God Bless America?
Solicitation (and brief analysis)
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Just wondering, do we have any musical / writing
talent out there that has thought up -or- might be
inclined to think up a song that endorses America
in a manner respective of freedom and liberty for
all, without the submission to an almighty being /
entity / code-word for absolute authority called

If so, please submit your song (or write one) either
for public observation (caution - that can be very
ego deflating) -or-, if you wish, to me via email. As
the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and
while not one to jump on the "God Bless America"
bandwagon, I would be supportive of a musical
effort that somehow superceded that God-steeped
value system with a more inspiring, more inclusive
artistic work, a "new patriotism" for a modern age,
if you will.

Suggestions - respect for naturalism, freedom, lib-
erty, secularism, our common humanity, our shared
values of esteem for human rights, our shared dis-
dain of terrorism and tyranny, and no deities / no
religions / no calls for forces outside of ourselves
to control our destinies ...

- - -

Of note, superceding "God Bless America" is
quite challenging since that song issues a call to
the epitome of all religious faith, assuming it exists
and is a manipulatable power, followed by a word
which implies that merely by invoking its name
you can control its actions, and tying those all-
powerful ideologies into America as if God and
America were one in the same ...

On the other hand, realizing that the islamic ex-
tremists also utter likeminded calls to God, a
God of a world of islam rather than a God of
America, it would seem that should provide
some fodder for a song that puts as much dis-
tance between America and God as possible
without offending the pro-God crowd, of course.

But then again, John Lennon's "Imagine", not a
fave of the deeply religious, does serve as a strong
reminder that music can inspire and lead in a way
whereby God is not a part of the equation ... it
would be difficult to spin John's effort as an Amer-
ican patriotic endeavor, however, since living in
a world of peace is generally not thought of as
all that inspirational during the battles of war, even
though peace is the end goal of our war efforts.

It is unfortunate, but nevertheless true, that when
war is thrust upon a free society, the only choice
is to win the war or bow in appeasement to the
aggressor, and win this war we must, for our very
lives, as well as our freedom and liberty and the
future of democracy, are at stake at this pivotal
moment in the history of humankind.

- - -