Jobs no more
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Tuesday, 13 March, 2001, 17:39 GMT
Thousands of telecoms jobs to go


"C&W's Graham Wallace says costs have to be cut

Telecoms giants Motorola and Cable & Wireless are to cut
a total of 11,000 jobs across the world, including up to 2,700
in the UK. ..."

- - -

Having just been laid off my own self, I must state ...
Motorola, good ol' drug-testing Motorola (reference an
experience I had back 10 years or so ago in Austin) and
another corporate

[caution-strong language, due both to my
recent layoff experience and to the anti-
human and unjust nature in which much of
corporate America deals with their employ-
ees during times of economic stress, fol-
lows, although, in a calmer moment, I have
edited down the comments with ---'s]

d--k--d company ... isn't it grand, this SCREW human
beings 'cause we're only just COSTS, G-----N F-----G

But, I'm OK, really, just had to vent there, against the man,
you know.


But, not to worry, I'm pro-human and all, and having vented,
against the sorry sons-of-b----es responsible for d--k--g
the 11,000 souls mentioned above, ...

Well, not really coming across as pro-human, am I ...

Perhaps, the kiss-b--- crawling slavery to the man as if we, the
hard-working human beings on the planet, were nothing but
trash to be thrown out when the corporate goons see fit, is not
the best that humankind can be or aspire to ...

Of course it's not ...

The f-----g SYSTEM, as it exists, REEKS of greed and self-
serving padding of welfare for the rich who



When they screw the living daylights out of the working
man/woman ...

but ... that's OK ... you must understand, having just been
laid off and all ... it's reality and fu...

Jeez, a little bit beside myself, aren't I ...

A-----E HAD HIS SORRY A-- thrown on the street ...

Then, maybe, just maybe, things would change for the
better, for the working men and women in this corporate
kiss-b--- economy the world now suffers under.

Thanks for bearing with me - note, one edit pass took place,
and the post was toned down, and I apologize to the rich
and powerful and d--k--ds that run the show, as they're
just humans, like F----G HITLER, doing their thing, and
we all must, of course, be tolerant of such a------s, shouldn't
we ... or should we ???

F-----G P----ks.