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sugar better for patients with advanced heart
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A setback for the "tight control = longer life for
those who don't die from trying to do it" crowd?

Poor diabetes control may be better for some
Tue Jan 17, 2006 8:16 PM GMT13



Complete article:

By Anthony J. Brown, MD

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People with
diabetes are always exhorted to keep their
blood sugar levels under control, but in some
cases the advice might not be appropriate.

Contrary to what has been shown in otherwise
healthy diabetics, elevated hemoglobin A1c
levels -- an indicator of poor glucose control --
are associated with improved survival among
diabetics with advanced heart failure, new
research shows.

"The presumption was that better glycemic
control would be associated with better out-
comes" senior author Dr. Gregg C. Fonarow,
from the University of California at Los Ang-
eles, told Reuters Health.

"Yet, in previous studies, a number of factors
normally tied to adverse outcomes, such as
high cholesterol levels, have been linked to
improved outcomes in patients with heart fail-
ure." So, it was unclear what to expect with
elevated hemoglobin A1c levels, he added.

In the study, reported in the American Heart
Journal, the outcomes of 49 diabetics with
A1c levels no greater than 7 were compared
with those of 74 patients with higher levels.

All of the patients had advanced heart failure.

"The American Diabetes Association recom-
mends a target hemoglobin A1c of 7.0 or
lower, which is why we used this" cutoff, Fon-
arow explained.

The researchers found that poor glucose con-
trol was associated with an all-cause mortality
of 20 percent during 2 years of follow-up, sig-
nificantly lower than the 35 percent rate seen
in patients with recommended levels of blood
sugar control.

"This study alone should not change the dia-
betes management of patients with heart fail-
ure, but hopefully it will spur further research
in this patient population," Fonarow said.

SOURCE: American Heart Journal,
January 2006.

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Keep in mind, always, diabetes is a bonanza for
medical companies who thrive on guilt-tripping and
demonizing diabetics into testing-testing-testing,
as if such an endeavor had anything whatsoever
to do with a longer, or saner, or safer life. Certainly,
indisputably, it is connected, very tightly, with large
profits for drug companies who thrive on guilt-
tripping and demonizing diabetics who dare to
try to live a less-restrictive finger-punched insulin-
reaction-risking lifestyle.

The tight controllers, while diabetics die of low
blood sugar events, act oblivious to such occur-
rences, depending solely on guilt-trips and demon-
ization of victims to uphold their spending-is-grand
mentality, as if one can spend their way into a longer-
life, by mere poking and testing and obsessing on
the disease.

I've said earlier, and I'll say again, this disease, form-
erly a death sentence, short term, is presently a death
sentence, long term, with no way to win, no way to
conquer, no *legitimate* way to control, nothing but
a load of pretense and BULLSHIT, with medical
practitioners and drug companies foremost in lying
and deceiving and manipulating children and every-
one else into ...

... pretending that type 1 diabetes is a guilt-trippable
controllable manageable potential heaven, when ...

... point-in-fact, and for certain, and as revealed by
45 years living in hell, it is a fucking N-i-G-h-T-m-A-r-E,
a living LIE, a guilt-tripped deception routine that most
know little to nothing about, most act as if they know
more than they do about, and most treat as something
that's the problem of others, and the victims, and far
from their own.

FUCK IT, FUCK diabetes (especially type 1, if you
hadn't notice, my own personal burden I've been forced
to bear for 45 years and counting), and FUCK all the
lying, and the guilt-tripping, and the failure of society
and this fucking culture to do a fucking thing to rid us
of this horror.

FUCK IT, I'm telling yuh, this whole diabetes guilt-trip
parade is a load of total and unmitigated BULLSHIT!!!

Thanks, I've vented now. At least someone (recently)
is willing to call lies lies, BULLSHIT BULLSHIT, and
is willing to tell the guilt-trippers to stick their sancti-
monious better-than-thou pretentious deceptions and
lying up their ... well ... I think you might be getting my
drift, by now ...


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Oh well, the life that was granted when
the discoverer of insulin succeeded in
his quest, that life has turned out to be
far removed from worthwhile, for many,
and as for pretending that all is OK, and
that diabetes is just an inconvenience,
and a manageable / controllable / happen-
stance of an otherwise "intelligent-designed"
wonderworld, see previous post for refer-
ences to appropriate responses ...

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The profound implication, for those willing
to consider it, is that so-called "tight control",
at least in heart patients, doesn't appear to
be all that the diabetic establishment has
made it out to be.

Certainly, my own instincts, honed over 45
years of dealing with this disease, are still
to focus on trying to be like them (non-type
1s), trying to be as close to "normal" as
practicable, while at the same time realizing
a rarely mentioned fact.

All of this trying to be like them mentality, it
has its consequences, and much of it ain't

What's not good?




Casting dispersions on diabetics.

Setting a standard so high that few are able
to attain it, and of the few that claim to attain
it, many are liars, either to themselves -and-
others, or just to others.

The modality of dealing with this disease is
a horror, a dead-ender, an abysmal pit of
despair, denial, guilt-trips, demonization,
and ludicrous pretense, and *all* who suf-
fer from type 1 diabetes are the victims.

My own 'gut' reaction, leveraged off of 45
years as a type 1 diabetic, leveraged off
of loads of misinformation, guilt-trips,
demonization, a presence of a you-are-
diabetic and if you dare to defy the estab-
lishment, you are a loser/ne'er-do-well
mentality that I, personally, have exper-
ienced, I must say ...

... that coincident with an earlier post, based
on some personal experiences involving this
disease and other matters ...

... come to think of it, this disease has had
a deleterious impact on my life on so many
levels, in so many ways, for so long, and in
such a manner that has almost totally divorced
me from an ability to connect with any other
human being on any level ...

... the loneliness, the despair, the guilt, the
demonization, the horror ...

... anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, I guess what I'm saying, and this
is, you understand, from the 1 in 500 or so
humans who happen to be type 1 diabetic ...


And no, I'm certainly not suggesting that
you be honest at the cost of a job, or a
relationship, or of whatever pretense you
have wrapped yourself in in order to fit in
to the world that surrounds you, all I'm
saying is ...

... why not recognize all the BULLSHIT
that you're exposed to, why not stop
saying yes-master and whatever-you-
say-master to the dick-heads that have
endeavored to make your life a living
hell, why not just say ...


Why not stop being a pawn for them,
and start actually living, for a change,
on your own terms, telling them to fuck
themselves for a change, telling them
that forcing you to ... do whatever they
say to supposedly "fit in" to their fucking
world ...

... just ain't gonna cut it anymore ...

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Perhaps, rather than doubting the re-
sults of the study, recognizing that
the so-called "tight control" mental-
ity is a pile of __?__ would be some-
thing worthy of consideration.

On the other hand, those who ob-
sess on demonizing and guilt-tripping
*all* diabetics, blaming almost every
single one for any and all adverse con-
sequences of having one of the most
fucked up diseases on the planet,
that should continue, full speed, as
the drug companies delight in it, and
non-diabetics (as well as many all-
but brainwashed diabetics) delight
in pretending that some magic land
of obsession on spending and testing
and guilt-tripping and so-called con-
trolling = what?

Certainly, more obsession is part of
the equation. Death, that's part of the
equation for those who die in low blood
sugar events. But yet, the magical sup-
posed candlestick of a "longer life", more
end years, living to 62 instead of 61,
that's held out as some worthwhile seduc-

That's the epitome of ... (searches for the
right words, having used so many strong
opposition words, that one must be is
inclined to be more selective about such
words) ...

Let me put it this way ...

Diabetes, right now, at least for most, is a
DEATH SENTENCE, in more ways than
one, it's a DEATH SENTENCE as to the
perception (of others) that you're normal,
it's a DEATH SENTENCE as for your
opportunity to live to a normal life expec-
tancy, it's a DEATH SENTENCE as for
your chances of impressing a mate that
you are as worthwhile of partnership as
is a non-diabetic partner (this especially
pertains to males, as a weakness on the
part of females is oft-times seen as an
attractive quality rather than an adverse
one, though not necessarily so), it's a
DEATH SENTENCE as for any oppor-
tunity to have anything remotely resem-
bling a "normal" life, in essense ...

... it's a DEATH SENTENCE, length and
details varying from individual to individual.


Only will, and money, stand between human-
kind and a cure. Only an effort by society to
treat disease, including diabetes, as the bane
of humankind, a 60s-like effort to treat the
curing of disease, *ALL* disease, as the
most noble enterprise humankind can endea-
vor to conquer in the present day, only that ...

... will insure that diabetes, and cancer, and
epilepsy, and parkinson's, and heart disease,
and alzheimer's, and all other inflictions con-
fining humankind to a terminal short-term
hell-ridden existence in a cold and cruel
world, that all of that ...

... will, with human effort, human desire, human
ambition, human focus, human declaration ...

... become a part of the past, rather than a
continuing part ...

... of that which is our burden, in this, our one
and only *certain* chance, to make a difference,
for the better, for the many, for the all ...

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In response to a poster who commented:

> Not a gamble I want to take.

I responded as follows:

Especially considering all the advantages of
obsessing about lowered BGs as *the* goal
of a test-ridden guilt-centric diabetic as an
object to be manipulated by a system de-
signed to make the diabetic the victim of
a money-hungry fuck-the-diabetic system?

One must wonder -if- all this obsessing about
so-called "control" of diabetes is all that it's
cracked up to be, especially considering that
the consequences, in term of adverse quality
of life, guilt-trips, car wrecks, pontifications
by the clueless, are so far removed from the
best life possible for those victimized by a
horrendous disease as to make ...

... the entire diabetic establishment out to be ...

... ___?___ ... [needless to say, I have some
opinions on that, but certainly, all the pretense
and guilt-tripping and fuck-you-diabetics atti-
itudes that have been built up over the years
won't fall by the wayside with one mere study
casting doubt on long-lived presumptions
heretofore considered gospel] ...

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