions of life: social,
economic, political, and personal," a recent Rand National
Defense Research Institute report for the National Intelli-
gence Council says. "The results could be astonishing."
(end excerpt)

"Astonishing" -- "across all dimensions of life" -- if true,
that certainly would lead one to at the very least suspect
that one of the most personal aspects of being human,
-- belief/distance from belief in God(s) / Allah -- will be
impacted, but in what way, and when? Certainly, religion
has not been significantly diminished since the age of
reason and enlightenment took a large bite out of it ... is
there something unique or special about exponentially
advancing science and technology that will at some point
result in the dramatic decline of traditional religions?

Let's look ahead, way past 2015, to 2050 ...

First off, longevity / mortality issues. If humans are able
to dramatically extend life, reduce mortality, and all-but
take over the functions which are attributed to God(s) /
Allah, then the immortality import and "Truth(tm)" of the
God(s) / Allah show will be lessened, as well as all the
fundie claims regarding an ancient holy document (such
as the bible or quran or vedas) being the word of God(s) /

Second, and very important to keep in mind, the changes /
alterations which will create the trans-humans or post-
humans will be under the control of the scientific com-
munity. What are most scientists? Atheists / agnostics.
Why would atheists / agnostics make any alterations which
would support or predispose trans-humans or post-humans
to superstition?

Third, something not addressed in the article at issue, an
aspect of advances in science that may directly impact
the way humans view our place in the cosmos ...

... If humans can comprehend our place in the cosmos as
a minute part of an all-but incomprehensible whole, a being
existing totally within the parameters of naturalism ...

... If science advances to the point where planets in near-
by solar systems are discovered which exhibit signs of
life (and we're close, there, with projects in the works to
detect said planets by 2010) and if those signs lead to
the suspicion that intelligent life may be there ...

... If advances in superstring and succeeding theories
demonstrate convincingly that a totality of perpetual natur-
alism is, by far, the only rational explanation for all that ever
has been, is, or ever will be (reference the following article
and the articles linked to in that series of posts) ...

Universe(s) Origin(s) Preface
"... If 'unknown and explorable' is the choice of
those who, despite deistic/theistic backgrounds,
wish to explore and learn about the universe with
an open mind, I commend those folks and pro-
vide this series of posts to expand the scope of
knowledge regarding that which is possible within
the parameters of a naturalistic cosmos. ..."

... Then, regardless of the trans-humans and post-humans
consequences, the core reason for religion and belief in
God(s) / Allah (that being an explanation, however super-
ficial / superstitious / ancient / absurd, for unknowns and
for human existence) will evaporate.

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