Religion Can Kill You ...
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... still, even in the year of no lord, 2001, religion
continues to kill and in the U.S. of A., it's the
children of religious zealots that are being sacrificed
as the latest victims upon the altars of blind faith.

If any of you are *ever* tempted to kill or allow
death because you think GOD or the bible or any
other invisible non-entity wishes you to, take a very
cold shower, slap yourself upside the head, and
seek help from someone of a pro-human non-faith
bent before you or yours invokes ancient supersti-
tious idiocy upon those most precious among us,
our children, our very life blood, our future ...

Freedom of Religion or State-Sanctioned Child Abuse?
Wednesday, February 21, 2001,8599,100175,00.html
Excerpt: "Rising death toll fuels debate over parents
who choose prayer over medical treatment on behalf
of their children ...

At the center of controversy are Congregants of
Church of Christ, Scientist, along with members of
other, smaller sects, including the Followers of Christ
Church and the General Assembly and Church of the
First Born.

All are staunchly opposed to medical intervention in
the case of illness, preferring instead to depend upon
prayer to do the healing.

Their devotion to what they call "God's will" has,
according to their critics, led to the deaths of more
than 172 children between 1975 and 1995 — all
because their parents refused to seek medical treat-
ment for their children's illnesses.

According to autopsy reports, many if not most of
the children could have been saved easily with simple

In 1998, then-Texas based critical-care pediatrician
Seth Asser told TIME's David Van Biema, "Kids die
from accidental deployment of air bags, and you get
hearings in Congress. But this goes on, and dozens
die and people think there's no problem because the
deaths happen one at a time. But the kids who die
suffer horribly. This is Jonestown in slow motion,"
Asser said. ...

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A few comments: Stop the faith. Save the children.
Save yourselves.

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