9 Dead in Omaha mall shootings
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When I heard about this, via tuning in to an
MSNBC news broadcast, I was, at first, un-
aware that this had occurred in my daughter's
home town. Upon realizing that it had, my
first reaction was fear. Even though the odds
that she would've been hurt were slim, being
that she's in school, still, fear of what might
be took place.

Then, realizing the odds, I was somewhat
comforted that certainly, no one I knew would
have been likely to have been hurt. The death
toll, originally at 2, grew to 9 while I was talk-
ing to my daughter after she got out from school.

The mall, one I had been to when I lived in
Omaha, the newest most upscale mall in the
area. My daughter said she had been in the
store where the shootings occurred, quite
some time ago, and didn't plan to return be-
cause their merchandise was out of her price

Condolences to all those impacted by this

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9 dead, including suspect, in Omaha mall shooting


Wednesday, December 5th 2007, 5:21 PM
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Complete article:

Terrified shoppers huddle in the frigid cold
outside the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Neb.
The mall was evacuated following a shooting

A gunman opened fire Wednesday at mall in
Omaha, Neb., killing eight people and wounding
five others before committing suicide, police

Terrified holiday shoppers and workers at the
Westroads Mall ran for cover, hiding in store
dressing rooms, as shots ran out.

"There are a total of 14 people injured. Nine
of those people are deceased," police Sgt.
Teresa Negron told reporters.

She said the dead included the lone shooter,
a man who suffered an apparently self-inflicted
gunshot wound to the head.

Witnesses described the suspect as a man wear-
ing Army fatigues or camouflage. Negron would
only say that the shooter was male.

Two of the wounded were in critical condition,
Negron said.

Most of the victims were shot inside the Von
Maur department store, she said.

At least two witnesses said the shooter appeared
to be firing at random rather than targeting anyone

Shopper  Shawn Vidlak said he heard four or five
rapid shots "like a nail gun." At first he thought it
was noise from construction work going on at the

"People started screaming about gunshots," Vidlak
said. "I grabbed my wife and kids we got out of there
as fast as we could."

A woman who answered the phone at an Old Navy
store during the height of the drama said 20 to 30
customers were huddled with employees in a back

"All we know was people were running and scream-
ing down the hallway by Von Maur saying there was
a shooting, and then they locked us down," said the
woman, who said her name was Heidi.

Police went from store to store, evacuating the mall.
Shoppers, some clutching bags and packages, ran out
with their hands in the air so police could ssee they
were unarmed.

President Bush was in town Wednesday for a fund-
raiser in Omaha, but left about an hour before the

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