Typical Political Machinations ...
(Top Posts - Social/Legal - 080901)

... Tonight's decision by Bush to forego federal funds
for stem cell research regarding embryos which are
destined to be discarded, but instead, saying federal
funds will go for *existing stem lines*, resulting from
private research which has already resulted in the
termination of embryos.

Will research into cures be helped by this decision?
To some degree, yes. Will research into cures go forward
rapidly and with an aggressive campaign akin to the cam-
paign to be the first to the moon? No.

In essence, the decision to slow research will save no
embryos and will result in continued death and severe
life risks for millions ... *unless*

The Senate sees through this farce and votes for a rapid
and intensive campaign to use embryos destined to be
discarded due to the nature of fertilization treatments for
the righteous and morally just stand of ridding our planet
of as many diseases as we can, as expeditiously as we

No, keeping embryos in deep-freeze so that the religious
right can swim in their sanctimonious worship of them-
selves is not, cannot be defended as the just and morally
upstanding stance to adopt. The religious right is using
this issue, along with others, to pad their pockets, promote
themselves and their agendas, and screw anyone and every-
one who stands between them and their self-promotion /
religious-promotion / cures if we must but, by god, don't
touch frozen cells positions.

The immediate response from Mary Tyler Moore (juvenile-
onset diabetic) on this issue, was glowing and upbeat. Chris-
topher Reeve was mixed and expressed a desire to promote
the Senate coming up with more promising programs to
proceed to fund research for a rapid cure for diseases.

Let's face it, as always, the conservative religious self-righ-
teous anti-life conservatives (yes, anti-life in that they desire
for every human not one with *their values* to be damned/
doomed) played those of us who desire sensible and reason-
able scientific advances to be pushed aside / manipulated /
and scoffed at as if our sentient and meaningful and purpose-
ful lives were of less importance than their promotion of keep-
ing embryos in freezers.

I shall not, I will not, be pushed aside as if my life and the
lives of all sentient beings dying from chronic diseases is of
less value than frozen cells that have all-but zero chance at
life. No, I protest, loudly and without hesitation at the insipid
crap being shoveled down the throats of Americans by those
of the religious persuasion who, I assure you, have nothing
but their imaginary goodness and imaginary immortality and
imaginary "values" of anti-humanism in their empty and dis-
honest souls.

Let me reaffirm and assure you, friends, WE, every last citi-
zen in this country, are being played, like fools, by those
whose desires and interests are far apart from that which is
the nature of pro-humanism, cures for diseases, and the best
life for all sentient humans.

Their efforts to slow/hinder advances, to treat cures for dis-
eases as if they're subordinate to frozen cells, is pure revela-
tion of why their ancient mindsets are unworthy of the best
that humankind can be, at this time, in this life, on this earth.

No, the bible is *not* a worthy basis for decisions impacting
humans in the modern day. Yes, science and live sentient
beings and cells which offer the opportunity for cures for
disease are the moral paths to making this life be the best it
can be for all who have the destiny to have a chance at it.

- - -