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129. Video aims to stop diabetes bullying Video
"... Setting the Record Straight, which is aimed at 
teaching children and young people the truth about
Type 1 Diabetes ... anti-bullying viral video is a
different way of letting young people know more
about Type 1 diabetes and helping them understand
that other young people with the condition should
not be singled out or victimised ... What we really
need to do is to raise the awareness around children
with Type 1 diabetes ... It is still quite a misunder-
stood condition. There are still a lot of myths and
misconceptions and downright discrimination. ...

128. Personal Note -- Drivers License Revocation 
"The following, the first of many posts I made
from April 28, 2009 -to- June 5, 2009 regarding
type 1 diabetes, changes to my insulin regimen,
the addition of blood glucose monitoring/testing,
possibilities regarding continuous glucose monitors,
and the psychological impacts of dealing with all
this. ...

127. President Obama Ends Bush Ban on
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding 
"... President Obama signed an executive order
Monday repealing a Bush-era policy that limited
federal tax dollars for embryonic stem cell research.
... Obama also signed a presidential memorandum
establishing greater independence for federal
science policies and programs. ...

126. Eyewitness: How Accurate Is Visual
"... A human is influenced to believe something
is true, and even when contradictory evidence
is present, once that truth decision has been
committed to, most cling to it as if  it was real. ...

125. World's Tallest Human-Made
"... Over half a mile tall, the current record holder
is the Burj Dubai (2,684 feet) ... The Kuwaiti
government is about to break ground on the City
of Silk, a designed-from-scratch metropolis on
the Tigris and Euphrates river delta with a 3,284-
foot tower as its centerpiece. ...

124. How Religious Is Your State?
"... Some of the perceived cultural difference
between 'red states' and 'blue states' comes
down to religiosity. Note that nine of the 10
most religious states went for McCain, and
nine of the 10 least religious states went for

123. President Obama's Inaugural
Address -- Science, Disbelief, Islam 
... 'We will restore science to its rightful place'
... 'We are a nation of Christians and Muslims,
Jews and Hindus - and non-believers.' ... 'To
the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward' ..."

122. Employment protection for persons
with serious medical problems (011309)
... people with diabetes will no longer face
a Catch 22 in which they can be denied a
job explicitly because of their diabetes – but
then told they don't have the right to fight this
discrimination in court because they take such
good care of themselves ...

121. Merry Mithrasmas (and Merry Saturnalia,
and Merry Juvenalia) (122508)
'Christ'mas, merely reflecting replacement of
pagan myths with christian ones ...

120. Active State Medical Marijuana Programs
As the federal government continues its insane
campaign to imprison drug users, there is a little-
noticed (by many) 'rebellion' occurring across
the country ...

119. Declaration of Independence :
5 references to 'the Creator'? (112008)
"... The word 'Christian' does not appear in the
Declaration of Independence -or- in the Consti-
tution ... 5 Declaration of Independence refer-
ences to unspecified higher power -- 'nature's
God' ... 'their Creator' ... 'Supreme Judge' ...
'Divine Providence' ... 'sacred honor' ..."

118. Suggestion for Obama (111408)
"... rather than trying to mimic Bush in your
endeavor to perpetuate the Bush faith based
initiative, something that Republicans did 
simply because they were beholden to evan-
gelicals and the christian wrong, notice that
religion is on the decline. ..."

117. Faith-Based Initiative Test (110908)
"For those considering the Obama version of 
the Bush faith-based initiative program, you
have a decision to make ... "

116. Percentages for Obama & McCain
among selected groups (110808)
"Note, an exact split is not given for
all categories, so in those cases where
only one result is given, it's assumed
that the opponent approximated the
remaining percent minus 2% ..."

115. Some Details on Obama's Historic Victory Video
(110508 to 110608)
"Barack Obama, a 47-year-old first-term senator
from Illinois, shattered more than 200 years of
history Tuesday night by winning election as the
first African-American president of the United
States. ..."

114. Women in Red
"... Men rated a woman shown in photographs as
more sexually attractive if she was wearing red
clothing or if she was shown in an image framed
by a red border rather than some other colour ... "

113. Startling Revelation: Iraq Surge Myth
"The following, mentioned that 'highly clas-
sified operations' involving 'newly devel-
oped techniques and operations' are respon-
sible for the drop in violence in Iraq. ..."

112. Norman Thomas, Socialism, Prosperous
Market Economy (082908)
"... The Social Welfare State, beyond Ideology -- Are
higher taxes and strong social 'safety nets' antagonistic
to a prosperous market economy? The evidence is now
in ... In strong and vibrant democracies, a generous social-
welfare state is not a road to serfdom but rather to fairness, 
economic equality and international competitiveness."

111. Barack Obama's Historic Speech Accepting
the Democratic Nomination for President 
"... We meet at one of those defining moments
 - a moment when our nation is at war, our
economy is in turmoil, and the American
promise has been threatened once more. ..."

110. Al Gore Urges U.S. Energy Revolution
to Save the U.S. -and- Human Civilization 
"In short, Al Gore states that the survival
of the U.S. -and-, ultimately, the entire
world is at risk due to the consequences
of the U.S. and world's reliance on ever-
increasing usage of carbon-emitting fuels
which are contributing to economic, eco-
logical, and national security crises which
will only worsen -if- drastic measures aren't
taken in the very near future. ..."

109. Patriotism (070408 to 072008)
"... The DoI mentions 'their Creator', not 
'the Creator'. As humankind has learned
since then, 'their Creator' is at least a result
of a multi-billion year process entailing the
totality of naturalistic events and evolution
in this particular universe we happen to
find ourselves in. ..."

108. World is happier, but baby boomers
bummed out? (063008)
"... happiness has been on the rise around
the world in recent years, a new survey
finds. ... Boomers are tired, overworked,
strapped, bummed out and don't expect to 
get a break. ..."

107. George Carlin dead! (062308)
"Some George Carlin, in memoriam:
'The whole problem with this idea of
obscenity and indecency, and all of these
things _ bad language and whatever _ it's
all caused by one basic thing, and that is:
religious superstition.' ..."

106. New Hope to 'cure' type 1 & 2 diabetes?
"... If your pancreas fails you, go with your 
gut. Inserting a gene into gut cells in mice
enabled those cells to take over the pan-
creas's job, producing insulin after meals ..."

105. Chinese earthquake and Burma cyclone
death tolls over 120,000 (052708)
"... The present-day risks of large death tolls
due to naturalistic events is statistically speak-
ing at an all-time high, due to over 6.7 billion
people being on the planet. ..."

104. Most imprisoned population in the world?
"The United States of America. A substantial 
percentage of that population is caused by the 
insane drug war on Americans (which accounts,
due to direct drug offenses, for about 1/5th of 
state prisoners and about one-half of federal 
prisoners, not including all the prisoners/crime
indirectly resulting from the drug war on Amer-
icans). ..."

103. US religious identity is rapidly changing
the United States is in the midst of a period
of unprecedented religious fluidity, in which 44 
percent of American adults have left the denom-
ination of their childhood for another denomina-
tion, another faith, or no faith at all. ..."

102. Speaking of Heaven in 2008 ...
"Pertaining to interests of a sensual kind, here
are some of the best picts (IMO) from the
Sports Illustrated 2008 swimsuit issue ..."

101. 9 Dead in Omaha mall shootings
"... Condolences to all those impacted by this
tragedy. ..."

100. "Safest" Vehicles rise from 13 -to- 34
"... The institute [Insurance Institute of Highway
Safety] requires new cars and trucks to have
electronic stability control, or ESC, to qualify
for the award. Many auto companies are putting
the anti-rollover technology into their fleets
ahead of a government requirement for the sys-
tems by the 2012 model year. ..."

99. Southwest Airlines Fashion Police
"... I remember a day, not too long ago in my mind,
when Southwest Airlines presented stewardesses
attired in 'hot pants' and when 'sex' was part of their
pitch to attract customers. Now, as evidenced from
the following article, a cute chick in a mini-skirt is
enough of an affront to attempt to get her kicked
off of a Southwest Airlines flight. ..."

98. Pot Politics -- NBA compared to NFL
(072007 to 072307)
"... Drug prohibition, end it. Drugs, regulate
and distribute them to adults. Patrick Henry
quote : "Give me liberty, or give me death",
should inspire us to find a much better way
of dealing with usage of substances than we
have to-date."

97. Christian activists disrupt Hindu prayer
in US Senate (071307)
" 'They say they want more religion in the public
square, but it's clear they mean only their religion,'
Americans United Executive Director Rev. Barry
W. Lynn, said. 'America is a land of extraordinary
religious diversity, and the Religious Right just can't 
seem to accept that fact," Lynn said. "I don't think 
the Senate should open with prayers, but if it's go-
ing to happen, the invocations ought to reflect the
diversity of the American people.' ..."

96. Joss Stone : "Put Your Hands On Me" Video
Saw Joss Stone on Carson Daly last night, 
performing this song. Hot, barefoot, sexy
babe. Mid-thigh one-piece blouse-skirt, 
assorted pick & green horizontal stripes,
mostly, with blue and light yellow. And that
song, now that's every woman-lover's ideal
of one aspect of what a woman can -and-
should be. Wow. ..."

95. Sex Wants to be Free? (060407)
... Law enforcement agencies are investigating
virtual crimes. ...

94. Work / Alcohol / Drugs (060107 to 060307)
... alcohol prohibition bombed and was tossed
out, after much misery and suffering and rejection
by the American public, said tossing out led by
a group of religious women who could clearly
see that prohibition was causing far more harm
than good. Would that a group of citizens, in the
modern day, clearly see that drug prohibition ...
[is] one of the biggest f*ckups in American history,
one that we should toss out ...

93. Human embryonic stem cell breakthrough
brings hope for diabetes cure (052607)
HUMAN embryonic stem cells can be
transformed into pancreatic cells that 
produce insulin, offering the potential to
cure diabetes, researchers say.

92. Million Dollar Baby (052307)
If you're the type to cry at movies,
bring several buckets, you'll need them
as this movie transitions from
hope and
glee to the depths of
despair and gloom.

91. Military & Police of the future : more
pain, less death? (022707)
"... We've just invented a weapon that fires a
beam of searing pain. ... The feeling is an illu-
sion. No one is harmed. The beam's energy
waves penetrate just one-sixty-fourth of an
inch into your body, heating your skin like
microwaves. They inflame your nerve endings
without actually burning you. This could be the
future of warfare: less bloodshed, more pain. ..."

90. Bees trained to be Friends of
Freedom (022607)
"... BEES could be used as the next weapon
to fight the war on terror ... a unique project
based on sniffer bees reacting to the scent
of explosives. ... to use the bee's incredible
sense of smell as a security measure. ..."

89. Speaking of Heaven in 2007 ...
"Pertaining to interests of a sensual kind, here
are some of the best picts (IMO) from the
Sports Illustrated 2007 swimsuit issue ..."

88. Popular First Names (Social Security
Database, 1880 to 2005) (121606)
- - -
- - -

87. Good News for coffee drinkers
who drink alcoholic beverages (061206)
"... A large study found that one cup of
coffee per day cut the risk of alcoholic
cirrhosis by 20 percent. Four cups per
day reduced the risk by 80 percent. ..."

86. Long Past Time for Type 1 Diabetes
Cure, in memory of Ina Swedler (022306)
"Isn't it long past time that reports of hoped
for "cures" 10 years in the future are the only
hope (for a cure) that type 1 diabetics have?
*** YES *** ..."

85. Quality of Life -- type 1 diabetes (011706)
"A setback for the 'tight control = longer life
for those who don't die from trying to do it'
crowd? ... so-called "tight control", at least
in heart patients, doesn't appear to be all
that the diabetic establishment has made
it out to be ..."

84. Type 1 diabetes results in drastic
reduction in quality of life and life span ... (011706)
"Under the *worst* of circumstances, it results
in death, or serious handicap, early in life, or
in the prime of life, or prematurely in mid to late
middle age."

83. World's Tallest High-Rises (present
& future) -- Top 20 (121105)
"1. Madinat al-Hareer Tower (proposed)
3,284 feet (250 floors) ...
Madinat al-Hareer, Kuwait ...
2. Lotte World II Hotel (proposed)
2,625 feet (200 floors) ...
Seoul, South Korea ...
3. Burj Dubai (under construction ...)
2,313 feet (160 floors) ...
Dubai, United Arab Emirates ..."

82. Hurricane Horror about to devastate
New Orleans? (082805)
"... for some, the futility of depending on
supernatural powers/forces/being or beings
will appear to be self-evident at moments
like this ... with a horrific hurricane about
to strike New Orleans (or nearby). For
others, while viewing said dangers as apart
from the control of other-worldly entities,
they reference other-worldly entities as a
helper or rescuer in facing danger. ..."

81. American Capitalism - Inequality
- Injustice (070905)
"... How much injustice will Americans
tolerate? What is the 'breaking point',
the point at which Americans say
'enough is enough', that the American
government is abusing its powers to
such an extent that it no longer is
worthy of following? ..."

80. The Pro-Cure Movement (060105)
"... The moral case is that tossing embryos
into trash bins is abominable when said
embryos (with full consent of individuals
wishing to actively contribute to cures for
a whole host of human maladies) could
contribute to research into ameliorating
and ideally eliminating the suffering of
sentient beings. ..."

79. Christians Miraculously Saved in
Tsunami? (021605)
"... If there is no god, everything that happened
during the recent horrific tragedy is explainable
by the facts regarding our naturalistic existence
in a naturalistic realm, including the following ..."

78. One Nation, Divisible Under God (011405)
"For 45 years the Pledge of Allegiance has
included a mention of the Almighty. Atheist
Michael Newdow is suing for removal. ..."

77. God versus the Pope (embryos and stem
cell research)
"God: 80% of fertilized human eggs abort by act
of God by week 12, apart from human intervention,
if you believe God wills that to occur ... Pope (re-
cent pronouncement) ... whatever violates the integ-
rity and the dignity of the embryo is ethically inadmis-

76. Death, the tsunami, and (for believers) God
"... with a quick glance at the leading causes of
death in 2001, one can easily grasp how the
deaths caused by this tsunami rank very low rela-
tive to other causes of death. If focused on deaths
of children in developing countries, it's clear that
the greatest risk is being born, with ~2,375,000
deaths occurring due to perinatal conditions ..."

75. Tsunami Reactions of Fear, Faith Doubt,
Clerics, Beyond Belief (010305)
Fear - 'Run, the sea is coming!' ... Faith
Doubt - Tsunami disaster challenges faith ...
Clerics - God's Tsunami role has clerics
divided ... Beyond Belief - A human strategy
for survival ..."

74. Some stories of tsunami survival ...
... amongst the widespread carnage, said survival
attributable to aspects of being entailing naturalism,
education, human experience, intuition, and a quality
most often referred to as 'good luck' and 'good for-
tune'. ..."

73. Eco-Disaster, or God's Wrath? (010105)
... For those who are unfamiliar with the percep-
tions of God (and Gods) in India, the way in which
some perceive their God/Gods might sound familiar
even though the views are from a different perspec-
tive than those which predominate in the west. ..."

72. Some views on God -and- the tsunami
... Belief in an all-powerful God does, for
many believers, inevitably lead to the attri-
bution of God being involved in mass death. ..."

71. Seeking the Hand of God in the
Waters? (010105)
Believe it or not, in the following article, some
religious followers (a Jewish Rabbi and a Chris-
tian) have stated that God did it to spite the
world (Jewish Rabbi's view) or to spite non-
Christians (view of a Christian). ..."

70. Questions Regarding Military
Action in Iraq (032203)
For folks who, for reasons of morality / philosophy /
politics, are in favor -or- opposed -or- ambivalent
regarding U.S. and coalition partners using military
action in Iraq, excerpts from a Donald Rumsfeld news
conference today, presented in the form of questions ..."

69. Saddam - Iraq (031903)
17 Reasons to Vanquish Saddam's Totalitarian
Regime ... Iraq -- Risks / Consequences of Action /
Inaction ..."

68. So What's Up With the GW Bush
Promotion of Religion Campaign? (013003)
If it's not one religious notion GW is trying to
get the government to sleep with, it's another.
The latest, in his State of the Union address?
Well, religion to solve the supposed drug prob-
lem, but of course. The fact that the overwhelm-
ing majority of drug users are already religious
fails to register in the President's presumed no-
tion that religion is an overwhelming force for
'good' ..."

67. Twisting/Abusing Religion Causes
Religious-Inspired Anti-Humanism? (011903)
"The seeds for religious-inspired christian and
islamic anti-humanism comes direct from their
foundational documents, no twisting/abusing
required. ... all the 'good' that religious entities
do, all the apologetics they engage in, all the
selective scripture ignoring, does not atone for
all the 'evil' inspired by the persisting ancient
foundational religious anti-humanism."

66. Breaking It Down -- disbelief/belief
in the assorted versions of the supposed
God or Gods of the universe (011803)
For folks who think 'most' people believe in
'God', they toss almost every religious concept
they can think of into that word. However, the
facts don't support that notion. ... Another way
of looking at it is that there's a whole lotta dis-
belief (or lack of belief) going on when it comes
to the assorted versions of the supposed God
or Gods of the universe ..."

65. Much Ado About Marriage (111902)
Should one marry anyone? Marriage is a legal
agreement ... choosing a pair partner (or partners)
is a risky adventure and should be carefully thought
out in order to minimize risk and maximize chances
for mutual bliss, knowing full well that what tickles
the fancy of your partner(s) today may very well not
last near as long as the "... and they lived happily
ever after ..." fairy tales most were raised with. ..."

64. Future Shock 3 ... Humankind / Religion /
Society --- Compressed Evolution? (110402)
... the future is unknown, and the only approach
(to the future of humankind / religion / society )
that is logically and reasonably available is one
which contemplates and predicts based on
possibilities, probabilities, and an attempt to
understand human behavior. ..."

63. Future Shock 2 ... Decrease in Religious
Devotion? (110302)
... The opportunities for human advances
iterated in the following reflect a cup almost
full ... Rather than doom and gloom, it's only
to the positive side, the hopeful side, of tech-
nology that I speak. ..."

62. Future Shock ... Will Humans / Trans-Humans /
Post-Humans be Religious? (110302)
... If changes to human nature (and to what
a human is, perhaps becoming a symbiotic
bio-mechanical being) occur, will the result
be 1) more religion, 2) no impact on how
humans / trans-humans / post-humans feel
about religion, or 3) less religion? ..."

61. Why 'one nation indivisible, with freedom and
justice for all' -and- 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit
of Happiness' ... (072702)
... are ideals worthy of our national pledge, our
national motto, and the esteem of Americans: ..."

60. The Case for 1st Amendment Exclusion of
Under God in Public School -and- One Nation
Under God (inspired by the bible) (063002)
... What does that One Nation Under God phraseology
mean, to most folks, do you think? Of interest, words
can be defined in all sorts of ways. One of the definitions
of God, for example, is "a very handsome man". Another
is "a powerful ruler or despot". Few would argue that
One Nation Under God is referring to those particular
definitions, at least one would hope not. ..."

59. Ruling on statute requiring daily recitation of
the Pledge of Allegiance including the phraseology
One Nation Under God (062602)
... Clearly, supporting, by statute, a teacher reciting
and soliciting students to recite, daily, a pledge to
'one Nation, under God' in schools is just as violative
of the 1st amendment as is legislating the speaking of
a daily school prayer or posting of the 10 command-
ments or reciting a daily holy writ of any faith or a
daily anti-holy writ of any non-faith. ..."

58. Past / Current Systemic Problems of Inequity / Inequality
... Democratic Solutions of Egalitarianism + Incentivism
Based on Naturalistic Pro-Humanism (061302)
... Under egalitarianism + incentivism, human
welfare is the prime priority and the economy
is structured to achieve that end, seducing
folks to work based on incentives, not demands,
based on esteem for the human need to max out
our one and only sure chance at life, not based
on some fairy tale of -sacrifice is worthy 'cause
your reward comes in some afterlife-. ..."

57. Genes, Violence, Love, Egalitarianism
The following offers interesting background on gen-
etic theories of human behavior, not really touching
on how those origins translated themselves into the
sophisticated forms of culture, languages, and memetic
activity (among the most prominent being religions)
present in current societies, but nevertheless offering
tempting tidbits which might lead one to ponder what
the naturalistic consequences of evolution would be
on a species which has had to literally fight for its very
survival for the better part of its long harsh struggle
against death. ..."

56. Countering suicide/murder
for god (allah) (031102)
To eliminate or minimize the chances that
a suicide attacker (or groups of suicide attackers)
would commit mass murder in the name of god
(allah), what are our options, really? ..."

55. Lottery of Life (030502)
"... a what's-his-name-Lay or a Bill Gates receives
an enormous life benefit beyond that which you or
yours might ever dream of, and legal (or, at least,
legal to the extent they can get away with it) in the
current system, but morally/ethically/logically/rea-
sonably ... How much food/clothing/shelter/control/
power (commonly perceived as money) should any
person A receive beyond any person B, on this
planet, in this universe? ..."

54. Speaking of Heaven in 2002 ...
"Pertaining to interests of a sensual kind, here are
some of the best picts (IMO) from the Sports
Illustrated 2002 swimsuit issue (Red Hot in Latin

53. Ralph Nader on 'The Daily Show'
... The whole system of trust and watchdogism
has collapsed, and guess who pays the penalty,
obviously, it's the working stiff, the pension holder,
the small investors 'cause the big guys sold out
ahead of time. ..."

52. DEA Marijuana Madness (111101)
... there are states that have voted for medical
marijuana, helping thousands of sick people relieve
their pain and suffering from terrible diseases, and
lo and behold, in the midst of our burgeoning war
against terrorism, 30 DEA agents close down a
resource center in an otherwise legal marijuana for
medical purposes clinic in Los Angeles, a clinic
operating openly and in accordance with the laws
of California, voted and approved by California
citizens. ..."

51. To Value This Life ... (110501)
I implore you, I beg you, one and all, of all faiths
in magic beings, STOP with the delusions, STOP
with the acts of slavery to things that exist only in
the human imagination, STOP inflicting humankind
with things that were nothing but concoctions of
ancients inflicted upon children and passed on,
generation after generation, to us, one and all, in
the present day. ..."

50. "Official" Moment of Silence in Secular
Schools (103001)
With the 'official' moment of silence thing, present
in some secular schools as a recent fad in America,
is it a promotion of religion or just a nice quiet time
to reflect on whatever one's mind wishes to contem-
plate? ..."

49. God Bless America? Solicitation
(and brief analysis) (102401)
"... do we have any musical / writing talent out
there that has thought up -or- might be inclined
to think up a song that endorses America in a
manner respective of freedom and liberty for
all, without the submission to an almighty being /
entity / code-word for absolute authority called
God? ..."

48. U.S./Bush Hypocrisy (100501)
"As Bush parades around calling 'islam the religion
of peace' and other such nonsense ... Palestinian
suicide squads continue to embark on their cam-
paign of murder for allah against Israeli children
and citizens ... And Israelis continue to respond
by trying to kill the terrorists ... And Bush has the
audacity to criticize Sharon while planning a massive
like-minded campaign to kill the terrorists that
attacked the U.S. ..."

47. Why the Media and President Bush
are Playing Down ...(092801)
"... the religious war aspect of the attack on America
and the root historical/religious/ethnic causes of the
global terrorism we are now at war against ..."

46. On Guard Against Fascism (091301)
"The horrific attack on the U.S. demands an aggres-
sive response to defeat terrorism and all those intent
on destroying human life. ..."

45. Enlightenment - Stem Cell Research -
Wide Range of Views ...
"... The following is provided to try to enlighten the
Diabetic, Catholic, Christian, and Baptist communities,
in a non-controversial manner, regarding the stances
of assorted religions across the world, on an issue
important to the search for cures for diseases and
ailments impacting over 50 million Americans. ..."

44. Dog Days for God (religious violence,
stem cell decision)
"... Please reflect on the risks entailed in com-
bining non-secular considerations with secular
matters, matters of the daily lives of all sentient
beings --- humans of all non-faiths, distance from
faiths, and faiths --- all with human rights to live
and max out the common experience that all
birthed and sentient humans share, on this earth,
at this time, in this life ..."

43. A Search for the Meaning of Life
"Most newsgroup readers are likely somewhat
acquainted with my views favoring stem cell
research and the critical importance of allowing
both the use of blastocysts otherwise destined
for trash bins -and- the technique of therapeutic
human cloning in advancing the search for cures
for chronic diseases. ..."

42. The end (promoting god/faith/religion)
does not justify the means (lip service to
embryos) (081401)
"... Could it be that embryological stem cell research
is a strong reminder to everyone, especially church
types, that there is no god, we exist in a naturalistic
world, and it's up to us, only us, to determine what
course we set for ourselves, both now and in the
future? ..."

41. Type 1 Diabetic Pro-Humanist Responds
to Bush Stem Cell Decision, Part 2 (081201)
"... The Bush decision saves no blastocysts - it
simply washes its hands of responsibility and allows
blastocysts to either be destroyed or be used by
*private research only* to research cures, thereby
hindering/slowing research in the U.S. and resulting
in an exodus of some key scientists from U.S.
shores. ..."

40. Type 1 Diabetic Pro-Humanist Responds
to Bush Stem Cell Decision (081001)
"... The decision by Bush may be adequately
assessed in one word ... 'COWARD' ..."

39. Typical Political Machinations ... (080901)
"... Tonight's decision by Bush to forego federal funds
for stem cell research regarding embryos which are
destined to be discarded, but instead, saying federal
funds will go for *existing stem lines*, resulting from
private research which has already resulted in the
termination of embryos. ..."

38. Top 10 Post-Crash Pictures (080601)
"Skid off of 610 N. Loop through feeder road into
fire hydrant (notice slight lean of fire hydrant probably
due to contact with the Mustang - it fared much better
than did the Mustang; car ended up beyond the fire
hydrant on the other side of the driveway; per reports
it rolled over 3 to 6 times) ..."

37. A Daydream? (073001)
"So, I'm dreaming and I'm seeing people outside
standing around and I'm near this car and I'm
looking at it, it has been wrecked, and the front
is down and on the side is a tire which looks a
little like my car and ..."

36. One of the Sickest Movies I've
Ever Seen (072601)
"... The Prince of Egypt ... in a cartoon, rated
PG, pushed on kids ... GOD comes down out
of the sky in some white ghostly form and, skipping
over the houses of the Hebrews who have painted
their doors with the blood of lambs ... is shown,
vividly and without any hesitation whatsoever ...
killing children ..."

35. In God We Trust? (070201)
"... Should our national motto encourage delu-
sion and promote religion or should it hold in
the highest esteem the human desire to reason,
investigate, explore, and responsibly address
the challenges and solutions to our plight on
this earth, at this time, in this life? ..."

34. Resistance to Drug Tests / Drug War /
Liberty War (070201)
"How does one go about resisting the drug
tests on the American people, the drug war
on the American people, and the war on
American civil liberties? ..."

33. Survey: Teens Are Living Online
"... Are we getting closer or more distant as
a result of all the technocracy? Regardless of
the teen scene, when it comes to work, is tech-
nocracy leading us to a world of more authori-
tarianism/privacy-deprivation/big brotherism
or less so? Is technocracy leading us to more
freedom or less so? Are we more free today
than we were in 1780? ..."

32. Death of BIG BROTHERism - National
Privacy Act (060401)
"In the interest of civil liberties and freedom,
the following should be enacted to protect
each and every one of us from the intrusive
freedom-depriving authoritarian-supporting
aspects of modern-day culture which are
slowly/steadily seeping their way into every
aspect of our daily lives, denying us our fun-
damental human rights ..."

31. Circumcision Fact-Finding Tour
"... the following information is provided
to 1) make a strong case for changing
the perceptions of circumcision in Amer-
ica, and 2) present the facts [and opin-
ions] that allow a person to assess the
facts reasonably and determine whether
or not previously held views should be
reconsidered ..."

30. Separation of Church and
State (042901)
"In the United States, we're all well aware
of our success at separating church and
state, with notable failures, some having
to do with our laxity/failure in church/state
separation, others having to do with the
manner in which our society is leveraged off
of christian dominance due, primarily, to
the dominance of christianity amongst our
European and European-impacted ancestry ..."

29. Beginning of Human Life (040501)
"Complex, emotional, and controversial
issues to deal with here. Human embryos
and fetuses are totally dependent on another
human being, the mother, for their welfare ..."

28. Protect Children From Brainwashing
"...Recent shocking examples of abuse of
religion resulting in harm to children in the
United States, and conveying the extent
of the danger in failing to give children the
right to access to a wide array of informa-
tion on all faiths and non-faiths during
their vulnerable and formative years ..."

27. Columbine Revisited, For the Record
"I still can't get it out of my mind. The
nightmare at Columbine still haunts me,
renders heartbreak on my heart and soul. ..."

26. No to Faith (032901)
"Feeling ... despair ... ... disappointment
... ... ... dissonance per ... traditional
... ... conformist ... slavery ... ... sub-
mission to faith? You're not alone ... "

25. I Almost Died Last Night
"So, I go to bed last night, 12:15ish, and as
I'm drifting off to sleep ..."

24. Close Personal Intimate Relationships
"If you have a close personal intimate rela-
tionship with someone, you are morally obli-
gated to treasure and nurture that relationship.
Does the addition of a marriage license add
anything to that relationship? Aside from
legal obligations and tax ramifications and
social/cultural expectations, no. ..."

23. Who Gets Laid Off? The Abels ...
"... For those who hide behind naive notions
that laid off folks 'deserve what they get'
or 'must be sacrificed for the good of the
holy corporation' ..."

22. Jobs no more (031301)
"... Having just been laid off my own self,
I must state ... Motorola, good ol' drug-testing
Motorola (reference an experience I had back
10 years or so ago in Austin) and another
corporate [caution-strong language, due both
to my recent layoff experience and to the
anti-human and unjust nature in which much
of corporate America deals with their employ-
ees during times of economic stress, follows] ..."

21. Just Got Laid ... (031301)
"... off (2 hours ago). In the past, I would have
been quite emotionally angry about it. However,
for some strange reason, all I was thinking when
I was getting the news was 'think pro-human /
think pro-human' ..."

20. America - Is there a better way for us to ...
"... live, a freer way, a more pro-human way?
Is success of an elite upper class of pseudo-
demigods and 'be like me' calls to live life for
the good of the one or the few, at the expense
of the many and at the expense of sacrificing
whatever part of you exists outside of this 'live
for the money tree' mentality, is that the moral
and sane way to live out our one and only
sure shot at life? ..."

19. White-Collar Sweatshop (030101)
"... For the fans of 'anyone can be rich - just
grit your teeth and try really hard and kiss the
right butts and forsake your moral foundations
and live for money and greed', consider the
following ..."

18. Stop the Drug War on the American
People! (030101)
" 'I saw -Traffic- with my 16-year-old
daughter,' Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told me,
'and it had a very powerful effect. It's caused me
to rethink our policies and priorities.' ..."

17. Religion Can Kill You ... (022101)
"... still, even in the year of no lord, 2001,
religion continues to kill and in the U.S. of A.,
it's the children of religious zealots that are
being sacrificed as the latest victims upon
the altars of blind faith. ..."

16. Speaking of Heaven in 2001 ... (022101)
"Pertaining to interests of a sensual kind,
here are some of the best picts (IMO) from
the Sports Illustrated 2001 swimsuit issue
(Goddesses of the Mediterranean)..."

15. Speaking of Heaven ... (022001)
"Pertaining to interests of a sensual kind,
here are some of the best picts (IMO) from
the Sports Illustrated 2000 swimsuit issue ..."

14. All Humans for All Humans (021801)
"All humans for all humans? More carrots,
fewer sticks. Wealth redistribution = more
wealth for more people. More wealth for
more people = happier and wealthier
people and a more pro-human world.

How? Start at home and work from there.
Get it right at home and the world will
follow. Presidential platform (last posted
November 28, 2000) ..."

13. Love of All Humans for All Humans via
Economic Justice ... (021801)
"... All humans for all humans is the best,
the only genuine chance for most of humanity
to truly be free in this, our one and only sure
shot at life, on this earth, at this time."

12. USA - A Laughingstock in the World?
"A few comments regarding the USA's
standing in the world: ... One of the highest
murder rates, one of the highest execution
rates, one of the highest gun-toting rates,
one of the highest imprisonment rates, one
of the highest crime rates, one of the highest
divorce rates, one of the highest anti-evolution
rates, one of the highest church attendance
rates, and one of highest christianity rates. ..."

11. Laws, Economic Power, Manipulation of
the Masses (020501)
"... the current system operates to hold down
the majority in an 'us vs. them' system designed
to push the wealth and the power to the richest
and most powerful elite the world has ever seen,
at the very top of American society in terms of
disproportionate and voluminous allocation of
wealth/resources/power to a tiny minority of
Americans. ..."

10. Building an Equitable World
In the past of human history, there
has been a varying degree of resource
allocation issues, with the tendency for
resources to flow to the top, most often
through sheer force/coercion/violence
and the threat of same, and with the
overwhelming majority supporting with
the sweat of labor (not with heart/desire/
freedom) the welfare of those at the top. ...

9. Wide Disparity in Wealth - Are
Christians in Favor ... (121700)
"... of a fairer and more equitable world?"

8. Business -and- Faith of Religion
(Mormon Example) (110600)
"It's not too often that the secular aspect of
religions are discussed, that being religions
as business -and- faith, with the business
feeding the faith and the faith feeding the

For a clear example of how this works in the
modern age, take an up-close look at one of
the newer faiths, the Mormon faith (started
~170 years ago), based on a recent article
in U.S. News. ..."

7. Stem Cell Bill to Wait a Year (102400)
"Dead cells tell no tales - the cowardice of the
buffoons in congress, led by the religious right,
delay federal support for desperately needed
cures for juvenile-onset diabetes, Parkinson's,
Alzheimer's and other diseases for yet another
year. Cells saved by this decision? None. Lives
lost and damaged by this decision of religiously
motivated stupidity? _____________? ..."

6. Amendments 11-27 to the Constitution
of the United States of America (070900)

5. Bill of Rights of the United States
of America (070900)

4. Constitution of the United States
of America (070900)

3. Declaration of Independence of the
United States of America (070900)

2. America - Land of the Free? (070500)
"... 1 out of every 4 of the world's prisoners
lives in a prison in the United States of America,
most (~67%) of America's prisoners placed
there even though no violent act against friend
or foe was involved. ..."

1. Gun Control, What For? (051300)
"... A Scourge of Small Arms - With a few
hundred machine guns and mortars, a small
army can take over an entire country, killing
and wounding hundreds of thousands. ..."