Sex wants to be free?
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Human Nature: Science, technology, and life.

by William Saletan

Updated Monday, June 4, 2007, at 10:53 AM ET
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Law enforcement agencies are investigating
virtual crimes.


1) Japanese officials arrested a man for mug-
ging virtual characters and selling their virtual
property for real money.

2) Belgian police investigated a rape in Sec-
ond Life.

3) German authorities investigated child sexual
abuse in Second Life.

4) The company that founded Second Life
expelled two members in the German case.

5) U.S. federal officers have invented avatars
to inspect Second Life for possible gambling
law violations at virtual casinos.


1) Some virtual crimes have real effects, such
as trauma or real profits.

2) Virtual depictions of child abuse are illegal
in some countries.


"Since when is fantasy against the fricking law?"


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The Internet is killing the porn industry. For the
first time in years, video sales and rentals are

Old trend: The Web helped the industry by facil-
itating anonymous purchases and downloads.

New trend: It's drying up demand for paid porn
by facilitating uploads of free, cheaply made

Old complaint against porn: It's crudely made

New complaints by porn industry:

1) Free porn is crudely made trash, whereas
we use sophisticated actors, sets, and lighting.

2) Porn consumers don't seem to appreciate
the difference.

3) When we offer them free samples, they just
use us for their pleasure and leave us with noth-

Human Nature's view: For all you sophisticates
in the porn business … it's called irony.


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