Universe(s) Origin(s) Preface
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As many have demonstrated that they desire a God, and
they wish, apparently, to derive that God from an area
leveraged within a scientific "origin of the universe" para-
meter, in a deistic or theistic kind of way, we're down to
a specified locale for unknowns, in a similar manner as
we would be were we to be talking to a farmer who
believed in God (and/or gods, demons, spirits) 11,000
years ago. That farmer's God (and/or gods/demons,
spirits) would be an attempt to answer all unknowns
for him, in areas that he had little understanding of -or-
explanation for.

We might be able to explain things naturalistically to him,
revealing to him the way the world worked in a naturalistic
way, but at whatever point we were willing to say we just
don't know - yet, sure 'nuf, both he and deistic/theistic
folks in the modern day would cling to a God (and/or
gods, demons, spirits) in that place ...

... unless, at that point, instead of a God (and/or gods,
demons, spirits) an awareness set in that really, a willing-
ness to say "unknown and explorable" was far more ful-
filling, enriching, verity-seeking, open-minded, and inspir-
ational than the alternative.

If "unknown and explorable" is the choice of those who,
despite deistic/theistic backgrounds, wish to explore and
learn about the universe with an open mind, I commend
those folks and provide this series of posts to expand the
scope of knowledge regarding that which is possible within
the parameters of a naturalistic cosmos.

If, on the other hand, God-of-the-Gaps is the choice of
those with deistic/theistic backgrounds, I provide the fol-
lowing to both expand the scope of knowledge regarding
that which is possible within the parameters of a natural-
istic cosmos -and- for consideration in determining where
it is, exactly, that those with deistic/theistic leanings wish
to place their God-of-the-Gaps, the ever-shrinking gaps
that I expect, some day, science will convincingly reveal
to be a never-ending always existing quantum infinity with
no God (and/or gods, demons, spirits) desired or required.

That's not to say that we or our symbiotic creations or our
roboticized multi-telligent creations or advanced aliens will
ever know "all", but that is to say that it's impossible, and
I submit, illogical, to assert that whatever we know (ever)
will not be demonstrated in such a manner as to eliminate
a God-of-the-Gaps ...


Will the mysteries of universe(s) origin(s) be solved via
wisdom from an Owl?

Astronomy's next big thing
Monday, 8 July, 2002, 16:21 GMT 17:21 UK
Excerpt: The Owl (Overwhelmingly Large Telescope)
is an awesome project which requires international effort
to make it happen. This huge telescope - its main mirror
would be more than 100 metres across - would have a
predicted resolution 40 times better than the Hubble
Space Telescope and a sensitivity several thousand times

... "It would open an enormous new window on the Uni-
verse, allowing you to detect the presence of oxygen if
there is any on Earth-like planets around nearby stars. "It
would allow you to see exploding stars out to the edge of
the Universe. It would really be a 'quantum' jump in our
understanding of the Universe."

-end insert-

For example, Paul Davies' God (reference: "The Mind of
God") is limited by Paul's theistic upbringing (he currently
seems to be kind of deistic) and his perceptions which
inhibit him from using his amazing mind, and persuasive
ability, to end his adventures involving a God-of-the-Gaps.

Even though I disagree with his deism, I respect his views
when he constrains himself within the world of the natural.
I used his book to describe the Hartle and Hawking theory
that's in the 2nd post in this series of 7 posts ...

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