Suggestion for Obama
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Meanwhile, I'll make the following political com-
ment as a sidenote to a post I made a while back,
regarding the impacts of assorted voting groups
on the election:

Evangelicals -- 74% for McCain
Religiously nonobservant -- 75% for Obama

Suggestion for Obama, rather than trying to mimic
Bush in your endeavor to perpetuate the Bush faith
based initiative, something that Republicans did
simply because they were beholden to evangelicals
and the christian wrong, notice that religion is on
the decline.

In your efforts to enhance scientific endeavors to
cure disease, to end the Bush-inspired ban on embry-
onic stem cell research, to further scientific efforts
to 'go green' in terms of energy independence, and
hopefully in your efforts to create the type of for-
ward-thinking leadership this country has been de-
void of during the Bush tenure, the answers reside
in the real world, not in the "God damn America"
world that almost prevented you from getting elected.

Hopefully, in that real world, you'll come up with
innovative ideas to stimulate the economy from the
bottom-up, building for the future, creating jobs in
the present, and recognizing that c-h-a-n-g-e should
include recognizing that the country's strength comes
not from the religious wrong, but instead from the
efforts of the best and the brightest for real progress
in real solutions for the real problems that religion
has all-too-often made worse.

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