Million Dollar Baby
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Just saw it. Sad.

If you're the type to cry at movies,
bring several buckets, you'll need
them as this movie transitions from
hope and glee to the depths of
despair and gloom.

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Spoiler -- This conveys the essence
of the story from beginning to end,
so *don't* read it (or don't read too
much of it, as it gives away the ending
towards the end of the synopsis) -if-
you prefer to watch the movie without
knowing how it will end:
- - -

For me, a disbeliever in the super-
natural mindtrap, a revelation of how
dastardly real life can be, something
we're all prone to either be in denial
regarding, or simply willing to pre-
tend that somehow real life can be
twisted into something other than it
really is, as if by ignoring or pretend-
ing, all the downsides of life can dis-
appear or be magically transformed
into meritable via religious faith.

Meanwhile ...

While looking for news on the Super
Bowl at the Dallas Morning News
website, ran across a story on a
man killing his wife and 7-year-old
son, in Carrollton, a 'burb my fam-
ily and I once resided in. Sad, what
can happen when the hopes and
dreams of marriage suffer the slings
and arrows of outrageous fortune.

I wonder if society is doing enough
to help the suffering recover. I think
more can and should be done. I know,
from personal experience, when my
ex-wife tossed me out, there was no
help from anywhere, church or state,
and in fact, the legal system and, for
that matter, my ex-wife's priest were
MIA when it comes to any efforts to
rescue the marriage.

The legal system, in fact, was gung-ho
to end the marriage.

If that's the way it is across this country,
it's no wonder that so many suffer so
greatly when relationship crises occur.

I wonder how many religious entities
magnify differences, and work to end
marriages rather than, as they suppos-
edly espouse, to further and nurture

I suspect that the primary motivation
of religious entities is religious perpe-
tuation, and marriages are no small
sacrifice encouraged to dissolve
whenever one party in the marriage
differs with key religious tenets of
the other party.

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