Lottery of Life
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... If all that you are is a result of genes + memes +
environment (including and apart from memes) and
random brain interactions, by what measure does ...

A what's-his-name-Lay or a Bill Gates ...

Merit __________ (insert factor here) times more
remuneration (life benefit), than does that received
by ___________ (you, as you perceive yourself,
or those with whom you identify, as you perceive
them, or anyone like you, regardless of race/creed/
color/sex/society/social structure/family upbringing/
social status)?

Granted, a what's-his-name-Lay or a Bill Gates
receives an enormous life benefit beyond that which
you or yours might ever dream of, and legal (or, at
least, legal to the extent they can get away with it)
in the current system, but morally/ethically/logically/
reasonably ...

How much food/clothing/shelter/control/power
(commonly perceived as money) should any person
A receive beyond any person B, on this planet, in
this universe?

In effect, should there be a common sense moral,
ethical, and legal consideration of the worthiness of
estimable incentive, as opposed to limitless greed?

Put another way, there are many things over which
humans have limited control and impact, things such
as the conditions which humans are born into, social/
cultural states of being, genes, and the influences one
is exposed to up to a point, and the naturalistic influ-
ences that happen *to us*, not *by us*, and the envir-
onment into which each of us is born, and in all that,
I beg the question ...

By what right does a what's-his-name-Lay or a Bill
Gates insist that their remuneration is worthy and of
far greater (think millions of times more, here) worth
than is that of a 25-year-old mother of 4, destitute
and dependent on the state for her very survival and
for the survival of her 4 poor and helpless children ...

Furthermore, not only does a what's-his-name-Lay
or a Bill Gates bask in their riches, they and their sup-
porters insist/pressure/demand that every aspect of
their wealth be totally credited to them as a reasonable
and worthy aspect of their being, justified by virtue of
the *system as it exists*, no matter the immorality of
them wallowing in their wealth as billions of humans suffer
the ignominy of barely eking out a survival on the planet ...

Said ignominy which would have been the fate of a
what's-his-name-Lay or a Bill Gates had they been
born to a family/culture/environment/fate differing from
that which they were born into ...

And, believe you me, a what's-his-name-Lay or a Bill
Gates trying to "buy off" the public by choosing a favorite
charity or cause and acting as if they were gods' gift to
humankind by virtue of their kind deed in no way-shape-
or-form atones for the fact that it is their very ...

Greed-avarice-self-serving-self-interest that feeds the
fever of that which is capitalism/illusion of "anyone can
be rich - just look at me", the insane state of being which
rules the modern world, and which drives the "screw-
egalitarianism" mentality that leaves the overwhelming
majority of the world's citizens ...

Either working their asses off based on the illusion of
getting rich, some day, some way, or ...

Staring up at the likes of what's-his-name-Lay, Bill
Gates, and his buddies, knowing full well that the
capitalistic "anyone can be rich" mentality is nothing
but a damn lie, designed to feather the nests of those
with the money/power, at the expense of those who
prefer the illusion to the reality of ...

The rich get richer, the poor get by, if they're lucky, or
get poorer, as the Gates/Lay mentality continues to
infest the minds of western culture ...

"The Rich *deserve it - they earned it*, and to hell with
the rest" ... such was the case in ancient Rome, and such
is the case in the modern day, and such will continue
being the case ...

Until people WAKE UP, acknowledge the way things
are, recognize why they are that way, and clearly see
how the enormous wealth of the world could be more
equitably distributed in a manner fully consistent with
morals/human values/incentives that would raise the
state of being of humankind to a level ...

Far surpassing anything ever dreamed of or achieved
in human history ...

And, in all that, noting how the upper crest of western
society, the top one percent of which 99 percent can
only but dream, are the holders of the vast majority
of not only money, but POWER in America and in
a large part of the western world ...

If only ... humankind ... would STOP ... merely fol-
lowing the dictates of authority/the past and START
thinking independent of the status quo, freed from
the "slavery to greed" constraints of those in power/
those with vested interests in maintaining the system
as it now exists ...

And, instead, think of a better way, an untried way,
a way of egalitarianism with incentives, a way which
rewards with a moral conscience, which motivates
not with greed, but with the uplifting of the human
condition as the primary offshoot of human endeavor,
and with efforts to achieve such ends amply rewarded
in a common sense way, not in a "screw humanity -
it's winner take all and 'losers' be damned" way ...