On Guard Against Fascism
(Top Posts - Social/Legal - 091301)

Originally posted 091301, updated (toned down) 031805.

Fascism -- a tendency towards strong restrictive authoritarian
control which actualizes or resembles having absolute influence
or power.

The horrific attack on the U.S. on 9-11-2001 demands an
aggressive response to defeat terrorism and all those intent
on destroying human life ...

Does this horror justify an employer or a government dipping
into your body to test you for drugs?


Does this horror justify an employer or a government moni-
toring your every activity to promote fascism and feathering
of their pockets at your expense?


As previously stated, this horror does justify every reason-
able and legal and moral and freedom-respecting action
possible to stamp out TERRORISM and TERRORISTS,

That's it.

Fascists must not use the attack as an excuse to promote
their creeping fascism and searching every aspect of every
employee's being as if in doing so that has anything whatso-
ever to do with the 9-11 attack

Fascists must be forbidden from implementing their anti-
humanism upon our bodies, houses, children, and lives!

For those given the task of guarding America, DO YOUR
JOB and prevent horrors from being visited upon the most
decent and honorable citizens of this country.

For those who wish to use this horror as justification to
continue and perpetuate their attacks upon American civil
liberties and rights, take your fascist attitudes and stick them
where the sun don't shine ... Americans live for freedom,
demand freedom, and a bunch of anti-human religious mass
murderers invading our country is nothing but ...

The worst and most evil aspects of anti-humanism that can
and have been manifest as a result of religious-indoctrinated

How does this relate to the fascists trying to control every
aspect of human existence in this country? What should free-
dom loving individuals do to respond to anti-human fascism?

GUARD YOUR FREEDOM, terrorist attack or not!

Know that those seeking to drug-test/monitor/enslave every
aspect of your being are the same mindsets that were "ASLEEP
AT THE WHEEL" while the real threats to human life were
creeping their way through American society and planning
the horror visited upon the U.S. on Tuesday.


This horror (the 9-11 attack) occurred as the fascists in this
focused their energies and resources where?

UPON AMERICANS rather than guarding our treasure,
our lives, our freedom, in defending all of us against those
intent on destroying us ... !!!!!!!!!!!!

To those who would dare to use this horror as an excuse to
try to strip even more civil liberties from Americans, I implore
you to back off ...

The drug wars and monitoring and anti-employee idiocy has
yielded nothing but a distraction and diversion and a subtle
support for that which should, all along, have been designated
as the REAL threat, that being those intent on DESTROYING
America and freedom !!!!!

WAKE UP, corporate America! Work towards, for a change,
SUPPORTING American employees!!!

WAKE UP, U.S. government! Work towards, for a change,
SUPPORTING American citizens and their efforts to make
the most out of this life based on the situation each citizen was
born into!!!

WAKE UP, American citizens! Know that in resisting the
fascism inherent in the American system, you are resisting the
anti-humanism and deprivation of liberty that resides at the
core of
religious insanity causal in the horror visited upon
America in this attack on the U.S!!!

- - -