Survey: Teens Are Living Online
(Top Posts - Social/Legal - 062101)

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"... THE SURVEY FOUND that 73 percent of all kids
polled aged 12-17 use the Net and believe that it enhances
their lives.

Whether or not you believe statistics, it’s interesting to
see this comprehensive look at the impact being online
has on kids’ interpersonal relationships with their friends,
their parents and with researching.

... Those of us who didn’t grow up with personal com-
puters have had to learn how to multitask, but kids today
are multitasking as a matter of course. So, too, are they
coming of age with concepts adults have had to learn:
the Net’s effects on friendships and dating.

[editorial note - learn how to multitask? I assure you,
folks in the 19th century were multitasking with Grammie
yacking / kids squawking / hubbie demanding / friends
interceding, long before the age of computers and high-
tech gear, so the PC comments are pure, well, purely
revelation of the shallowness present in modern-day
internet reportage (and, of course, the shallowness of
reportage cares not of technology, as it would take but
a cursory glance at newspapers/magazines from bygone
days to reveal the shallow nature of much of that which
is human discourse)]

... Even adults know that dating is greatly enhanced by
instant messaging ..."

[editorial note - what the h--- are they talking about?
Dating enhanced by instant messaging? Whether phone
call, written note, email, instant, snail-mail, whatever,
I see no 'greatly enhanced' thingie coming about as a
result of folks' ability to IM rather than Face-to-Face,
do you?]

- - - end excerpt - - -

Summary: Are we getting closer or more distant as a result
of all the technocracy? Regardless of the teen scene, when
it comes to work, is technocracy leading us to a world of
more authoritarianism/privacy-deprivation/big brotherism
or less so? Is technocracy leading us to more freedom or
less so? Are we more free today than we were in 1780?

I think not. I think the pressures to conform/submit/adhere
to codes of monetary enslavement to the powers of those
who rule over the domain of technocracy are ever-increasing
and that it would behoove us, one and all, to use any and
every effort to diss the corporations/monopolies/govern-
ments/institutions/entities of de facto control over us from
ruling us by virtue of technocracy and our willingness to
enslave ourselves to the conformity of a system that knows
not of humanity, but instead knows only of worship to those
faceless/heartless entities in power and the almighty $ which
is their god ...

- - -

If you worship the $, the $ is your master, and your freedom
is but a slave to the $ ... to be truly free, you must resist the
temptation to sacrifice your morals, your principles, your
desires/goals/minds/hearts to the insipid money-grinder
corporatitis which is grinding America to its knees, as mere
slaves to a dead-end world whose only purpose is to work
and conform and die as disposal cogs in a heartless wheel
of emptiness/meaninglessness and for what?

The good of the few at the expense of the many, for it is
the few that benefit from the labor of the many and it's
time, damn past time, for us to stop pretending that this
is the best we can do, to stop turning our backs on the
needy, the unfortunate, those in despair, those who resist
the cookie-cutter corporatitis, those who dare to say NO
to the modernized slavery, those who dare to say LIFE
is FAR too precious to waste away on kissing the butt
of those who demand our labor for their own selfish gain,
no matter the cost to humankind ....

- - -

It's damn past time for us to STAND UP for OUR rights,
in this life, at this time, on this earth, to recognize that each
and every one of us has an EQUAL right to that which is
our human inheritance, the bounty of this earth, the precious
time which is our life, the destiny which is our common
heritage as free and sentient and equal beings existing in
this one and only life we can know exists.

So, next time someone asks you to pee in a cup or provide
a hair sample or otherwise submit to an entity which demands
your cooperation or else, in order to be employed or join a
club or attend a school, just say NO. Next time someone asks
you to rat on a friend or co-worker, just say NO. Next time
someone asks you to stab someone in the back for the almighty
$, just say NO.

- - -

Instead of being sorry excuses for human beings, in this
modern age of techno-slavery to whomever wishes to laud
their almighty $'s over our heads, respond with the core prin-
ciple and value of that which is our very being, the equality of
all humankind, the equal right of all of us, each and every one,
to share in that which is the bounty of our planet, the knowledge
that no f-----n billionaire has any more moral right over our air,
our food, our water, our trees, our resources on this planet,
than does the most impoverished child in Eritrea.

- - -

Know that as human beings on planet earth, we are, indeed,
a humanity of one, and that no king, no government, no corpor-
ation, no church, no religion, has the right to dictate our destiny
to us.

Share/care/love one another.

Know that this life is our only sure and certain common bond,
our only sure and certain chance to be all we can be, and know
that it's up to us, only us to change what has been, 'til now, a
world full of unfairness, inequity, immorality, selfishness, greed,
authoritarianism, and anti-humanism. We can and must make a
difference or else we forsake all we know to exist, our lives, our
one and only sure chance to be all we can be, on this earth, at
this time, in this life ...

- - -