Just Got Laid ...
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... off (2 hours ago). In the past, I would have been quite
emotionally angry about it. However, for some strange reason,
all I was thinking when I was getting the news was "think
pro-human / think pro-human".

It's as if my posting for the last 2 years and developing
my pro-human philosophy girded me against feeling angry
in a manner my former philosophies (christian & agnostic)
failed to do, not to blame them for failing to think pro-human,
it's just that ...

It seems that taking total responsibility for choices rather
than depending on external entities/possibilities can and did,
in this case, yield a "decision" to react in a pro-human way.

Not to be mistaken, I'm saddened and disappointed by the
event, but I can't help but react in a pro-human way because
that is the only reaction mating to my philosophies and if the
philosophies are worthy in the good times, they certainly
should be worthy in the trying times.

Anyway, for those out there who have been 'let go' or 'fired'
or 'laid off', you cannot control what the economy or the
businesses or the nature of the system has caused to come
to be, but you can react in a pro-human manner and strive
for a positivity in the deal. Too upbeat, I know, but it's
better if you can ...

Forgive those systems or entities who you feel have been causal,  
strive to change those systems in a positive manner and in a
manner which mates to verity and disdain for anti-humanism
on the part of any/all, love all humans, and set out on a journey
which makes for a better world if only so by your efforts to
make it so.

As for me, a bridge, the layoff deal. In years past, as a
contractor, a 'let go' was a 'no go' financially but thanks to
those with a conscience, the persons 'laid off' in my particular
circumstance were given a bridge to another chapter in our
lives. I feel for those who are not fortunate enough to have
a bridge and if you know of such folks, please reach out and
help them transition.

Anyway, as for me, not fit for the corporate conformist lifestyle,
anyway, so it's time (long past, actually) to use my bridge to
change to something more fulfilling and mating to my core
nature ... if any of you have any suggestions, feel free to e-mail
me or respond in the newsgroup if you feel said response would
be helpful to anyone in this particular circumstance.

Peace and Love to all,