Type 1 Diabetic Pro-Humanist
Responds to Bush Stem Cell Decision

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Initial response, last night, posted an hour after the
Bush speech ...

Typical Political Machinations ... (080901)
"... Tonight's decision by Bush to forego federal funds
for stem cell research regarding embryos which are
destined to be discarded, but instead, saying federal
funds will go for *existing stem lines*, resulting from
private research which has already resulted in the
termination of embryos. ..."

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Follow-ups written last night and today ...

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Follow-up 1 (11:49 PM CT, 8/9/01)

The decision by Bush may be adequately assessed
in one word ...


To put it in perspective, let's say John F. Kennedy
had made a speech in which he stated that "... surely,
we must all understand, leaving the earth is a conten-
tious issue, what with the moral dilemma of risking
human life, and for what end? To compete with an
atheistic society which doesn't even consider god
to be real? Please, surely you jest. If god had meant
for us to leave earth, surely he would have given us
wings. Let us put forth a modicum of effort and try
to compete against the atheists, but by no means shall
we endeavor to get to the moon before those guys,
for to do so would be to sanctify their efforts to deny
that which is the blessing of god. Let us praise the
Pope, say our hail marys, and bow to the almighty
god we all know is the supreme and all-important
master of the universe ... amen ..."

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By the way, curing human disease should be the #1
priority of these United States of America, by no god,
as no god is my witness. Amen.

The cowards and idiots running the country must be
slapped upside the head into recognizing that kissing
the butt of non-existent deities, as well as catering to
religious institutions which have brought devastation to
humankind, is nothing but revelation of the immorality
of their reason for being.

They are steeped in pretentiousness, sanctimoniousness,
immorality parading as morality, anti-humanism, and the
worst that humankind can be. To *pretend* that one is
pro-human as people are dying and suffering from diseases
is far apart from *being* pro-human and actively fighting
to cure diseases and raising the value of the human exper-
ience to a worthy and esteemed level of equanimity and
oneness with the best that humankind can be, on this earth,
at this time, in this life.

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Follow-up 2 (12:21 AM CT, 8/10/01), responding to a
person strongly supporting *no* embryonic stem cell
research unless or until it is proven to his satisfaction
that other stem cells cannot be as useful as embryonic
stem cells ...

Did you masturbate tonight? Did you feel guilty about
killing millions of sperm that may have resulted in human
life? Probably not. Did you have sex with a babe tonight?
Whether or not she was fertilized, did you feel guilty
about the millions of sperm that died in your effort to
have sex? Probably not.

Why? Because life is *not* and *never has been* some-
thing identifiable at a cellular level, not in the bible, not
by any religious follower-on, not by any pope with any
semblance of intelligence regarding the nature of being,
no, simply put, life is that which results after that which
is a natural and prohibitive block against it, with 80 per-
cent of conceptions ending in natural termination through
no intervention by humans and with close to 100 percent
of eggs and sperm ending in termination by virtue of that
which is the natural state of being ...

My daughter, survivor of an identical twin conception,
her sister, named Amanda, destined by nature, not to be
born, dead in her mother's womb, through no act, no god,
no nothing but that which is the nature of that which we
call life ...

Had she been born, she would have been nurtured, cared
for, loved, as is my daughter, and had she come down
with cancer, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, spinal
chord injury, or any other of the innumerable diseases that
may be cured by virtue of embryonic stem cell research ...

I assure you, every last breath I have to offer would have
been spent endeavoring to cure her, to save her, from that
which would have been her natural fate ...

Please do consider that which is life, that which is sentience,
that which is *us*, every live/sentient feeling and caring hu-
man being on earth, and if you wish to sanctify/honor/pro-
tect/value human life, *start* with those that are the surviv-
ors, the living, the sentient and caring and real life beings
that share this earth with you and yours, and only then ...

After doing your best to make this life, this common exper-
ience, the best that it can be for all of those humans who
have made it to this state of being ...

Only then, might you have the moral right to venture into
the cellular world of pre-life and endeavor to protect the
potentiality of life.

Please, after endeavoring to save and protect and nurture
sentient life, do get back to me on efforts to protect life
potentiality, won't you?

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Follow-up 3 (12:42 AM CT, 8/10/01), responding to a
person who saw Montel Williams on Larry King after the
president's speech and who expressed strong support for
Montel's position supporting stem cell research ... Montel
suffers from MS - here's a link with details ...


I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. I saw Montel
and totally empathize with his position.

In my own words, and put in terms that folks of all persua-
sions might understand ...

To protect/promote/sanctify/bless human life ...

*START* with the living sentient beings that exist ...

Do everything in your power for those who have made
it to this state of being we call life ...

Then, and only then, after doing everything humanly
possible for those who are living ...

May one assert/promote a value which delves into the
cellular world of pre-life ...

Simply put, LIFE is for the living, and until/unless one
has done everything humanly possible for the living ...

One has no moral, logical, reasonable, or justifiable case
to present in endeavoring to promote the pre-living, the
cells with life potentiality ...

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Follow-up 4 (1:36 AM CT, 8/10/01), responding to a
poster telling me to "have some patience" ...

As live sentient human beings die and suffer ...

No. I refuse patience. I refuse waiting. I reject
kissing the butt of conservatives bowing to the
gods of non-existence and the gods of religious
pretentiousness and the gods of conservative
screw the living daylights out of the dumb-fuck
Americans who are so-very-easy to manipulate
and back into corners ... after all, they have all
been brainwashed since birth, so how hard can
it be?

What's worse than a conservative asshole being
a conservative asshole?

A conservative asshole pretending to be something
other than a conservative asshole.

See Bush for details.

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Follow-up 5 (1:57 AM CT, 8/10/01), responding to
a person who adopted a position that supporters of
stem cell research were liberal off-the-wall types with
no clue about how to cure diseases ...

There are those that kiss the butt of authority and con-
formity ...

Read up on Nazi Germany for a clue as to how those
folks justify their so-called "morality" ...

And there are those folks willing to stand up for the
RIGHTS of those sentient and live human beings who
deserve the best chance that humankind can arrive at,
to be all we can be, on this earth, at this time, in this
life ...

I urge you, I implore you, to STOP kissing the butts
of authority and conformity, to stand up for the rights
of sentient beings in this life we all know and share ...

Only then, only after doing all you can to preserve and
protect and nourish that which is sentient and viable life,
only then ...

May you embark on the adventure into pre-life, cells,
that which is a world of micro-biology / non-sentience /
life potentiality ...

To start at that which isn't and to punish/deny that which
is ...

Is but a manifestation of denial of all that is worth living
for ...

Kiss the butt of conservatives and know that which is
slavery to deceit, to denial, to submission to authority ...

And that, my friend, is the nature of that which you're
promoting ...

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Follow-up 6 (2:39 AM CT, 8/10/01)

OK, Let's say ...

... a live and sentient human being is worthy
of being nurtured and given every opportunity
possible to be all they can be, in this life, on
this earth, at this time ...

What then?

Well, one might consider allowing the 100,000
embryos stored in freezers to be used to develop
cures for those live and sentient human beings
who beat the odds, who survived, who made it
to birth, to sentience ...

To be treated with admiration and respect for that
which is the nature of human existence.

But, what have the anti-sentience crowd to offer?

Preserve frozen cells, and damn those live and sen-
tient beings to that which is left-over, that which is
the least effort possible that conservatives can get
away with ...

Yes, with a woman's monthly cycle, there exists
the potential for fertilization ...

Yes, if a woman has sex with a man, she may
conceive, but by the way in which nature has
determined that conceptions proceed ...

There is less than a 1-in-5 chance that a concep-
tion will end in a birth ...

And the 100,000 embryos sit in freezers, restricted
from advancing the cause of cures/perpetuation of
life for those live and sentient beings who have made
it to the stage by which we endorse the value of that
which is worthy of recognition as human life ...

And the conservatives sanctify the frozen cells and
damn the living and sentient beings who may be aided
by stem cell research to the lowest effort possible
without banning, totally, the effort to use embryonic
stem cells ...

All I can say, and to sum up, YOU ARE ALIVE,
YOU are a fertilized cell that has SURVIVED, that
has been nurtured and has developed into a live and
sentient human being, YOU are LIFE defined, and
to deny the value of your life, your sentience, your
right to be all you can be, is but to devalue the po-
tentiality of life for ALL of the 100,000 frozen em-
bryos which conservatives seek to sanctify/bless
as if the cells were anything other than sperms and
eggs which resulted in the potentiality for life.

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Follow-up 7 (12:34 PM CT, 8/10/01), responding to
a person who asked if I honestly expected Bush to
give a full and unconditional OK for embryonic stem
cell research ...

I hoped for an effort that recognized the value of sentient
human life. I hoped that Bush had been informed regarding
the nature of termination of most of the frozen embryos he
paid lip service to.

I hoped that Bush would see the benefits to live and sen-
tient human beings far outweighed playing politics and
blessing frozen cells destined to be discarded. I hoped for
more intelligence, and less religion, more wisdom, and less

I hoped for a rapid effort, akin to the moon program, at rid-
ding our planet of diseases, making this noble and honorable
endeavor the #1 priority for our country, so that *all* sen-
tient human life, from new-born babies to aging folks would
have reason to rejoice in an enthusiastic campaign to eliminate
some of the worst fears/consequences of a natural fate that
sentient beings are now forced to live with.

Instead, what we got was a political play from a sentient human
being who treats all diseases as bummer-deal consequences of
god's will, with god's will (in his mind) being to do whatever it
takes to push god down the throats of Americans, even if that
entails blessing frozen embryos, almost all of which are des-
tined for non-existence and exclusion from research due to the
heartless anti-humanism and anti-sentient-life of those like Bush
and his religious right and pope-a-tized cronies.

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Follow-up 8 (12:42 PM CT, 8/10/01), responding to a person
who tried to compare a coma victim to a blastocyst ...

Surely, you do recognize the rights of all life, rights which
have been established by law, and surely you recognize the
ludicrous nature of comparing coma victims to cells, cells
consisting of the potentiality to be alive after overcoming
a naturalistic (or god, if one prefers) obstacle course. Here
are some details for you:

See Figure C-1 - Drawing of the Technique for
Generating Embryonic Stem Cell Cultures
[link no longer available]

See Figure 3-1 - Photo of Human Blastocyst
Showing Inner Cell Mass and Trophectoderm
[link no longer available]

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Follow-up 9 (2:01 PM CT, 8/10/01)

Bush Stem Cell Decision - "Research Likely to be
Stifled" ... "Hurting Our Country and Society" ...
"Doesn't Make Sense"

Researchers Fear President's Limits
on Stem-Cell Research Go Too Far

Aug. 10 — President Bush's decision to permit federally
funded research on a limited number of embryonic stem
cells has many scientists concerned that while medical
research may proceed, it's likely to be stifled.

[link no longer available]


"Limiting the number of cell lines that may be used will
limit research progress substantially and for no good
reason," said Lawrence Goldstein of the Howard Hughes
Medical Institute at the University of California in San
Diego, while acknowledging that the decision was a
"step in the right direction."


Mark Kay, director of the Program in Human Gene
Therapy at Stanford University argued that by limiting
research to the existing 60 stem cell lines "we are hurting
our country and society."

"I am disgusted," he said. "The decision was purely based
on political motives and not scientific fact or principles."


Jonathan Moreno, director of the Center for Biomedical
Ethics at the University of Virginia, argues the policy
doesn't make sense. He says that federal research should
not be limited to stem-cell lines already in existence when
unused embryos will be available to researchers indefin-

"Why should embryos used to derive stem cells before
Aug. 9, 2001, be viewed differently from those used to
derive stem cells after the date of the president's speech?"
he asked.

It's likely many lawmakers may push the same point.

In his speech the president said some frozen embryos
in fertility clinics do not survive long … or are thrown
away. Sen. Arlen Specter, a Republican and a propon-
ent of stem-cell research, said these cells should not be

"It is my judgment that at least stem cells should be
extracted from those [unused, frozen] embryos without
crossing the president's ethical line," Specter said in a

Specter and others may challenge the president's ruling
when Congress returns next month.


- end excerpts -

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Stem Cell References (from previous posts)

Israeli Teams Grows Heart Cells
and Insulin Producing Cells From Human
Embryonic Stem Cells (080101)
"... researchers ... have for the first time suc-
ceeded in growing the precursors of heart
cells from human embryonic stem cells ...
In a second study, ... researchers ...demon-
strated that human embryonic stem cells can
produce insulin, a result that could signal an
important step toward a cure for type 1 dia-
betes. ..."

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Stem Cell Research - Comprehensive
Report (073101)
"Stem Cells: Scientific Progress and Future
Research Directions From the National Insti-
tutes of Health ... Stem Cell Debate - Can
Information Change Opinions? ... Type 1 Dia-
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(Stem Cells and Diabetes) ... Stem Cells - Basic
Information (NIH Report - Executive Summary) ...
Christopher Reeve on politics and stem cell re-
search ... Human Choices Regarding Concep-
tion Compared to Acts of Nature (or god, if one
prefers) ... ..."

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Stem Cell Bill to Wait a Year (102400)
"Dead cells tell no tales - the cowardice of the
buffoons in congress, led by the religious right,
delay federal support for desperately needed
cures for juvenile-onset diabetes, Parkinson's,
Alzheimer's and other diseases for yet another
year. Cells saved by this decision? None. Lives
lost and damaged by this decision of religiously
motivated stupidity? _____________? ..."

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