Future Shock 2 ... Decrease in Religious
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Post-Humans be Religious?


Future Shock 2 ... Decrease in Religious Devotion?

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Society --- Compressed Evolution?


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Certainly, there is plenty of logic and reason to support
the position that the radical exponential advances (refer-
enced in the following post) are likely to cause a decrease
in religious devotion, if they occur as iterated:

Before listing that logic and reason, a moment to consider
negative ramifications of technology which can be (and
unfortunately, all too often has been) used in a negative

The opportunities for human advances iterated in the
following reflect a cup almost full ... however, that almost
full cup could be almost full of devastating nanobots or
bacteriological devastation (yikes). Rather than doom
and gloom, it's only to the positive side, the hopeful
side, of technology that I speak.

For doom and gloom, see religious prognostications
of the "end times" ... or possibilities of naturalistic
calamities (well, enough of that, let's see what may
take place to counter many of the downsides of exist-

The following applies to possibilities. To adequately
assess the ramifications of the following, a weight of
probability ... an educated guess ... might be helpful.

I've put what I hope will happen in parenthesis ( ) and
what I think the probabilities are that they will happen, by
2050, in brackets [ ], at the end of each "if" statement ...

As you will see, I'm very hopeful and very optimistic when
it comes to what I would like to see happen and what I per-
ceive is the likelihood that they will happen. I do admit that
my hope / optimism colors my perception of actual proba-
bility. I also admit that I'm impatient for these things to oc-
cur, and that colors my perception, especially when I run
across futuristic articles detailing the likelihood of a positive
future for humans / trans-humans / post-humans.

If origins become comprehensible, with theories that are
not yet validated, demonstrating beyond the shadow of
a reasonable doubt that nature is unbounded and ever-
lasting, that our particular space-time continuum is neither
unique or alone, that the cosmos has always existed and
will always exist ... (100) [60]

If the method by which life originated is determined, clearly
demonstrating its naturalistic origins ... (100) [70]

If diseases are conquered ... (100) [98]

If intelligent life (or complex multi-cellular life) is found,
either in our own solar system or far from it ... (100) [80]

If the basic functioning of the human brain and conscious-
ness is understood and created, in a manner that results
in the creation of a purely mechanical or bio-mechanical
being that is as capable or more capable of sentience,
sensitivity, stimuli-response, pure intellectual capacity,
and ongoing sentience as are present-day humans ...
(100) [70]

If humans are capable of transferring and extending them-
selves into symbiotic multi-telligence and virtual immortality
capabilities ... (100) [60]

If science advances to the point whereby all human inter-
actions can be understood, mathematically and physio-
logically, to be a result of genes + stimuli + random brain
activity ... (100) [80]

Then, what role will religions play? In other words, if hu-
mans develop the capability to comprehend the origins
of time, matter, energy, life, and develop the ability to
create and control life itself, overcoming a definite mor-
tality and a short finite lifespan, then ... what is left for
religions or God(s) or prophets? Humankind will have,
in essence, become one with nature, divorced from
most of the promises and threats of ancient myths,
and the primary remaining challenge would be areas
such as ...

Control of the entirety of nature itself, overcoming the
part of nature external to humans, countering the dele-
terious impacts of asteroids, comets, supervolcano
eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes,
and the like. ...

Beyond all that, actually mastering the intricacies of
extending human / trans-human / post-human presence
throughout vast regions of space and time ... but that's
a challenge for the 22nd century and beyond ...

Really, all of the above is likely to happen -if- humans
don't suffer from the horrific consequences of war,
natural disasters, or human-induced catastrophe ...
perhaps, 2050 is too early, and it won't be 'til 2100
or later, but some day, some way ... and hey, what
about actual contact with intelligent life from another
solar system - galaxy - universe -- what would happen,

Same deal, glass mostly full, but what's in the glass,
that's the key ...