U.S./Bush Hypocrisy
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As Bush parades around calling "islam the religion
of peace" and other such nonsense ...

Palestinian suicide squads continue to embark on their
campaign of murder for allah against Israeli children
and citizens ...

And Israelis continue to respond by trying to kill the
terrorists ...

And Bush has the audacity to criticize Sharon while
planning a massive like-minded campaign to kill the
terrorists that attacked the U.S., trying to curry favor
with Arabs, most of whom seem to be just fine with
any act of terrorism by Palestinian terrorists, no matter
the innocent Israeli children and innocent Israeli citizens
killed ...

Sharon accuses Bush of appeasement ...

Bush tells Sharon to shut up because the U.S. is Israel's
"best friend" ...

Sharon knows full well that the only thing standing be-
tween Israel and oblivion is the firm, unyielding, and
continued effort of Israel to survive and avoid the "final
holocaust" which is the ultimate goal of those like bin
Laden, the terrorists, and the Palestinians and their like-
minded Arab/muslim fundamentalist/terrorist cohorts ...

At this moment, I feel a bond with the Israelis who have
been terrorized for decades and who unabashedly lash
out against the constant demon of terrorism ... while
Bush (the leader of the nation which is the latest in a
many decades long series of terrorist actions against all
not one with Arab fundamentalist views of islamic return
to power) has yet to come to grips with the fact that it is
that very Palestinian/Arab/islamic fundamentalism that is
the foe that the U.S. and Israel face, together, rather than
his insipid effort to treat Israel as "of lesser diminished
concern" while trying to buddy up to muslim states for
self-centered U.S. ends.

The U.S. ineptitude in addressing the Palestinian-Israeli
problem and the U.S. total lack of closure in addressing
the Iraqi problem and the U.S. inability to grasp the depths
to which islamic fundamentalists/terrorists are willing to
destroy anything Jewish/Christian/Western/U.S. in order
to achieve a muslim world for allah ... these are the under-
lying causalities which Bush and his ilk are, due to their
christian/western fog, unable or unwilling to grasp ...

Why has there been no U.S. reprisal for the horrific attack
on America?

Why does Bush see fit to lash out against our long-time
friend in the region in an effort to appease muslim nations?

1) Bush is terrorized into being scared he will be blamed
for any terrorist act which occurs if the U.S. reacts to the
attack on America

2) Bush is devoted to appeasing muslims in order to "make
nice" in hoping to avoid a repeat of the attack on America

3) Bush knows full well that our country is full of potential
terrorists due to lax (inept) immigration policies which have
invited foreigners into our country in the naive notion that
an "open borders" policy was "good for America"

- - -

This is war. Americans will die, here and abroad, in this
war. The time for action is now. The time for turning
against our best friends in the region, the Israelis, is never.

If muslims come out with unyielding support for freedom,
liberty, and the right of all humans to live in peace, includ-
ing the state of Israel and all *unbelievers* (note - the
quran is loaded with threats against *unbelievers*), then
I'll consider the so-called "islam is the religion of peace"
statement as worthy of consideration (at least as far as
it goes, trying to overlook the abysmal anti-humanism
present in islamic so-called "holy" documents, more pro-
nounced than the anti-humanism present in the christian
so-called "holy" documents).

Until then, it's nothing but a lie being foisted upon us to
protect the underlying weakness of all faiths including
christianity. What is that weakness? Their devotion to
single mindset indoctrination as "the truth" despite their
anti-humanism, reigning as the supreme doctrine behind
closed doors, while feigning a "we (all faiths) are one
with god" ecumenical notion for public consumption,
as required.