Southwest Airlines Fashion Police
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Man, I must be getting old. I remember a day,
not too long ago in my mind, when Southwest
Airlines presented stewardesses attired in 'hot
pants' and when 'sex' was part of their pitch
to attract customers.

Now, as evidenced from the following article,
a cute chick in a mini-skirt is enough of an
affront to attempt to get her kicked off of a
Southwest Airlines flight.

Reminder -- the 'puritanical' nature of Ameri-
can ethos is derived from religion. Thank
goodness the Taliban ain't in power, and
burkas aren't in style (not in America, any-

Point in fact, we come into this world as pure
and nude as can be, and if not for religion, we
would be likely to enjoy our sexual natures to
their natural extent far greater than we do in
a mostly uptight, hypocritical, and conflicted

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September 5, 2007
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