Laws, Economic Power, Manipulation of the Masses
(Top Posts - Social/Legal - 020500)

Ponder the number of laws on the books and know
that we all are the criminals. We all are subject to false
arrest and false imprisonment or arrest for some petty
and insignificant non-violent activity that violates some
inane and manipulative law on the books somewhere.

We all have committed some crime, something that
someone who wishes to do us in could act to do us
in for. We all are vulnerable to having our lives ripped
apart by said harmless but illegal activity or false
accusations, corrupt laws/courts/politicians, and
a system of justice designed to protect the powerful/
the wealthy and destroy those without the connections/

Ponder the yes/no modality of the courts in the Bush-
Gore debacle. Justice or politics? Law or anarchy?

I suggest the latter, in both cases, and I submit that's
just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the manner
in which the current system operates to hold down
the majority in an 'us vs. them' system designed to
push the wealth and the power to the richest and
most powerful elite the world has ever seen, at the
very top of American society in terms of dispropor-
tionate and voluminous allocation of wealth/resources/
power to a tiny minority of Americans.

Anyone can win the lottery. Yes, but we all know that
over 99 percent of us will NEVER win the lottery.

Anyone can get rich. Yes, but we all know that well
over 99 percent of us, without connections, inheritances,
will NEVER get rich, so the current system is pure and
simple ...

Ancient Rome in a nutshell, with the power/wealth/authority/
control all flowing to the elite, the tip-top of society, and
the rest of us dealing with it the best we can, as if that
1 in a million chance of being rich justifies supporting a
system which is anti-human, destructive, authoritarian, and
nothing less than a Royalty of elites, with a tiny minority
thriving off the sweat, labor, and earnest hard work of the
vast majority of humans on the planet.

Is this the very best society we can come up with? No,
hell no, and the sooner we wake up and see that the way
to shift the power/wealth/authority away from the elites
is in our grasp, in our minds, in our hearts, we, modern
day humankind, will have the courage to stop supporting
the system, start *passive resistance*, and like the
christians who brought down ancient Rome, the vast
majority can, with a vision, with a purpose, with a peace
that passes all understanding, change the world for the
better, for the vast majority, for those kind and hard-
working human beings who deserve more, much much ...

more of the earth's resources and power which are vastly
and unjustly held onto with all the power of the media/
the courts/the laws/the wealth/the capital and the controlled
and manipulated humans who are pushed into acting in
a manner of modern slavery, cajoled/manipulated into
a corner by a corrupt/ancient system designed to promote/
perpetuate a tiny minority of the world's population.

And constantly we hear *their* mantra ... "It's for your
own good, this system which places all the power/control/
resources at the very top" ... when really, what they're
saying is ...

"This system is designed for us, the wise and noble elite
to control you poor ignorant souls who just aren't good
enough and just don't have what it takes to be rich and
powerful. It's for your own good that we, the few, the
fortunate, the elite, must remain with our greedy hands
on most of the world' resources and power - go forth
and work yourself to death and maybe, if you're 'good
enough', you too can win that lottery of life and join us
in this select club of those who rule the world" ...

T-h-i-n-k about it.