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- - - Books Added on December 4, 2009 - - -

059. The Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia
of Sexuality, by editors Robert T. Francoeur, Martha
Cornog, and Raymond J. Noonan
"... This one-volume encyclopedia comprises the
four-volume International Encyclopedia of Sexuality (published 1997-2001) ... Sixty in-depth articles ...
discuss sexuality in as many countries.

... each article explores heterosexual, homosexual,
and bisexual relationships of children, adolescents,
and adults; gender diversity and transgender issues;
unconventional sexual patterns; contraception; sex-
ually transmitted diseases; sexual dysfunctions and
therapies; issues for older and for physically and
mentally challenged people; sex education; and reli-
gious and ethnic influences on sexuality. ..."

058. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love,
Courtship, and Sexuality through History [Six
Volumes] , by Susan Mumm, Merril D. Smith
"... brings together an outstanding amount of diverse
material on the ideas, attitudes, laws, and practices
of sex, love, and courtship in cultures all around the
world and through the centuries.

Each volume covers a particular era: The Ancient
World, The Medieval World, The Early Modern
Period, The Colonial and Revolutionary Era, The
Nineteenth Century, and The Modern World.

... the important topics of abortion, marriage, contra-
ception, homosexuality, and divorce are all covered, subjects such as obstetrical manuals, eunuchs, porn-
ography on the Internet, seduction literature, dowry,
bestiality, and impotence are also discussed.

Other general topics, such as euphemisms and slang,
clothing and fashion, and religion, are analyzed in
relation to sexuality and love in different cultures
and times. ...

Volumes open with a list of entries, an introduction
that surveys the era, a guide to related topics, and
a chronology. ... The inclusion of Web sites that
contain documents and information is an outstanding
addition ..."

057. Sex and War : How Biology Explains Warfare
and Terrorism and Offers a Path to a Safer World,
by Malcolm Potts, Thomas Hayden
Excerpts from the first few pages of the book:

"... This book is about war. It is about terror, and
cruelty, and the biological origins and long, brutal,
vicious, and destructive history of organized agres-
sion. Perhaps most importantly, it is about not just
the depths to which human beings can sink, but
also how we came to be this way and what we
can do about it.

We will show that killing other members of our own
species -- a rarity in the animal kingdom -- is a male
behavior that evolved early in our history, because
those individuals who manifested such a predisposi-
tion were more likely to transmit their genes to the
next generation than those who didn't. War and vio-
lence, then, are indelibly linked to sex and reproduc-
tion.  ...

In the pages that come, we will show that for most
of history and prehistory, small groups of men who
were prepared to attack their neighbors and steal
their resources, and who could seduce or coerce
women for sex, ended up having more offspring.

Women, meanwhile, were more likely to improve
their reproductive successs -- to have more chil-
dren survive to reproduce themselves -- by aligning
themselves with successfully violent men rather than
by joining raids and risking death themselves. ...

... there are biological reasons why men often strive
to control women's reproduction, and rape during
wartime -- a disturbingly common phenomenon --
may be an extreme example of that tendency. ..."

056. A Natural History of Rape : Biological
Bases of Sexual Coercion, by Randy Thornhill,
Craig T. Palmer
"... Evolutionary psychology often stomps where
other branches of science fear to tread. Case in
point: A Natural History of Rape. Randy Thornhill,
a biologist, and Craig T. Palmer, an anthropologist,
have attempted to apply evolutionary principles to
[rape] and the result is a guaranteed storm of media
hype and debate.

The book's central argument is that rape is a genetic-
ally developed strategy sustained over generations
of human life because it is a kind of sexual selection
-- a successful reproductive strategy. This runs dir-
ectly counter to the prevailing notion -- that rape is
predominantly about violent power, and only secon-
darily about sex. ... the authors suggest that all young
men be educated frankly about their (theoretical) gen-
etic desire to rape.

... Thornhill ... and ... Palmer ... contend in this already
highly controversial book that prevailing explanations
of why men rape and how we can prevent them rely
on wrong, dangerous and outmoded dogma. The right
explanations for rape, they contend, as for all other
human behavior, rely on Darwinian models of natural
Rapists want sex, they say. Rape, or the drive to rape,
is an adaptation: some of our ancestors increased their
reproductive success by mating with unwilling partners,
and the brain-wiring that led them to do so got passed
on to their male descendants. ... What we call rape
happens in most if not all cultures; nonhuman primates
rape, too. ..."

055. X : The Erotic Treasury, by Susie Bright
"... 40 of the hottest stories ... new stories as well as
the most sought-after stories from The Best American
Erotica series. ..."

054. First-Timers : True Stories of Lesbian Awakening,
by Rachel Kramer Bussel
"... Oh, that delicious, unforgettable first time. These
lusty, passionate, exciting stories recount all kinds of
sexy, sweaty firsts between women: first-time strap-
ons, spankings, and role-playing, first loves and first
affairs. This collection gathers the best true stories
inspired by the most memorable firsts. ..."

053. Femmes : Masterpieces of Erotic Photography,
by Michelle Olley
"... A visual feast of the erotic ... contains 190 photo-
graphs (in color, duotone and black and white) along
with appropriate text ... could make a very tempting
present for any sensualists of your acquaintance, par-
ticularly if they are aficionados of lingerie, black leather
and elegant Sapphic couplings. ... a comprehensive
review of erotic photography over the last century.

It is a celebration of the female nude; featuring female
couples in images that have been selected to highlight
the erotic charge when two women are photographed
together. ..."

052. Women Loving Women : Appreciating and
Exploring the Beauty of Erotic Female Encounters,
by Jamye Waxman
"... Women Loving Women explores the phenomenon
of the contemporary 'bi-sexual' or 'lesbian' experience
for the heterosexual woman. However, while women
loving women is indeed an emerging trend, it is also an
age-old obsession that this book also addresses and
places in a historical perspective.

The book investigates the reasons modern women are
more open to same-sex encounters, how these exper-
iences can connect people and help them grow, and
how regardless of one's sexual orientation, there is
much to learn here about the nature of love, sex, and
physical attraction and its unconscious determinants.

In addition, Women Loving Women also responds to
how these same-sex encounters are less apt to create
conflict in their heterosexual relationships, and actually
might spice things up with their male partner (many
men fantasize about same-sex women relationships) ...
features sophisticated photographs that will capture
the warm and enlightening approach of exploring
erotic possibilities with other women ..."

051. Girls Kissing : Volume One, by Paul Mallinson
"... Girls kissing ... it's a beautiful thing! ..."

050. 365 Sex Positions : A New Way Every Day
for a Steamy, Erotic Year, by Editors of Amorata Press
"... From January 1 to December 31, 365 Sex
Positions offers couples an exciting new way to
spice up their sex lives every day of the year.

Opening this book to any page reveals an enticing
new position complete with how-to information,
enjoyment tips, and an evocative photograph of
the position.

... There are erotic variations on the missionary,
doggie, and cowgirl positions; modern examples
of Kama Sutra classics; and acrobatic positions
for advanced lovemaking. ..."

049. Pink Pussy (English, French and German Edition),
by Quinn Dolan
"... This photobook presents the vulva, also lovingly
known as the pussy, from two exciting perspectives.
On the one hand, it depicts young women with their
vulvas in the foreground, so large and close-up that 
the viewer can precisely study their marvelous forms.

On the other hand, the facing page in each pair of
pages offers a bird's eye view showing the model
lying on a bed or sofa, photographed from above,
so that the girls lustily offer themselves to the viewer
with their legs widely spread.

Women's power: exciting, uninhibited, erotic! Texts
in English, German & French. ..."

048. The Lesbian Kama Sutra, by Kat Harding
"... applies the spirit and intention of the original
Kama Sutra -- the expression of uninhibited plea-
sure through sex -- to the lives of women. Cele-
brating the love between women with clear, em-
powering text and a rich visual tapestry of images,
the book offers a frank and open discussion of
the lesbian sexual experience, revealing the inti-
mate relationships women have with other women.

... In addition to advice on meeting partners, dating,
seduction and relationships, there is information on
bisexuality, sex toys and other aspects of same-gen-
der love. ..."

047. Best Lesbian Erotica 2010,
edited by Kathleen Warnock
"... travels around the world of lesbian sex with
deliriously delicious stories that push lesbian lust
and desire to new heights.

... From inventive threesomes to seductive first-
times, the women in these stories reveal all their
pleasures in this collection of arousing and sen-
sually lyrical fiction. ..."

046. Best Lesbian Erotica 2009,
edited by Tristan Taormino
"... journeys into the world of hot women-on-women
action with edgy, unusual stories ..."

045. Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2009,
edited by Nicole Foster
"... takes erotica to a whole new level in this collection
of stories from today's hottest erotica writers. ..."

044. Best Women's Erotica 2010,
edited by Violet Blue
"... written with intelligence, wit and humor. But,
most importantly, it's hot and sexy. ...

Eighteen steamy stories make up the latest collec-
tion of women's erotica. Being erotic is not the
only quality of the stories in this book. They are
well developed stories with good characteriza-
tions. ... Some of these stories may shock you
while others are very sweet. All are erotic and
well written. ..."

043. Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia)
Sex and Human Sexuality, by User Contributions

"... In biology, sex is a process of combining and
mixing genetic traits, often resulting in the speciali-
zation of organisms into a male or female variety
(known as a sex). Sexual reproduction involves
combining specialized cells (gametes) to form off-
spring that inherit traits from both parents.

... An organism's sex is defined by the gametes it
produces: males produce male gametes (sperma-
tozoa, or sperm) while females produce female
gametes (ova, or egg cells); individual organisms
which produce both male and female gametes are
termed hermaphroditic. ...

Human sexuality is how people experience the
erotic and express themselves as sexual beings.
Frequently driven by the desire for sexual pleasure,
human sexuality has biological, physical and emo-
tional aspects.

Biologically, it refers to the reproductive mechan-
ism as well as the basic biological drive that exists
in all species and can encompass sexual intercourse
and sexual contact in all its forms. Emotional aspects
deal with the intense emotions relating to sexual acts
and associated social bonds. ... "

- - - Videos Added on December 4, 2009 - - -

042. DVD : The L Word [Complete Series Pack - 24 Discs]

041. DVD : Gia

040. DVD : The Unbearable Lightness of
Being [Two-Disc Special Edition]

039. DVD : Wild Things

038. Some of the currently 'free' sex video websites

037. Pro-Humanist FREELOVER Posts which
include videos pertaining to Sex
(as of December 4, 2009)

- - - Books from the 1999 & 2000 Versions of this post - - -

036. Great Moments in Sex,
by Cheryl Rilly
"... The history of sex and all things sexual! Where
topless dancers, stripteases, contraceptives, sex
toys, dirty books, sex symbols, experts who tell
us how to get it up or keep it down, and four-letter
words abound, not only in the 20th century but in
mankind's most ancient cultures.

Because of the many outlets the media has taken,
sex is more 'in your face' than ever before. But,
I promise you, we have invented nothing. And
most of the time our ancestors did things with
much more gusto than we do. When was the
last time you saw a giant movable phallus in
a parade? In ancient Egypt it happened every
year. ..."

035. Desires,
by Adrienne Benedicks (Editor),
Shivaji Sengupta (Editor)
"... An anthology of first rate erotic fiction written by
some of the best erotica writers from England,
Canada, the US and India. ..."

034. The Best American Erotica 2000,
by Susie Bright (Editor)
"... In this collection we find human sexuality in all its
diversity; pleasure and desire in all its forms. This
double length, year 2000 edition offers a glimpse of
what sex in the new millennium might be, a time
when voices from the sexual underground will be
heard and our ideas of perfection will be redefined.
This most recent installment in the annual bestselling
series includes the year's most provocative literature,
guaranteed to have something for everyone. ..."

033. Dark Angels : Lesbian Vampire Stories,
by Pam Keesey (Editor)
"... Sexual and seductive, violently jealous, the lesbian
vampire enthralls every lesbian she meets -- and any-
one else who happens to catch a glimpse of folklore's
quintessential bad girl. In fact, the lesbian vampire is
so terrifying and seductively wicked, so powerfully
ancient and alluring, that even vampire buffs have
tried to keep her under wraps. ..."

032. Daughters of Darkness : Lesbian Vampire
Stories, by Pam Keesey (Editor)
"... In the fascinating, scholarly introduction to these
10 tales, editor Keesey examines the role of women,
especially lesbians, in vampire lore. She traces her
own interest to the 1970s -- 'the golden age of lesbian
vampire movies' -- and pursues her quarry throughout
literature, postulating that its origin might lie in tradi-
tions as old as the Bible. Discovering traditional char-
acteristics of the female vampire, she concludes that
the lesbian may be the skeleton-in-the-closet of vam-
pire lore. ..."

031. Love in Vein II: 18 More Original Tales of
Vampiric Erotica, by Poppy Z. Brite (Editor),
Martin H. Greenberg (Editor)
"... Following the stunning success of Love in Vein,
Poppy Z. Brite offers a second dark gift: another
intimate volume of vampiric erotica. From the New
Orleans goth scene to the punk bars of Amsterdam,
from the Dark behind the glow of Las Vegas to the
secret lovers who dwell in Lugosi's tomb -- platinum
pop stars, lascivious tap dancers, naughty necrophiles
-- all creatures of their own hungers and desires. ..."

030. Love in Vein: Twenty Original Tales of
Vampiric Erotica, Poppy Z. Brite (Editor)
"... One of the most acclaimed young authors of dark
fantasy gathers together an original collection of 20
erotic vampire stories penned by her favorite writers.
Not since Anne Rice wrote as Anne Rampling has
fantasy been celebrated with such powerful and
seductive tales of unspeakable, forbidden, and
macabre intimacies. ..."

029. A Taste of Midnight : Vampire Erotica
(The Erotic Vampire Series Vol 4),
by Cecilia Tan (Editor)
"... Move over Anne Rice! Here are some tales of
vampire mythos where the sex and sexuality are
no longer sublimated or hidden. ..."

028. The Girls : Sappho Goes to Hollywood,
by Diana McLellan
"... Diana McLellan's witty and penetrating study of
the golden age of Hollywood sapphism will delight
the armchair detective as well as the lavender movie

Thanks to McLellan's obsessive sleuthing, The Girls
offers not only the most detailed biography of Mer-
cedes de Acosta, seducer of the stars, but provides
tantalizing evidence of an early affair in Germany
between Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, women
who in later life claimed never to have met.

Much of the book is devoted to Garbo -- another
sign of the author's good taste -- and revelations
abound. Sadly, the golden age gave way to Mc-
Carthyism. Even the 'gayest' of Hollywood lesbians
retreated into the closet, or, like de Acosta, left for
Europe. ..."

027. Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of
Weimar Berlin, by Mel Gordon
"... Between 1921 and 1933, Berlin developed a rep-
utation for debauchery unrivaled by any city before or
since. Unlike European capitals like Paris, Barcelona,
and Amsterdam, where brothel districts were exten-
sive but discreet, in Berlin sexual tourism was a pri-
mary industry.

On any given evening, over 600 establishments, from
massage parlors to sex clubs to cabarets to private
torture dungeons, promised unique sights and plea-
sures. Using tourist guidebooks that appeared before
the Nazi period, historical memoirs, and more than
400 specialized journals and books, Mel Gordon has
put together a controversial exploration of Berlin's
erotic demiworld and its relationship to the rise of
Nazism. ..."

026. 100 Years of Erotica : A Photographic
Portfolio of Mainstream American Subculture
from 1845-1945, by Paul Aratow
"... Ever since the advent of photography, commercial
photographers and artists have turned their camera's
eye to the human body -- often in the most intimate
settings. '100 Years of Erotica' explores the rich,
varied, and -- why beat around the bush -- down-
right shocking tradition of erotic portraits of men and
women engaged in ... (ahem) ... a variety of recrea-
tional activities. ..."

025. Forms of Desire,
by Doris Kloster (Photographer), Pat Califia
"... An erotic and playful collection of fetish photo-
graphy by one of the major artists in the field today.
Never simply a shocking image nor a campy send-
up, the photographs in this collection examine the
often overlooked, intimate ways in which desire
and fantasy interact in female sexuality. ..."

024. Obsessions, by Tony Ward (Photographer),
A.D. Coleman, George Pitts
"... Penthouse, December 1998: Ward's sexually
exciting and sensually artistic photos have long
graced our pages ... Obsessions is certain to be
an instant collector's classic. ..."

023. Sexual Art : Photographs That Test
the Limits, by Michael A. Rosen
"... There are about 55 images of men and women
(not necessarily together by gender). The images
have two general themes. The first is putting large
objects like hands in various orifices of the human
body. The second is body piercing (penises, etc)
and apparently painful body adornment. This book
might be of interest to the S-M enthusiast, but would
probably repel most readers. ..."

022. Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra,
by Anne Hooper
"... Written more than 2,000 years ago, the Kama
Sutra focuses on enhancing sensuality with height-
ened spirituality and erotic satisfaction. Anne
Hooper, a noted sex therapist, highlights sexual
techniques and interprets ancient wisdom for today's
lovers. Full-color photographs and illustrations. ..."

021. The Mammoth Book of International
Erotica, by Maxim Jakubowski (Editor)
"... Here in one marvelous volume, is the cream
of erotic writing from all the corners of the globe.
Maxim Jakubowski has gathered together unex-
purgated delights, new and unpublished gems,
and classic masterpieces seldom seen before.

Come play in a garden of exotic and erotic writing,
with origins ranging from France and Germany to
Japan and New Zealand, from Russia to the United
States and Canada. ..."

020. The 120 Days of Sodom & Other Writings,
by Marquis de Sade, Richard Seaver (Editor),
Pierre Klossowski (Introduction)
"... De Sade took a dull bladed knife, his pen and
carved right into the heart of and soul of human
sexuality. We would like to believe that sex is
making love, toasting wine after, champagne
bubble baths, but De Sade reduced it to what it
really is, a physical act that goes beyond our
intelligence, reducing us to the same bestial level
as the beast that prowl this Earth.

There is nothing romantic about sex, it's all sensa-
tions, you feel either pleasure or pain or you derive
one from the other. Quite frankly, I think he was
indeed a man ahead of his time. ..."

019. 1-2-3 Be a Porn Star! A Step-By-Step
Guide to the Adult Sex Industry,
by Ana Loria
"... Have you ever considered a career in the adult
industry? Do you fantasize about getting paid to
enjoy hot sex in exotic locations with beautiful
people? The porn world is booming, with over
10,000 new adult videos released every year, but
entering this secretive industry can be a trying

1-2-3 Be a Porn Star! shows you how to make
your fantasy come true in three easy steps. You'll
find out who the right people are, how you can
meet them, and how to land your all-important
first job. ..."

018. Bushfire: Stories of Lesbian Desire,
by Karen Barber (Editor)
"... Amidst their differences, all lesbians share one
thing: a desire for women. Sometimes intensely
sexual, other times subtly romantic, this emotion
is always incredibly powerful. These short stories
celebrate lesbian desire. ..."

017. Afterglow: More Stories of Lesbian Desire,
by Karen Barber (Editor)
"... With the excitement of new love, and the remem-
brances of past lovers, Afterglow offers more well-
crafted, imaginative, sexy stories of lesbian desire in
the best-selling tradition of Bushfire. ..."

016. Electric: Best Lesbian Erotic Fiction,
by Nicole Foster (Editor)
"... The 24 stories in this book breathe electricity and
I'm not talking Amana, KitchenAid, or Maytag. Just
what makes a sexual encounter electric? Ask any of
the eager women in these stories, and you won’t
have the strength to ask again. ..."

015. Lip Service : Alluring New Lesbian Erotica,
by Jess Wells (Editor), Merril Mushroom
(Contributor), Anne Seale (Contributor)
"... From the dark, foggy streets of New Orleans
to  the back room of a San Francisco sex shop to
a turn-of-the-century brothel to a church in a small
Norwegian town, editor Jess Wells takes readers
on a sexy, free-wheeling ride through today's hottest
lesbian erotica. ..."

014. The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Short Stories,
by Emma Donoghue (Editor)
"... 'At the end of the 1990s,' notes Emma Donoghue,
'the only difficulty in compiling a collection of three
decades of superb lesbian stories is that there are
so many to choose from.' ..."

013. Uncensored Fantasies, by Danielle Engle
"... The debut of a hot new voice in lesbian
erotica. In a world where so many stifle their
emotions, who doesn't find themselves yearning
for a little old-fashioned honesty - even if it
means baring one's own  secret desires?

Danielle Engle's heroines do just that - and a
great deal more - in their quest for total sexual
pleasure. Only in Uncensored Fantasies do so
many women expose it all so willingly! ..."

012. Venus : Masterpieces of Modern Erotic
Photography, by Michelle Olley
"... Venus is a celebration and a history of the best
of female nude photography, covering the entire
spectrum of styles, techniques and fashions of
erotic photography from fashion shoots to fetishism
and beyond. ... Over 190 photographs in color,
duotone and black and white are included. ..."

011. Erotic Fantasies: A Study of the Sexual
Imagination, by Phyllis Kronhausen with
Eberhard Kronhausen
"... Back in print, these mental aphrodisiacs from
erotic classics range from early folklore through
the Victorians to the present. ..."

010. Woman, by China Hamilton,
Nicky Akehurst
"... Woman, a superbly produced collector's volume
of erotic fine art, consists of eighty breathtaking, hand-
made prints ... This collection - drawn from ten years'
work - reflects the artist's fascination with the intrinsic
beauty of women and the kaleidoscopic range of their
contrasting emotions. ..."

009. The Annotated Lolita,
by Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov
"... In 1954 Vladimir Nabokov asked one Amer-
ican publisher to consider 'a firebomb that I have
just finished putting together.' The explosive de-
vice: Lolita, his morality play about a middle-aged
European's obsession with a 12-year-old American

Two years later, the New York Times called it 'great
art.' Other reviewers staked a higher moral ground
(the editor of the London Sunday Express declaring
it 'the filthiest book I've ever read'). ..."

008. The Canterbury Tales (Penguin Classics),
by Geoffrey Chaucer, Nevill Coghill (Translator)
"... From the heroic romance of 'The Knight's Tale'
to the low farce embodied in the stories of the Miller,
the Reeve, and the Merchant, Chaucer treated such
universal subjects as love, sex, and death in poetry
that is simultaneously witty, insightful, and poignant.

The Canterbury Tales is a grand tour of 14th-cen-
tury English mores and morals -- one that modern-
day readers will enjoy. ..."

007. The Decameron, by Giovanni Boccaccio
"... If you read Chaucer's Cantebury Tales and
found it twisted and amusing, this books is even
better. A loose (in more ways than one) collection
of 100 tales, this book was written to keep Italian
maidens entertained during the Renaissance. ...

This book is also loaded with rather bawdy if not
outright shameless tales. Do not be mistaken by
the literary merit of this masterpiece! It is indeed
rather naughty, while something you could read
for an English class. I suggest not trying to read
the whole thing like I did (it took me a whole
summer), but a story a day is well worth the
read. ..."

006. The New Story of O, by Anonymous
"... This sequel to The Story of O continues the
sexual adventures of a young woman who has
explored the limits of suffering, love, and ecstasy . . .
and now wants the power to rule women, break
men, and wield the whip as well as to revel in its
sting. ..."

005. Story of O, by Pauline Reage
"... The classic erotic novel, The Story of O relates
the love of a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer
for Rene. As part of that intense love, she demands
debasement and severe sexual and psychological
tests. It is a unique work not to be missed.

Considered a classic, this work is worthy to stand
beside the best writings of the Marquis de Sade.
This is an ironic and mystical tale of unfreedom that
transcends the pornographic and even the erotic. ..."

004. Nu, by Fred Aufray,
Susanne Ricard-Konig (Editor),
Marc Parent (Editor)
"... Fred Aufray earned his living as a glamorous
fashion photographer in Paris, Milan and London.
But for over seven years, the Frenchman dreamed
of taking pictures of ordinary women in the same
luxurious style as fashion nudes. So he began shoot-
ing Parisian women of all kinds-married, single, preg-

The result, Nu, is startling because of Aufray's whis-
per-soft technique, because of the way he brings out
poignant beauty that is lost in everyday goings-on,
and because, most of all, he encouraged his models
to create their own poses. This romantic portraiture
enterprise represents French sensuality at its most
beguiling. ..."

003. The Captive, by James Jennings
"... Rebuffed by a beautiful, 20-year-old debutante,
a wealthy English man-about-town pays a white
slavery ring to abduct her and spirit her away to
the remote Atlas Mountains of Morocco. There
the mistress of the ring and her sinister assistant
begin the young woman's education -- an education
designed to break her will and prepare her for her
mentor. ..."

002. Sexual Secrets : The Alchemy of Ecstasy,
by Nik Douglas, Penny Slinger
"... This book greatly exceeded my expectations.
I thought it would be another ok 'sex' book, but
it turned out to be my all time favorite. Great
illustrations, entertaining to read. Shines a light
into the dark corners of eastern erotic culture
that is often suppressed in the western literature.
If you are interested in eastern culture and sex,
this is a must have. ..."

001. The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices,
by Brenda Love
"... One person's erotic stimulation is another person's excuse to say, 'I'm outta here.' A study of neurological
cycles, imprinting, and primal needs shows how peo-
ple form their own unique recipes for love.

... reference source for those intrigued with the full
range of human sexual expression. ... Readers learn
about such 'practices' as concubinage, mock mar-
riages, power tools (including a list of those suitable
for sex games), sadism, and suturing.

The entries, along with 150 original illustrations, are
certain to expand both your consciousness and your
vocabulary ..."